Ahmadinejad in Tabriz

Excellent sense of humor on the part of the people

Az khandeh mordam! During Ahmadinejad's recent visit to Tabriz, the slogan master expects the crowd to respond with complimentary slogans. Instead the crowd make fun of Ahmadinejad by chanting "terakhtor" in reference to the Tabriz soccer team. Here's the news bit about this.


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Traktorsazi has some of the most passionate supporters in the

by پیام on

world. These guys eat barbari and live trakhtor.


REAL good laugh ... :o)

by Fatollah on

by the way, recieved a phone call from Tabriz a couple of days ago, the traffic signs are painted with "Be Shahr-e Rasht Khosh Aamadid" in reference to Tabriz not rising up ...

Shazdeh aziz, seriously, what do you take us for? Cleaning pipes of that sort costs money! real money, lots of money, if the amount is right! say a $ zillion, maybe then! :)



Yashasin Tarbiz

by masoudA on

This clip is very telling -


New Slogan

by Arthimis on

Marg bar Russieh, Marg bar Dictator, Marg bar Ahmadi, Marg bar Khamenei kos-kesh !  


دیگه نگین تراختور


بربری ، بربری

Shazde Asdola Mirza

I think they were offering Teraktor for cleaning AN's pipes ;-)

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


I love this one!

by benross on

I love this one!



by MM on

Thanks GS,

Once I knew what they were saying and under what circumstances, I had a good laugh. 

This is basically a demonstration within a demonstration.  The more people mock the regime like this, the less likely they will be to bus people to these staged demonstrations.



by pedro on

you guys from tabriz are funny.