US-made nuclear technology?

"Made In The USA" In Iran: Could crucial parts of the equipment Iran is using in its uranium enrichment facility have come from the U.S.?

Lesley Stahl of CBS 60 Minutes reports:

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the report has a good

by azadi5 on

the report has a good point, a lot of people in USA are sending items to Iran which are banned under the US trade embargo with Iran. These people usually use Dubai as a middle country. not all of these items are used for nuclear technology or other weapons but some are. These people are usually greedy or needy people, in it to make some large profit, or small one time payouts. How do you think the Iranian nuclear technology has come along this far? Not by Iranian made parts or science.

the report maybe extreme to some people, but those who violate the embargo have commited a federal crime and they do this knowing that they may get in trouble. so be it. i don't shed a tear for them.


Dirty as usual

by farokh2000 on

This was totally trash.

As some have mentioned here, you can buy anything on line these days and they really have no proof any of this stuff would be used for WMD!!!.

It sounded like some AIPAC advertising to create more fear.

They are talking morality, and this is coming from a Government that has invaded 2 innocent Nations in the last 7 years and occupied their Countries and murdered and still murdering innocent people.

All in the name of "War on Terror". Sure thing.

Yes, the Mullahs are criminal, but more criminal than GW Bush? and who brought them to power to begin with?

Darius Kadivar

Kakavand & Vakili Rad ( Bakhtiar's assasin) may be extradited

by Darius Kadivar on

The Fellow in this video Majid Kakavand accused of selling nuclear technology spare parts to Iran along with Ali Vakili Rad ( Bakhtiar's assasin) may be extradicted to Iran ( pending French Judiciary decision). Probably an excuse to exchange them for French Teacher Clotild Reiss accused of Espionage by the IRI:

Le sort de Clotilde Reiss est-il lié à celui d'un ingénieur iranien retenu à Paris ? (Le Monde)

Vers un échange de Clotilde Reiss contre l'assassin de Chapour Bakhtiar?

And ...

PARIS GATHERING: Shapour Bakhtiar and Soroush Katibeh memory honored in Paris (FRANCE)




catch all of them

by mahmoudg on

catch them all and bring them to the US for swift justice.  People with moral turptitude must be given the US swift kick in the butt.   there are more like him in the US, as we speak, and we must be diligent in finding them and bringing them to justice.  These people must pay for their crimes.  To the day the IRI falls, and we can go after the Mulahs who have held Persia and the world hostage for 31 years.



by aaminian on

Irooni, Obama, and John: Well said.

All I have to add here is this sort of corporate-sponsored "news" targets the avg mid-western farmer that counts on selling every bushel of corn from his farm to provide sustenance for his family.  It is really this type of voter neo-cons depend on at the congressional/presidential voting booths.



American paranoia

by John on

Agreed, we should have no sympathy for profiteers of any ethnicity, but Americans have become so paranoid and fearful that it's absurd and almost laughable.  The French lawyer stated the situation succinctly: these activities are illegal only in the US, formerly the "home of the brave", but now the home of the cowardly, misinformed bully.

But pointing out the jewishness of the producer's names, as is done in one of these comments, is equally paranoid and ludicrous, and shameful.


seems like

by MRX1 on

kako got busted with his pants down. No synpathy for these people. they are in it for money and they don't care in the end if thousends or millions die as a result their actions.

Immortal Guard

Image Enhancement!

by Immortal Guard on

At least they are showing good-looking Iranians on TV! They are well-groomed and look civilized wearing nice suits and ties!

This helps our image in the United States a lot!




And the message here is

by Abarmard on

Evil Eyeranians. How stupid.


Read the names of the producers! Both zionists! Who else cares!

by obama on

Zionists are after us one way or another. They cannot get the ugly IRIs, they go after these good looking guys who care less about IRI. Any excuse to catch an iranian.

The guy from ICE actually admits they send the corrupt parts too as a trap. This acually used to destroy the function of the units. Check out Tom Cruise's and james Bond movies. They are not only movies, they actually do it!

The point is: Nuclear BS is an excuse to prevent Iran from achieving greatness in science and technology so Israel and US rule Iran and the ME! Why don't they go after their No. 1 enemy China who steals everything from the US that US voluntarily didn't give it to them?

IF it is ok to go to malaysia, then it goes to china, vietnam and around the world. So, how could that be a big deal except a political game against the advancement and subjucation of Iran?


It's BS. You can buy the

by Irooni on

It's BS. You can buy the same transducer online for $550! Such a cheap report!