Ali Koochooloo has grown up

Incredibly touching, powerful

Created by Saman Arbabi and Kambiz Hosseini for Parazit program on VOA with permission from the singer:

علی کوچولو دیگه کوچیک نیست...

علی کوچولو، دیگه کوچیک نیست
خوشحال نمی شه، با نمره ی بیست
دیپلم گرفته، سربازی رفته،
دنبالِ کاره، هفته به هفته
مادرش قرض داره،
ته برج دائم کم میاره،
رخت می شوره، بند می ندازه،
غم داره بی اندازه،
با بد و خوب می سازه.
تنها دلش می خواد علی
باز بشه کلاسِ اولی...
وای، وای، وای...

علی کوچولو، دیگه کوچیک نیست
دنیاش مثل اون کوچه باریک نیست
دستاش خالیه، دلش پر درده،
داره دنبالِ چاره می گرده،
هی کتاب می خونه،
تو اینترنت سرگردونه،
دائم فیلتر می شکونه،
می خونه و می دونه،
اين جا مثل زندونه...
دلش می خواد جادو بشه،
باز علی کوچولو بشه...
وای، وای، وای...

علی کوچولو، دیگه کوچیک نیست،
سرِ راهشه یه تابلوی ایست
یه دانشجوی ستاره داره،
دست از رؤیاهاش برنمی داره
باباش تو زندونه،
علی با مردم تو میدونه،
یه سرودو می خونه،
سر اومد زمستونه،
پیرهنش غرقِ خونه...
تموم می شه کارِ علی
تو دلِ یه گورِ جعلی.


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It's always hard to let go of traditions, even when bad

by Abarmard on

من درد تو را ز دست آسان ندهم
دل بر نکنم ز دوست تا جان ندهم

از دوست به یادگار دردی دارم
کان درد به صد هزار درمان ندهم


Truly Profound...

by Arthimis on

The most exquisite art usually leaves one with such feelings and emotional anguish due its very depth... This song, its lyrics and its performance by this fantastic (anonymous) performer is clearly an outstanding example.

I do not agree with some people here calling this beautiful song horrible and label it as hopeless!!!

In my humble view, no sane and healthy mind and soul would lose hope by being exposed to the TRUTH !!! No matter how sad and harsh it may come across!On contrary, it may actually inspire and motivate one toward finding the right solution in life! Truth and Hope...

Those who are afraid of the "Truth" and consciousness would turn their heads the other way in the face of injustice, problems, sadness and tragedy! They pretend "Everthing is fine, there is no problem, everything is alright...."! Well, Living in denial would serve you only for so long! One day, you will wake up when it is too late to cope with Reality and its consequences may be beyond repair!!!

You know Life isn't always Happy, Positive and fair.  (like in Hollywood movies...)

Many Ancient Civilizations with profound cultures (such as our own Persian/Iranian one) have taught us these lessons to this day and this song is a qualified example of such great culture and depth...

As human beings, we all want to be happy and live in peace and that is our perfect right, however living in denial is not the solution!

In hopes of Freedom and Happiness for Iran and True Iranians.

Health, Awareness, Consciousness, Freedom, Love and Peace.



Hell No!

by Mehrban on

Ali will win the fight.  He will not die and go to an unknown grave.  He will become a citizen of a free Iran and he will use all his talents to help himself his country and his countrymen/women.  He will love and be loved. He will live!


Horrible song

by Abarmard on

It's horrible to have artists sing songs that end with hopeless and defeat. Our culture of defeat appears a lot in our songs and movies. We need to change that. Hope is the greatest weapon for better future.

Recently I heard a song about Afghanistan that I felt the same. I do like the songs, but do not agree with their meaning and moaning. Instead of pity and depressed mind set, hope and bright future should be the focus. 

One area of our culture that I do not appreciate is the concept to tell the door so the wall can hear, NO, tell it to the wall always clear.



Great Song!

by Morveln on

But it is so sad - unfortunately it reflects the life of the majority of our youth in Iran.


Ari Siletz

Can't wait

by Ari Siletz on

Can't wait till Iranians are out of chains and this sort of talent can freely nourish our culture.



by bahram9821 on

عالی بود ابی خان ، مرسی


Very nice job Haaj Ebi Jaan

by Khar on

Moddati Kam Peydaai Aziz, welcome back!


Well done

by Mamane-Omid on

Beautiful. It would be nice to know where such a fine job (in my opinion) was
produced? Inside of Iran? Whi made it? Didn't have the inclination to dig. If any of you find
out, please let me know too.Thanks/



Ali koochooloo is ready for 22 Bahman

by Hovakhshatare on

bruised, broken heart, tears and all...

Worcester Mo


by Worcester Mo on



Great lyrics, video

by ramintork on



heart broken

by Benyamin on

we all are!


These simple , yet....

by jasonrobardas on

      ... wonderful lyrics shake you up . A reflection on the reality of life of the contemporary youth in iran . Their world , their dreams , their struggle and their plight .



by benross on



what should we expect now

by mannya2001 on

well, in the next 10-25 comments people will agree with JJ that it is powerful and inspiring and the best ever.

then jj will realize that iranians maybe are not ready for democracy because they always need a shepard to guide them!!!


Jahanshah Javid

Loved it

by Jahanshah Javid on

Equally as powerful as "Yar e Dabestani", if not more.