Canadian tourist in Iran

Very nice travel diaries

Exploring Iran, Part 1:

Exploring Iran, Part 2

Exploring Iran, meeting Iranians:

Exploring Iran, Minab Bazaar:

Exploring Iran, Ashura:


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I loved it

by benross on

And for once, it was not about Tehran.

Fouzul Bashi

The most beautiful and loving

by Fouzul Bashi on

The most beautiful and loving travel film of Iran I have seen to date.  Humane, humane, humane and artful filming, editing and choice of music:

 مده باده ز جام غم خودم غم دارم


بیا یارم شو، بیا یارم شو

And the naming of people, Nima, Fatima, Ali, Mojtaba, .... This is a work of love .. Thank you ... 


Loved it !

by Rea on

Beautiful images, great music, gorgeous kids.

"I like Joe Dassin" too. :)


Iran is the most beautiful and diverse country in the world.

by پیام on

Above being the prove that.