Nuclear deal 'close'

According to Foreign Minister Mottaki

BBC: Iran's foreign minister has said it is closing in on a deal with world powers over its nuclear programme. In Germany, Manouchehr Mottaki said a deal to send enriched uranium overseas in exchange for nuclear fuel could be reached in a "not too distant future". The Iranian comments came after Mr Mottaki decided to join the Munich conference - a major international gathering of security officials - at the last minute. He told a late-night audience that "conducive ground" on a nuclear fuel deal had been reached >>>

France 24 report:

Aljazeera report:



cannot fight two fronts! desperado! hate both iri & us bullies!

by obama on

big bully vs mini bully. iri realizes that it cannot handle the green and israeli/us pressure. tries to survive this one. knows more sanctions are going to have more impact on their survival.

I wish it was a democracy so we could stand up together against the big bully. the only good foreign policy of iri is to stand up against the enemies. we cannot afford allowing the old bully and/or iri to control our country anymore. 

marhoum Kharmagas

"good old lie and deceive tactic" (to Payam)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

If they are doing that I wish them total success. Why should they be honest with the corporate military fascism that has surrounded Iran with all kinds of military hardware and a big force including hundreds of thousands of mercenaries, has started a war next door based on lies, and its real objective is to ensure its monopoly on looting the region.

I wish IRI total success if indeed it is making Iran nuke capable or better nuke have.



by Benyamin on

I amnot a fan of Marandi but I think he knocked out that Patrick guy.



by Shepesh on



It never gets old, the good old lie and deceive tactic.

by پیام on

A tactic for all seasons.