No Cyrus Cylinder, no ties

Iran cuts ties with British Museum

BBC: Iran's national museum has said it will cut all ties with the British Museum in protest at a decision to delay the loan of an ancient Persian treasure. The Cyrus Cylinder dates back to the 6th Century BC and is regarded as the world's first declaration of rights. The British Museum says it needs to keep the artefact until the summer in order to continue its research. But the head of Iran's state cultural organisation said the move was unacceptable and politically motivated >>>


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IRI wants to destroy it!Anything not islamic is a threat to them

by obama on

UK, for the first time I agree with you. I guess when you say you need 6 more months to finish your research, what you really mean is you hope in 6 months IRI is finished!


Thanks British Museum

by cyclicforward on

Please don't send any of the Iranian artifact to this undeserving and disgusting IRI.



by Zereshk on




Hate to see cylinder in the hands of the Mulahs.

by pedro on

But also lets not kid ourselves. If you think british give a damon about Iran and Iranians you are wrong. There must be some kinda deal behind close doors that britishers would benifit greately from all the hype. 

Stop Execution of Iranians in Islamic Prisions

Bonny and Clyde

Heartbreaking news!!!

by Bonny and Clyde on

Oh my God!!! I do hope the Brits keep it.

It would be too painful and heartbreaking to see yet another piece of our history be destoyed by the Mullahs!!! :-(



by MRX1 on

that Brits have enough sense not to loan some thing this valuable to IRR. Since when bunch of mullah and bacheh akhoond became interested in cyrus the great? They should ask Government of Iraq to loan them a piece of rock from karbela or najaf shrines, that's more of their taste.....

gitdoun ver.2.0

Good Job Britain

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

The I.R.I has no ties to the Cyrus Cylinder and doesn't deserve to have it. Infact, the cylinder condemns every vestige of the I.R.I; especially on it's human rights violations.  Mullahs like khalkhali wanted to destroy takht-e-jamshid in 1979!!! You don't think some fanatical I.R.I. official or mullah would not destroy the cylinder ?? Of course they would and then politicize it and blame it on Israel or on Mousavi or on a Mexican Bahai  !! 


These artifacts do not

by Bavafa on

These artifacts do not belong to IRI and for sure they don't belong to the thief English. They should be returned to Iran as Iran is the rightful owner of these items. Don't let your hate for IRI result of pillaging of Iranian precious artifacts.


Anonymous Observer

Gol Gofti Samsam Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

In fact, I think that someone should take whatever ancient Persian artifacts the IRR has in its possession out of Iran for safekeeping until the regime is thrown in the trash bin of history.  I'm sure that if these anti-Iranian Neanderthals see themselves on the way out, they will either destroy all of that stuff out of anger and spite or they will take them with them to Syria and South Lebanon (where they will all eventually end up) and sell them on the black market. 


زنده باد سمسام!


زنده باد سمسام!


چه بهتر




امتستان رو چه به يادگار کورش .  شما با همون سلمان و حر و مدرسی و ابن ال حلبي و تخم و تره اجعلنا جعولنا جعولن يه رووم بگيريد و حال کنيد, کورش پيشکشتون . رو که نيست هم خرو ميخوان, هم خرما(واسه پُز و خالي بندي). تخم قادسی گورش رو ميخواد گور به گوری کنه ولی دلش واسه سنگ نبشتش تنگ شده. به گفته شيخا جل الخالق.  حتمن اگه کتيبه رو مياوردنش شيخدام ,دوکتر حسن عباسيشون ميشد نگهبونش:) . تازه اگه امروز کورش نازنين  زنده بود محارب بود و جاش تو اوين يا خاوران



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