Iran and the West

Shedding light on complex relationship with the United States

National Geographic Channel: As the citizens of Iran head to the polls in June, NGC sheds light on their complex relationship with the United States. What were the forces that led to the current volatile state of affairs? How did this nuclear-seeking Middle East nation evolve into a strong supporter of Islamic terrorists in the region? And why is Iran so crucial to Western interests and world stability today? Viewers will hear directly from key officials on both sides, including former Iranian Presidents Rafsanjani >>> (Next airing Feb 2)

In 1978, the shah of Iran receives an ambiguous message from the United States on how to respond to the revolution:

A look at the circumstances surrounding the founding of Hezbollah:

European leaders attempt to negotiate a compromise with Iran that the U.S. won't support:

Madeleine Albright tells the story of sitting face to face with a representative of Iran's government -- but who is he?




by Arthimis on

Shah himself was a great man. He was not perfect, but he really really Loved Iran and Iranians. History has proven this to us and will do even more in future...

That's exactly why he didn't kill Iranians (Unlike Satanic Republic did...) and left gracefully like a Nobel Gentelman he was, with terrible sense of betrayal by his own people whom he tried to give so much to...

However, In my previous comments, I was only talking about the traitors who surrounded Shah! Those who lied to him, stole Iran's money and destroyed Iran by paving the way for Satanic Republic and Co. to destroy Iran and Iranian lives to this degree...

God bless Shah, He and Shahbano Farah were too good for backward Iranians then and now...


Isn't it about time

by MRX1 on

for Iranian people in Iran and out side of Iran to start taking responsibility for our country? Blaming shah of Iran, the one guy who actualy loved his country and by all accounts worked an average of 12 to 16 hours a day for 25 years to bring propserity and modernity to a country that was so backward and superstitous is redicilous. Lets' have some common sense and fairness.

I am willing to bet: 95% of people who complain about shah (should have done this, should have done that,blah,blah) ,if they were to be put in a same position,  they wouldn't been able to do 1/100 of what shah accomplished in his life time!


hamsade ghadimi

by Arthimis on

The list of traitors (Iran sellers) during Shah's time are many... Maybe someday(if not already) they can be publishied by a true and qualified Iranian historian... Many books have been written about this subjet and I am sure you and every other concerned Iranian know about them already and perhaps read them as well.

Note: These traitors (Iran sellers and HATERS) are even far more in numbers inside "Satanic/Islamic Republic" than in Shah's time and regime.

As for Hoveyda, Well, he was not exactly a saint either, but honestly I am not qualified enough to pass a direct judgemnet on him and his actions toward Iran personally!

What is most important to learn base on historical facts, is to realize that there were many traitors in so many divisions of Shah's regime that misinformed ad lied to him. These traitors, for their own personal (family and friends) gain, stole Iran's and people's money, deprived them from basic human rights, denied proper health, education and personal and social advancement that a RICH country such as Iran could well afford and provide them with to bring them closer to a Secular, modern, educated and prosperous nation in the 21 st century like Japan, Western- Europe, North America and...

This unfortunate trend has remained and even multiplied by hundreds and even Thousands since the Satanic/Islamic Republic invaded and occupied Iran since 1979!

These criminals are not only after endless revenge ,Iran's entire wealth, but also have been trying to destroy Iran completely and change her population to an all out Islamic nation. They hoped this  battered nation (Iranians) one day would lose its glorious Iranian-Persian Identity and culture forever!!!They wanted to change us completely to an all out Islamic nation that would join the extreme Arab/ muslim nation!!! A dream that will never come true.






Immortal Guard

by Fatollah on

as soon as I heard the translation, I stopped watching, not because he had "arab" accent but simply because I knew this wan't a fair review ....  

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

could you name a few of the "iran sellers" that were around the shah?  and could you elaborate how people within shah's circle led to the demise of their leader.  i'm also assuming hoveyda was one of these "iran sellers". right?  thanks in advance.


Shah had good intentions ,yet was misinformed by ,

by Arthimis on

All those traitors (Iran sellers) around him... Let's face the truth! Iran has always had traitors within who would sell their souls for money, power and ...

Shah had too many of those A-holes around him who lied to him constantly and deceived him ...

Meanwhile, Iran and Iranian nation (in and prior 1979) had been infected with one of the most ignorant, superstitious and backward religions on the face of earth, And still going...

Lack of technology and information was another massive obstacle in front of Iran and Iranians.

Shah with his Swiss education and civilized mentality was not able to share his knowledge and modern ideas with the masses in Iran and like a concerned father had to become a hard and harsh dictator for the good of the country and people... However, fanatic religious beliefs within, Traitors (Iran sellers) within, Enemies outside Iran (mainly saudis and other Arabs) , lack of proper Education and Information brought us to 1979's unfortunate invasion and occupation by a non-Iranian government called : Satanic/Islamic Republic... These bastards, these Iran haters came in and promised so much to ignorant and stupid masses in Iran and took over the country to this day...

Fortunately, since Iran and Persian culture is far far greater than all the individuals, religions, parties, traitors, enemies, ignorance, stupidities and traitors combined together, NEW IRANIAN GENERATION were able to figure this obvious logic and right for themselves and are trying to Free themselves and Iran, once and for all, from all the ignorance, stupidities, violence and injustices Iran andtrue Iranians have been subjected to for so long...

And these Iranian Kids will be VICTORIOUS, Mark my words!

Free Iran and Iranians.

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Why does the guy who translates for the Iranians have such a strong Arab accent?

areyo barzan

Please do not get me wrong

by areyo barzan on

Dear jasonrobardas   By no mean I am trying to make excuses for his mistakes.He certainly have had many mistakes and we all paid the price for it. In the end these mistakes over shadowed any good that he did an even as a result of this mistakes all the economical improvements and social progress that was made during his and his father’s era were lost overnight

 May be his most important flaw was his perception that we as a people are not worthy of having a democratic system because we can not distinguish between true leaders and charlatans like Khomeini and hence someone else (him) has to shepherd us and make all our decisions for us. Exactly the same way that Khamene ee, Rajavi, the communists and others are thinking today.

 Now my frustration is the bitter irony of this fact that after all these years by first following Khomeini and then following likes of Khatami, Karobi, Ganji, Kadivar and Mosavi we are still proving him right. And I find that that  humiliating.

The way different political groups ans factions are still fighting over their differences instead of uniting on their common goals still indicates that we have a lot more to learn about democracy, pluralism and respecting the other point of view without necessarily agreeing to it.

We need to find a worthy leader and most importantly work our own path to salvation without expecting any help from foreign powers


Dear Areyo barzan

by jasonrobardas on

     Remember there was only one fabricated political party at the time . It was devised from above ( Hezbe Rastakhiz) . The rastakhiz party was just a formality .

     Shah abolished all the  other parties and threatened all disidents to either obey or get a passport and leave . He saw Iran and iranians as his property  ( more or less , like the current status quo ) .

     We never had actively participated in any political organization . We did make the mistake of taking the wrong path all due to being politically gullible .

      And yes you are right , we have to accept our mistakes .



by Abarmard on

Europeans have always lied to Iran, in any period, for the promises that they never delivered. I do not trust one word that any European government had ever promised Iran. That's something I share with the Iranian regime.


During Shah time

by Abarmard on

We only needed reforms, not revolution.

areyo barzan

How about our responsibility

by areyo barzan on

Dear jasonrobardas

Where were we when all that was happening. what happened to our sense of patriotism and responsibility. why did we and milions of others, like a herd of goats followed Khomeini to hell., without knowing any thing about him or even listening to what he was telling us

and more importantly why are we reapiting the same mistake by following likes of Karobi, Ganji, kadivar and above all Mosavi.

Howabout for once you and I admiting to our problems and mistakes and may that would be the only way out of this visius circle 

Think about it !!!!!!!!!


It all started with .......

by jasonrobardas on

    Shah's dictatorial reign and from there everything went down hill . Thus we ended where we are .

     He was tryly a puppet with illusions of grandure . He overlooked , disregarded and underestimated the wish , the will and the power of the people .

    With his autocratic , undemocratic system, he planted the seeds of the coming reactionay regime , the islamic republic .

    He was doomed because he had the Americans in his corner and not the Iranians . Good lesson tobe learnt for the IRI.


دکتر محمد جواد


دکتر محمد جواد ظریف و روح الله نژاد حسینیان


Why the War with Iran is Emminent

by Irooni on