Green 22 Bahman next

Calendar of events that turned green one after the other



Can't see the forest

by bachenavvab on

The trees get in the way!



by MRX1 on

Resurrection of Iranian identity should be the top goals of whatever entity that replaces IRR, especially after 30 years of consistent  brutal attack on Iranian identity, history, culture, language, archeological sites you name it, otherwise what is the point of this so called Green movement? You might as well stay with status quo. One of the best things that previous regime did was change of calendar. Hopefully we will revert back to it or some thing more meaningfull than this rubbish calander worshiped by ommati crowd.


No one is Anti Islam, that is not the definition of Secularism

by argebam on

One of the demands of the Green Movement is Secularism and no one is Anti Islam.

Please read the definition of Secularism. Separation of political entity from religous entity does not mean being anti religion. 


This is where you go wrong! Don't put your heads in sand please!

by obama on

Small minority of iranians who especially live abroad think since they are not religious and are anti islam, all of Iran is as well. I understand where you are coming from, but I also know how majority think.

This is exactly what happened to the shah when he casually changed it to 2500. Don't make the same mistake!

People who are against the regime still feel afinity with isalm. By trying to concentrate on this issue you are not going to have the majority on your side and you are going to fail!

This should not be your priority. This should be the last thing on your list. Think of real change with meaningful results. So what if you change this? How is that going to change anything in people's lives.

All you would be doing is to play into the IRI hands and be condemened as agents of the west and create more enemies with your neighboring countries without gaining any friends (except being used by israel!)

Think like a politician, not a naive student. First thing first! Right now you should show that your are with average Iranian in order to get their support and turn them against the regime. So don't ruin it for us! Please!

David ET

Year 2549

by David ET on

The time Kourosh issued the first declaration of human rights.


<There is nothing Iranian about the travel date of Mohammad from Mecca to Medina in Saudi Arabia!!! > 


Yea, just leave the "2009/2010"

by Q on

White is best, no?



by MRX1 on

1388 as well. what a hell is 1388 for a country that has several thousend years of civilization and 2500 years of estabilshed system of monarchy.


Please take 5 Rajab off

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Please take references to 5 Rajab and Islamic calendar off people.