Hamid Mowlana

Interview on Iranian state TV

"If anyone in America does what protesters did in Iran after the election, they would be thrown in the garbage can," he says. Mowlana is Professor of International Relations and International Communication at the School of International Service, American University. He served as the Founding Director of the International Communication Program from 1968-2005. No Comment!


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gitdoun ver.2.0

old man is senile

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

This old man has apparently forgotten that the first week after June 12th there were silent peaceful protesters dressed in green garments ,some with tape over their mouths, holding signs " where is my vote"?  This civil peaceful demonstration was met with violence , imprisonment, rape, and even death in some cases. Either this man has gone senile or has joined the cult of wilayat faqhi.


British stooges

by Fred on

The elderly International Communication professor’s argument about foreign broadcasters and denigration of “British Empire broadcasting” has a slight historical problem.

Back in 79 Revolution, the same British outfit did the current Islamist Rapists who sign his paycheck a world of good, is the  Islamist professor suggesting his employers are British stooges?

Did the British have a hand in that hushed up old little incident at AU?


Juan Cole's perspective

by vildemose on

Juan Cole's perspective on

by vildemose on

Juan Cole's perspective on the Leverette's article:


I should say that I know and admire them [the Leveretts], and share their conviction that the Obama administration should engage the government in Tehran, whatever it is. We had diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and face to face talks all through the 1980s, at a time when that regime really was on the verge of falling. You can't know the future.

But I do not share their dismissive attitude to the Green movement. I think it is big, nation-wide, multi-class and significant. And I fear that they have fallen for the regime's phony counter-demonstration on Dec. 30 as a sign of wide and deep support for the regime. I don't deny it has its supporters. But I think the ground is shifting against Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, which helps explain why they are becoming more and more repressive.


What a creep

by divaneh on

This old prostitute has only a few years left and he sells his soul for money, sitting there approving and indirectly encouraging killing and torture of the free spirits.

He shamelessly compares himself with Noam Chomsky for not getting on the air in the US, forgetting that he is in the regime's main broadcasting house. 

Maryam Hojjat

Vatan Froushan!

by Maryam Hojjat on

The animals like him who sell their country & their compatriots to the money are cause of our situation in IRAN.  

Payandeh IRAn & True Iranians 


Opinions..., everyone's got one!

by deev on

So what he got a phd and earns a crummy dollar teaching at some no-name university, who cares what he thinks, it's a cheap publicity stunt since nobody knew him an hour ago and nobody will remember him tomorrow.

Louie Louie

Vildemose and Shifteh jaan

by Louie Louie on

Thank you for the reply, shomaha kheili golid.

Shifteh Ansari

Louie Louie

by Shifteh Ansari on

Sorry for the mishap! I have been so angry with that interview all day, too.  I even blogged about it, but then took out the blog, because I need time to articulate what I find wrong with this picture and then ask people to  participate in a discussion.

1.  I have a real issue with some people who are called "Iran experts".  The Mann-Everett woman was positively stupid. I wish we could sue stupid analysts for gross negligence.

2.  The protests we are seeing on Tehran streets have been in the making for 30 years.  They did not come about overnight.  The Islamic Republic of Iran has turned down every peaceful and democratic effort on the part of Iranians who desire reforms and change.  Cheating in elections, vetting their candidates, changing laws, forcing the Parliament into approving laws which are against people's will and a million other ways in which the Supreme Leader has taken advantage of his unlimited power are the reasons why people are on the streets.

3.  Iranian protesters are not rioters.  They are not hooligans.  They are not looters.  It is one thing to hear the despicable Mowlana here talk b.s. about the protesters, for we have seen and heard the likes of him many times in Iran.  It is entirely another to hear so called analysts of the free world to mouth off such ridiculous words.  Whose interests are these people representing?  Certainly not the Iranian people's who have had to endure 30 years of oppression and interference of an ideological government into their private lives, their minds, and their very right to life.

4.  The US government or any other government could not afford to pay the price it takes to bring millions of people out to streets all over Iran.  $400 million?  The "expert" is mistaken to think that everyone is as cheap to buy as herself. 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

گفتگوی امانپور با فاطمه حقیقتجو در آمریکا و محمد مرندی از ایران




Louie Louis:On Haleh by

by vildemose on

Louie Louis:On Haleh

by vildemose on

Louie Louis:

On Haleh Afshar

First time I saw her was years ago on a program called After Dark, where her drunken state and continuous unnecessary giggling was just too embarrassing to watch, let alone listening to her utter nonsense. On another Question Time program, where again her constant giggling with Alex Salmond was annoying and embarrassing, she sort of attributed the candle lit march by Iranians paying condolences to 9/11 victims as an Islamic Republic approved event! >>> Full text


I think Sorya is probably her portege...


Yes, Haleh Afshar is in the

by vildemose on

Yes, Haleh Afshar is in the pocket of Brits.

Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on

Is this what you are refering to:


Soraya va Haleh behdarde hamdigeh mikhoran! What a nauseating bunch.


Soray and Haleh

by vildemose on

Soray and Haleh Afshar...shame on both of you.

Louie Louie

Shifteh jaan, khoda kheiret bedeh

by Louie Louie on

Cheh balaaee sareh maneh badbakht ovordi! I watched the videos while I was cooking and got so angry, I burned my hand. That Hillary Leverret is just a bubble head, I can't believe how stupid she and her husband are. And what can one say about that Soraya, she just sounded absolutely ridiculous. Riz Khan's motives are always obvious; you can tell by the way they do the screening of the callers. I'm wondering how Azadeh did not throw up right there!


Who is this guy? I ask

by Benyamin on

I don`t know him and apparently he has been teaching in some universities and he is an academic and so on and so forth, granted that is the truth.

The television he is marking as second grade medium has provided him with at least one hour to tell his side of story. What about my voice? what about 2 millions Bahaii`s voice living in Iran? What about Yaresan`s voice? what about minorities voice? In the past 30 years they have not have even given one minute to tell their story for once and yet recieved relentless attacked by the same media. What about "mostazafeen"? after the revolution their numbers have tripled. The crime has grown by 200 per cent.

Even if he was right about the US`s media what does that have anything to do with us? he is somewhat implying that they are like that so can we!!! what a nice prof. I have never heard such logic. By the way he maybe right that if you protest in the west the police may apprehent you but I can gaurantee "no one" will be killed. no one will be raped.

He is conviniently omitting truth from the people of Iran and that makes him worse than a "Gherti" type person, that makes him a traitor.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خدا داند که از این قبیل خائنین فراوان در امریکا یافت میشوند، بنده یک لیست دارم از اینجور آدامها که سر فرصت،در زمان مقتضی آنرا رو خواهم کرد.

اینها از حکومت اسلامی تغذیه میشوند،شاید اگر به من و شما هم مبالغی گران دهند،ما هم وطن فروش شویم ! فقط بدانید که از اینها بسیار هستند و نشخوران اسلامیند !

باید در آن دانشگاه را که این نامرد در آنجا ملا است،پهن و گل گرفت و از بیخ خراب کرد.

خاک بر سر دولت امریکا که اینجور به اینان امنیت میدهد !

روزگارشان تمام است، نه بخشش در کار است و نه فرصت دیگر برای تخریب بیشتر مردم ایران.

کارشان تمام است.



Ha, Ha, comparing himself

by Suomynona on

Ha, Ha, comparing himself to Noam Chomsky!

Mr. Mowlana, Noam Chomsky is not carried on mass media in US because he speaks truth to power.

You are not carried because you are simply an idiot who has nothing to contribute!


Who is Riz Khan? When

by vildemose on

Who is Riz Khan?

When asked by CNN’s Frank Sesno “Is Hamas a terrorist organization?”, Khan replied “I’m not one to judge.” When then asked “Is Hezbollah a terrorist organization?”, he said, “Same thing, you know, I’m not going to judge.” //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rizwan_Khan



by shahabshahab on

This man has been appointed by Ahmadinezad as his "advisor." Yes, he has been to the West. Yes, he has lived in America and other countries. But so have many many others, some of whom are smply idiots. As you can see, living in Kharej does not make you smart. If you were dumb to begin with, livng aborad only confuses you even more. That is apparently what happened to this man. He is simply confused and an opportunist, especially in a system is virtually devoid of any truly smart people. He shines among them, he stands out, because  he is surrounded by imbecils.

And, also, he does not care what happens to Iran, Iranians,  or even his own boss, the Islamic Republic. Like many in the system (as was also the case in the Shah's system), he just wants what he wants for himself, and will say or do anything for that goal.


Latest by Flynet

by vildemose on


Last-Ditch Massive Propaganda effort is in progress by IRI!

by Khar on

Oil money can buy a lot!

Stay Tuned...

Shifteh Ansari

Protesters or "hooligans?"

by Shifteh Ansari on

Mowlana is not the only one to call peaceful protesters who have been faced with unbelievable violence as "hooligans," or to claim that the protests are instigated by foreigners.  Riz Khan's interview with Azaeh Moavenie, Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich, and Hillary Mann-Leverett:



You weren't any different yourself back in the '80s/'90s

by Nur-i-Azal on

Except as a journalist rather than an academic.

Nader Vanaki

پلفسل مولانا

Nader Vanaki

به پاس خدمات ارزنده ای که جناب پلفسل مولانا به دم و دستگاه ارائه داده اند، قطعه زمین غصبی بزرگی در مجاورت ونک پارک از مقامات دریافت نموده اند که قرار است بنیاد مولانا را در آن بسازند تا مردم از افاضات ایشان به طور دسته جمعی بهره مند گردند.  صد آفرین به پلفسول که سرانجام بعد از سالها چاپلوسی، مداحی و مجیز گویی به نون و نوایی رسیدند و در آستانه بازنشستگی فقط به  social security چشم ندوخته اند.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

This man is an insult to academia. His lip service for the Islamic Republic is legendary. He does not hesitate to put down the protesters, but makes no mention of the killing, rape and torture of detainees in Kahrizak and Evin since the election. And he's obviously perfectly comfortable with the show trials, censorship, Khamenei's absolute rule and...