The End

After Ashura, 22 Bahman



mehdi2009: Thank you for

by vildemose on

mehdi2009: Thank you for your inspiring words.  May our people be triumphant in their struggle to overcome evil.



This corrupt & brutal regime will kill anyone that opposes it!

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They are the Iranian mafia! As people will fight for their rights, they will do anything to survive as well. It is not only about a few mollahs, it is about hundreds of thousands of powerful people in the system such basij, IRG, army, police, new and improved savak, politicians including all of those who are connected to the regime, businessmen with ties to the regime, and the list goes on. They are in the middle of those people who march for the regime!

This would be a civil war. Israel & US would love to see us to do the job for them! These guys know if the regime is toppled they would be killed, put in jails, lose their status and wealth and all the misery that comes with it. So, they are going to do anything that saves the regime for personal reasons only, not for the good of the country. They have the guns and the tanks, not the oppositions.

God save us from these tyrants! They don't even know what Islam is! Islam is only an alibi to achieve their personal goal. 


Dear Vildemose: People in Iran know the Truth

by mehdi2009 on

Dear Vildemose,

Nobody with a smidgen of brain in Iran has bought buys or will buy the DOG and PONY show that the Murderous Regime put on with ALL of their FAST SHRINKING 5% support.

Why do you think that they are getting so Desperate with all of their threats regarding the executions and long term Jail sentences? Because they are Very, Very SCARED, and they know the END GAME is oh So Close.

I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing 2 months ago when I was in Iran, when everybody was OPENLY Cursing Khameneie, his Malijack AhmadiNejad and the Grand Monster himself Mesbah-e Yazdi.  Now do you expect that, after all of this Blood shed that people have been subjected to, that they will back down and be frightened by these Thugs???!!!

No, my friend Iran has changed for ever, and no matter how many people the Murderous Regime's Thugs kill, people will not stop. Because they are experiencing slow death at the hands of this Evil Regime every day, and therefore they have nothing more to lose. Besides, like Jahanshah said this is January, 2010 (and not even November, 2009) and with every passing moment the situation is getting Worse for the Murderous Regime.

Some apologists of the Murderous Regime in this very same Marvelous Forum have questioned the Magnificent Movement of Iranian People. I don't know what they are smoking, or from where they have  received their convoluted information, however, rest assured that when the day of reckoning arrives, they will take their sick minds and will go to their Rat Holes and will never come out AGAIN.

Salutations to ALL the True Sons and Daughters of Iran.



Juan Cole's perspective on

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Juan Cole's perspective on the article:


I should say that I know and admire them [the Leveretts], and share their conviction that the Obama administration should engage the government in Tehran, whatever it is. We had diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and face to face talks all through the 1980s, at a time when that regime really was on the verge of falling. You can't know the future.

But I do not share their dismissive attitude to the Green movement. I think it is big, nation-wide, multi-class and significant. And I fear that they have fallen for the regime's phony counter-demonstration on Dec. 30 as a sign of wide and deep support for the regime. I don't deny it has its supporters. But I think the ground is shifting against Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, which helps explain why they are becoming more and more repressive.

Sheila K


by Sheila K on

I am sure the regime is brewing up it's own plans to stop the people from protesting. That is besides that fact that they've killed many and arrested, tortured, kidnapped, and beaten up thousands of people so far.

They will conduct series of publicized courts on TV and potential executions, may be even public executions. They'll cut off Internet access and possibly phones. They'll bring thugs out to stirr up a civil rivelary or war.

I wished it would be end. We should all pray for them.



Iran Unrest Could Boil

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Jahanshah Javid

22 Bahman

by Jahanshah Javid on

This year February 11 will be a very special day. The regime will find it hard and embarrassing to deploy a large number of security forces on a day when the nation is supposed to celebrate the anniversary of the glorious revolution. But embarrassment has never stopped these thugs, so prepare for the worst >>> more


Berasti ghalbam feshordeh

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Berasti ghalbam feshordeh gasht hengami ke nefrat ra miaane hamvatananam moshahede kardam. Nang bar ein dolat ke eingoone tokhme nefrat mipashad, Sarnegoon baad asase zolmat.