Khamenei urges 22 Bahman participation

Says everyone should defend the Islamic Republic



Either become Iranian or

by Arthimis on

Victorious Young Iranian nation will ship all you Mosalmans to Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and other messed up Moslem countries forever!!!

I doubt they would count any of you as one and give any of you bastards a citizenship unless you pay them off like the way you have been to save your A... in Iran.

Khamenei, Satanic Republic and Co. , Your END is very near!

Get your jet ready or else! You know what's going to happen to you and your family/friends...

Va Salam A.. holes.


I insist and expect all of you to stop disrespecting

by Hovakhshatare on

animals & their rights by comparing khamenei to them. Specially a hard working and innocent animal like Olagh.


So called "Rahbar":

by bachenavvab on

"You do not lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership."   Dwight D. Eisenhower

You couldn't be farther from being a leader.  You calling people to defend Islam really means "people, protect my position and life style, my behind and my wealth (that is measured in billions)." Shortly after the revolution succeeds, I envision a special exhibit just in your honor in the Museum of the Crimes of the Islamic Republic, right next to Khomeini's tomb.   That is right, the tomb will exhibit all the torture, stoning, hangin and other crimes and will be guarded and preserved as a reminder to those who tend to forget our history and may mistake you for a real leader.  We will make sure history will treat you as you deserve to be treated.


Death to Saddam Hussein of Iran

by seannewyork on

He looks scared as he should be.  Very shaky.

 Saddam of Iran will be done soon.


Olagh spoke again

by mahmoudg on

Desperate to save his failed ideology, but too late.  They will murder millions of Iranians before they are completely toppled, but that is the price the people chose 30 years ago.  It is either this or the US surgical attacks, which will result a in much less loss of life.  Either way this regime is gone.

Anis Cyrus


by Anis Cyrus on

H e y    H i t l e r  ! !


What a logic.

by Princess on

"We have to be strong to defend ourselves, so we are right" ... this reminds me of a preacher I once heard give a sermon to the unfaithful trying to make them see the "light". He started by saying "Jesus was either mad, bad, or God." Then he continued by arguing why he wasn't mad and why he couldn't be bad. Finally, he concluded so he must be god, because he is not the other two.

I am convinced it is the religious way of thinking that makes the brain go soft. I wonder if they ever listen to themselves talk.