Sazegara: People showed no fear

Analysis on protests on 22 Bahman despite heavy security



سپاس از نقد‌ها و بررسی‌های آقای سازگارا.


به امید روزی که این افکار خشونت طلبانه و تخیلات که ما
وابسته به آمریکا و خدا میدونه دیگه چه‌ها هستیم، از مغز این دو تا بچه ۱۵
ساله بسیجی‌ چماق به دست ( مثل همین مریم شادمان که مسلما اسم مستعار جاسم
جان یا شاید هم عابد جان است که ۹ ساعتی‌ بیش از ثبت ناماش در این سایت
نمیگذرد) به پرد و اون‌ها نیز ببینند که چه گونه در بندند و خوردن بیش از
حد ساندیس شکر خون را افزایش میدهد و برای قلب آدم ضرر دارد.


Perhaps a missing element in the green movement

by Sera on

A missing element in the green movement is informing and educating the members of Basij and Sepah,..etc. there might be some efforts in that line that I'm not aware of. it can be part of or a web site exclusively for them. it can have some interviews with former members, revealing some of the dirty games that are going on internally, showing them how they are being used by the regime for regime's survival and not Islam or revolution. Most of these basijies believe that defending Khamenei is the same  as defending Islam. Some objective analysis to show that Khamenei's behaviour is in fact doing more damage to the image of Islam, could be illuminating for them. most of these fellows think that they are defending the revolution ideals. If somebody reasons for them that they are earning their living, directly or indirectly, through criminal acts, murder, torture ..etc and therefore it is not "halal" or "lawful" they may take a pause and think about what they do. reasoning in line with their values and principles, to show them that this regime does not care about Islam would work better with them than any reasoning based on human rights that for a religious person does not have that much meaning anyway. such web site can even start a discussion with them and find out about their motives. the very nature of this kind of approach, two-way discussion and reasoning with them and listening to them, itself is educational. it may take lots of effort to undo the brainwash on them but it needs to happen sooner or later in order to get them on people's side. eventually they would realize that separation of religion and government is in favour of Islam too. advising these people to get information from different sources, and not just one narrow channel, and judge for themselves is objective enough to encourage them to read and investigate for themselves. once we recognise and respect one's intellect and analysis abilities,..etc they would remember they actually have a brain and those abilities and start using them. 

I hope this starts a discussion and some ideas start coming around as to how this can be done.


Government accepts that 90% of people were green.

by Amir19 on

In the pro-government rally of 9th of Dai (نهم دی) which government used all it's resources to bring people to the streets, based on their own claim 3 million people in Tehran showed up to support the government.  Now, in 22 Bahman, they say that over 7 million people showed up and if we even follow their estimates, and accept that on the 9th of Dai rally, 3 million and on 22 Bahman 7 million came out, then it means that 4 million of the people who showed up in 22 Bahman were of the green movement and of opposition group, otherwise the same amount of people who came out on 22 Bahman would have come out of 9th of Dai. Of course, realistically, we know that on 9th of Dai only 500,000 people showed up and the best estimates for the 22 Bahman was around 5 million (in Tehran only) which tells us 4.5 million of the people (90%) who showed up in streets of Tehran on 22 Bahman were anti government and supporters of the green movement.  Government can say whatever they want, but numbers don't lie.


Sazegara: Keep up the good work

by Rastgoo on

He is trying hard to coordinate the revolution.  I'm not sure of his actual support or follow ship inside Iran?  He is a former inside regime man with many connections, especially within the revolutionary guards.  Everyone can change and we should respect and welcome that a la Gorbachev.  We should support him as he has chosen the democratic path since the end of the Iran-Iraq.  Since then he has semi-formally distanced himself away from the regime and instead entered into academia and publishing.  He is definitely one of the most viable anti-regime elements on the scene today.


Who's a better liar

by ghalam-doon on

I know Ahmadinejad doesn't have a straight gut in his belly, but I think Sazegara could be a close second.

But that's the name of the game these days. Everybody lies to advance their agenda.The bigger the lie, the more believable.

maryam shademan


by maryam shademan on

ای بابا چقدر دروغ و مخرف شما بروید با آمریکا و صهونیستها همکاری کنید و کمتر دروغ به ملت بگویید

Darius Kadivar

Sazegara is doing a Useful Job !

by Darius Kadivar on

Keep it Up !

You Have our Support !


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Shut up!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Now that's an enlightened; tolerant statement! 



by benross on

I don't see his activities very synchronized with what the movement needs but then again, the whole green thing is like that. He is only another green. Why shut up? He is good at what he does, motivational comments.


Shut up!

by Irooni on

Shut up!