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In new statement emphasizes that Green Movement continues

(Reuters) - Iranian opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi warned the legitimacy of clerical rule was waning due to its "repressive measures", his website said on Saturday. Despite a crackdown that largely quelled the protests following President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed re-election in June, Mousavi has remained defiant, calling the government "a cult that has no respect for Iran's national interests". Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the most powerful figure in Iran's complex Islamic system, criticised opposition leaders on Thursday for refusing "to bow before the law", saying they had lost "the privilege of being part of the system". Mousavi said the security crackdown would backfire. "Millions of Iranians face censorship, obstruction of their freedoms and repressive measures ... such measures will distance us from adopting logical solutions," Mousavi said on his Kalemeh website >>>


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Iranians are not crazy about Islam

by statira on

After all those years living in Iran,I know this for fact that majority of Iranians are moslem but not crazy ones. We don't break anybody bones for insulting Islam or Mohammad.We might even laugh with him. I doubt that Mohammad was anything better than Khomeini. As one of his successors, Omar, that we Iranians are very fond of ! in a nagative way though, showed the real Islam to us!


سرگرد خالی‌ بند.


You really underestimate the intelligence of the average visitor.

Fouzul Bashi

Sargord Pirouz

by Fouzul Bashi on

You claim that you voted for Mousavi for the "prospect of reform".  However you state that you were disappointed with his calling "for disorder (protest)"!!!  What sort of reform did you have in mind, my brother, if you call the constitutional right to peaceful protest as "disorder"????!  If protests became disorderly, it was not because of Mousavi, it was because of the heavy-handed and illegal manner in which peaceful protests were not allowed and when people tried to exercise their right, they were beaten, shot and abused.

 Of course, then there is a vicious cycle of violence, but the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of protesters have been and remained peaceful and orderly.  I personally know of middle-aged baa-hedjaab women being tear-gassed for just being there, and beaten for protesting the violent beating of young people who had done nothing more than showing a V sign ...  

Sargord Pirouz

I voted for the man, not so

by Sargord Pirouz on

I voted for the man, not so much for him but for the prospect of reform. That said, I've been disappointed by his premature call of election fraud, the lack of tangible evidence of election fraud, the call for disorder (protest) and the subsequent rioting.

It's interesting to see that Mousavi has been tolerated by the system, belying the notion that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a totalitarian regime. Still, Mousavi's statements have become ever more shrill, and he is for all purposes disconnected and irrelevant to actual political policy making and its execution inside Iran. 


Nice guy but no leader!

by shahabshahab on

Mousavi is a nice guy. But he is no leader. People poured to the streets. They revolted against the dictatorship and ignorance of the ruling regime. They gave their lives, their blood because they belived in their cause. He was (and is) unable to rally the people to fight on. He keeps asking the government, the very people who do not want him to win to "allow" free demonstrations. Is he nuts? No, he is not a leader . He thinks you can ask the government to give freedom.

He is so wrong. Let's all wait for a real leader to emerge!



by MM on

The secularists are not advocating the removal of Islam from Iran.

The main point of secularization of the government is the separation of religion from politics so that, e.g., a law regarding the equality of the sexes can be passed in the legislature and enforced by the judiciary without the religious councils and the velayat-e faghih vetoing the law because it does not conform to Shari'a. 

A secular government welcomes all religions and makes religion a private matter rather than the focus of public policy.

Take a look at Interim Constitution of the Secular Republic of Iran | to see where secularists stand with respect to religion/Islam.

From the preamble of the secular constitution:

Separation of Religion and State:

We the people of Iran mutually respect our different religions and personal beliefs. Our government of the people will remain separate from any religious institutions and influences and shall not promote or oppose any specific religions or personal beliefs.



Mousavi: This is a Cult not

by vildemose on

Mousavi: This is a Cult not a Political System by MUHAMMAD SAHIMI in Los Angeles //


to people like mahmoudg who just don't get it for some reason !!

by tabriz_balasi on

YOU can not get rid of Islam in Iran nor anywhere else. the love that muslims have for their religion is far more greater than the love you have for your western style thinking and living !!!! how else can i explain to you guys, u just don't get it.  I am against IR, khamenie and Mullas, and i am all for democracy ... but you try to touch my religoin and i will break your bones !!! this the how muslims feel about Muhammad and their religion!!! in other words we're crazy about Islam and there is nothing we or you can do about it, other than use a nuclear bomb to wipe us out, and even then we rather get wiped out than lose our religion!!!  do u want more explanation on how Muslims feel about Islam and Muhammad?????? i can go on and on but i will just stop here, because you still don't get it, because you don't know what "love" is and people like you will never know that a "lover" is never satisfied unless he/she gives her/his entire being to the Allah which is the absolute turth/beauty/justice/love/goodness/creator of universe/light.


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


It's impossible to...

by statira on

It's impossible to wipe out religion entirely. There are still majority who believe in these stuff and love their country and are against these mullaist regime. We need to go with the majority thought.


Moussavi is worthless

by mahmoudg on

They are pawns,  the only slogan left for the green movement is the complete remmoval of the Islamic Republic form the scene, bringing all of its leaders to a Western style justice, and a complete secularization f Islam from politics.  Only then Iran can be considered free.


More resistance

by statira on

We need to hear more of Mousavi. I believe he is one of the most nationalist leaders of the green movement.