Paris Embassy: Green Makeover

Protesters leave their mark on Iranian embassy on occasion of 22 Bahman



marg bar punks

by nojanthegreat on

sargord in my eyes you became sepahsalar, you are so right on this !

i am so proud of iranian goverment who did not over-react to this childish plays.

but i know green movment and know this much that they are incaple of doing anything but destruction and vandalizing .

and the funny thing is they go to univercities for more than 4 years for something that any punk can do by a week sleeping in streets !lol



Sargord, Wouldn't you be ex-sargord.. ,or Private by now?

by obama on

No way you were ever a Sargord, unless you came from Khoi! No Sargord that I knew would be Khar enough to support this regime, and I come from a line of military family? I can verify your background with very little information. you must be on IRI's pay roll. 

Good job green! If it was in Iran they would have shot you dead!

bacheh irany

just keep doing this

by bacheh irany on

just keep doing this




by Khar on

Go Greens!!!



by AryamehrNYC on

The difference between this revolution and your thug led revolt in 1979 is that we do not murder our own diplomts.  Now if you look back to what your mentors did in the late seventies, you will notice that a little paint on an Embassy wall is far different than kidnapping and murdering the previous regime's diplomats and extended family. 

There in lies the difference between you and US.  May your allah and Mahdi help you because, as the old saying goes, pay back is a BITCH ...


Chapeau ;))

by Rea on

Hope Basidjis will not retaliate by stoning the French Embassy in Tehran. :o)

La Stampa, 09.02., La furia basiji: «A morte Berlusconi», lol.

Sargord Pirouz

Funny, there seems to be a

by Sargord Pirouz on

Funny, there seems to be a rivalry going on now between greens defacing embassies in European countries, and certain students defacing European embassies in Iran.

This is all really stupid. 


viva la France

by MM on

someone said that the French Iranians are working double-time to make up for suger-coating Khomeini 31 years ago. 

Jahanshah Javid

Tres Bien!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Nice way to celebrate 22 Bahman :)))

Congratulations to the Greens in Paris. You have been very active in recent months. Last week you made a fool out of the Iranian ambassador at Neauphle-le-Château, you bravely showed up (and got harassed) at the Ashura gathering organized by the embassy, and you plastered Iran Air as well as to IRI banks with anti-regime slogans. Dametoon garm!