Javad Eta'at

Frank comments on sttate TV by former reformist MP, and member of Etemad Melli Party

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This is dangeorus

by divaneh on

This guy comes on TV and says what people would like to hear. AN wears a green scarf at his speech in Ahvaz. Some Basijis hold Mousavi pictures (have not seen this one, but heard it in the news). A committee blame Saeed Mortazavi for the Kahrizak crimes.

Put it all together. Either a back door deal is in progress or the objective is to divide the opposition. Both of these possibilities are very dangerous and could get the IRI off hook and give it the chance to use the experience and re-organise for the next crack down.

I cannot see any courage. Just rehearsed plays.


Courageous talk for the time, but why now

by MM on

Courageous talk for the time, but why now (trying to put a band-aid on an aortic burst)? 

He is still rationalizing based on fable, but a day late and a rial short.

Iran needs separation of religion and politics badly.


IRI is desperate! Better off w/the opposition on TV than on St.!

by obama on

I think, the speaker is genuine, (he couldn't be that harsh, after all he is shirazi not Khalkhali), but he is still part of this regime. When desperate IRI approached him, he has said that people want to be heard. if they wanted to save the regime they should have given him full access so he could speak his mind.

IRI so afraid of losing the regime had to agree to his terms, hoping that would let out some steam out of the movement and people's frustration bringing some calm amid this movement; therfore avoiding the imminent danger of the collapse of the regime!

As soon as situation improves, they'll go after him and the rest. IRI has shown its real face and that is something that we cannot live with as long as there is such thing as the supreme leader in the constitution.


J.J , Ramin and ...

by Arthimis on

Those who believe this man has courage! With all due respect to all your opinions, I along many Iranians simply disagree. And NO, That doesn't make us Shahi and Iranians out of touch with reality! On contrary...


The main point here is that Islamic Republic has Lied, Conned and Fooled Iranian nation and the world in the past 31 years on countless occasions, circumstances in order to save its existence!!!

These people (Islamic Republic, from its leader to President, Gov. Officials, Collaborators and Supporters) are simply Pathological Liars!!!They are honestly very sick people!



These people lie constantly, for no perticular reason sometimes.

They dont tell the truth even if
there is one. They lie about everything to make themselves feel better.
Usually there is another medical issue at hand with this. Manic
depressive, Bipolar, etc. They start believing their own lies and live
their lives around that and anyone that stands in their path is just
disgarded as being a intruder and MOHAAREB!!! And they will kill you just like that!!!!!????? 

A Pathological Liar will lie about anything and everybody. They tend to lie even when cought.

Now, The fact that this Gentelman has come forward and directly and/or indirectly questions and citisizes The Islamic Government/System is simply beacause HE WAS ALLOWED TO DO SO BY THE VERY SAME PATHOLOGICAL LIARS IN CHARGE WHO ARE RULING THE COUNTRY AND RUNNING THE SHOW!!!

You may find my statment here as paranoid one , but believe me ham-meehans, These people can absolutely NOT be trusted! Because we are NOT dealing with normal human beings here!!! For Love of God, Don't you guys get it? They are not healthy and normal people in any aspect of life. They are extremely sick and beyond help unfortunately...

Thank you for reading my opinion which is shared by most sane Iranians and people around the world.

Free Iran and Iranians,

Love and Peace


David ET

"Imam Imam Imam"

by David ET on

 همش زیر سر همین امام بودم

David ET

IR Show

by David ET on

این خانه از پایبست ویرا ن است


Very engaging fellow

by ghalam-doon on

He talked more like a "laat" than a phd, but at least he wasn't boring. Just imaginge if they had invited Mousavi to this program. He would have put all of us to sleep.

One thing is for sure. This is for the first time since the election that they've allowed something like this happen on their TV. It might mean two things: on one hand they might think the crisis is over and now is the time to let people hear the other side. On the other hand, they might be worried about 22nd of Bahman. They want to calm people down. Before they tried to scare and threaten people and it just made people more angry and more determined.

We've seen other signs of this new strategy. Their "news" aparatus has lowered the level of mudslinging. Some people within the regime have begun to criticize the government actions etc.

They seem to be on the retreat. But how far they go depends on people and their reaction to this new strategy. It seems to me people wont get satisfied with few debates and few crumbs.This crisis is far from over. As the guy said, people who have to pay 500 toman for a sangak are angry and this anger is across the board.

The Phantom Of The Opera

Their learning curb...Our naïveté

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

The artistic practice of democratic window dressing in dictatorships should neither confuse nor enthuse anyone. Mullahs are seemingly learning new lessons relatively fast.

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Absolutely Ramin. I don't believe that Eta'at, Khatami, Mousavi, Karroubi... are the types that would lead us to a secular democracy. But any resistance, any challenge, any criticism large or small against this regime, especially inside Iran, breaks the silence and encourages others not to be intimidated.


So do I, I too salute him for his courage

by ramintork on

I just thought we must emphasis that Iranians can not afford to have political/historical alzheimer, or be satisfied with bread crumbs of compromise.

Not this time, and like you I'm both hopeful and confident that they will not.

Jahanshah Javid

Courage in the face of doom

by Jahanshah Javid on

Ramin, the regime cannot gain any legitimacy by showing a few critics on TV. Too much blood in the streets. Too many innocents in prison. Too much lies and deceit. The Islamic Republic is doomed.

However, this does not change the fact that one man has decided to use this tiny window of opportunity to condemn many of the regime's policies, even though he and all of us know that he will pay dearly for it. I for one salute his courage.


I am very sorry to see this!

by ramintork on

Don't get me wrong, I like some of the things that he said, it is just that people tend to accept things at face value.

To save their skin, IRI wants to create an illusion that Mr Musavi's olive branch has been partially accepted. What we are observing is some sort of political kiss and make up "Roo Boosi" between two factions that after all are not a million miles away from each other and still want to maintain the Valihe Faghih concept.

So Seda and Sima state tv that wouldn't allow a glass of water being drunk on their premises if not for the permission of Khamenei has put on this show and has allowed him to speak.

Woo hee, after 100 years of fighting for a constitutional war, 30 years of IRI torture and death cells, how very little satisfies us so much so that khatami years is seen like the glory days!

This coming from a regime that has no integrity what so ever, that even if it cleans up its act, can easily go back to butchering, looting and raping.  

How pathetic.

Iranian people will not build their house on the sandy foundation of IRI. No compromise. This regime has got to go, there has to be a revision of the constitution and the Islamic has to come out of the republic to save Iran.

That is what the kids shouting on the streets. That is what is going to happen.

Jahanshah Javid

Afarin! Damet Garm.

by Jahanshah Javid on

I do not agree with all of Eta'at's positions, but I have great respect for his courage in challenging so many despotic aspects the regime.

A fearless man with great integrity.

He will land in prison soon.


Who will survive the freedom of expression?

by benross on

I didn't watch the video. I might do it later. But this is the main criteria judging who is for a secular democracy and who is not. You have to look at who will survive the scrutiny of a free space of expression in a secular democracy. If you see someone won't have a political future in that free space, rest assured that he or she sees exactly the same thing. And -unless coming clean with this fact- will do everything he or she can that that free space never materialize.


خیمه شب بازی


REZA007 این یک خیمه شب بازی است. مرد م با هوش تر از آنند که گول این شیادان را بخورند


Pucker up!!

by Milan on

While butt-kissing most of the time, this guy managed to get a couple of points across.


Sounds like Khatami,

by vildemose on

Sounds like Khatami, Mousavi et al have made a back door deal with Khameni.



اطا عت میشه قربان


ما فهمیدیم که این بابای اطاعت رو به خاطر اسمش انتخاب کردند. حالا هم از اوامر رهبر اطاعت می کند تا میان مخالفین تفرقه بیاندازد. البته این جور اسمها یک مشکلاتی هم دارد. مثلاً اگر فردا بگویند مردم همه باید اطاعت بکنند، این بابا باید تمبانش را سفت بچسبد و رکورد دو 1500 کیلومتر را بشکند و اگر نه ممکن است دیگر توی داراب راهش ندهند.

marhoum Kharmagas

hehe Fateh!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

hehe, I am fine with all those insults, if you had called me a monarchist, it would have bothered me!

BTW, the live ones of my kind buzz around you a lot.



by Fatollah on

What does "T" stands for?


this is great

by rtayebi1 on

Whole bunch of people in Iran are watching this. I loved it. ? Forget about the Salatanet talabah they have always been the stupid one. You guys can't even get  enough vote  outside of Iran.  To me this is the formula Salatant-talabha +mko + hazboolahee= the same shit



by Fatollah on


Kh'elt-e mab-has ... !

by Fatollah on

wow! that's new one!


what up with the decor---looks like they are in a jacuzzi

by mannya2001 on


marhoum Kharmagas

yes Abarmard

by marhoum Kharmagas on

And by doing so, hopefully Iranians can keep Monarchists and the other extremist/opportunist  Israeli/U.S controlled political forces out.


Seems that their thirst for blood has come to an halt.

by پیام on

They must be really afraid to use "eslahtalab" figures to calm and devide people. First you kill some and put the down the rebellion, then you engage your opponent for some good old fashion (pardon my language) "kha..h maali" to win the hearts and minds. By this they hope to devide the majority of green followers from the die hard fanatic greens that know this is not more then a charade.

maziar 58

thank you

by maziar 58 on

faramarz khan well said.Maziar

Shifteh Ansari

IRIB debates

by Shifteh Ansari on

Whether you guys think this is too little or too late or both, this debate was very well-received by many people inside Iran, judging by some reactions in blogsphere and twitter.

Etemad Melli Party has made a statement about Mr. Eta'at, saying that he was a member of their Board up until six months ago, when he resigned to work with Baran Institute, a cultural organization close to Mohammad Khatami.  The moderator in the debate program introduced him a member of that party twice.



Get over it boy! The whole IRI must go, including your Mussavie

by Sohraby on

The direction is: Mussavie bahaneh ast, Koleh regime neshaneh ast. I feel sorry for you Islamists and IRI- supporters. 


Please stop this non sense!

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Who gives a crap about Khamenei, Mousavi and the other SOBs.

ALL THESE SOBs MUST GO.  Stop paying attention to this crap.