Khamenei: IRI not derailed

"Revolution on track," Supreme Leader says

Radio Zamaneh: Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei maintained that despite opposition claims, the February 11 demonstrations showed that the Islamic Revolution has not been “derailed” and “the people have not left the path of the Revolution and the Imam.” Ayatollah Khamenei, speaking for a group of Tabriz residents, claimed the enemies of the Revolution and a few other individuals have been trying to “insinuate that the Islamic Revolution has been derailed but the Islamic Revolution is on track today toward the same goals of the Imam,” referring to the leader of the 1979 Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini >>>


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Loves Rahbar

by onlyinamrica on


So true to their nature

by Milan on

Couldn't ask for a more authentic representation of Jahan-e Sevvom (3rd world) mentality: Moshty koobideem be dahaan mokhalefin...

The so called head of a government is bragging about knocking out a bunch of unarmed young protesters. 


Keep It Up Khameneii...... Show Us What Ray Mardom Can Achieve!!

by AlexInFlorida on

Contrast the goodness, beauty and truth represented by the will of the majority for 31 years in Iran and compare to USA, not much better and not much worse.

Now Think of Iran during time of Shah.  More Freedom or Less?  Better or Worse?  Is it time to start from the beginning or do unique Traditions exist for various peoples for a reason. 


He is so right

by divaneh on

Iranian people come to the battle field when they see the enemy. May I just add to that, "and they don't care how long it takes".


Mehrban: only he is the devil

by Bavafa on



The Iranian regime values

by vildemose on

The Iranian regime values its own survival - but not much else - more than its nuclear program, and its survival rests on two pillars: repression at home and oil revenue from abroad.


Akhoond will always be an Akhoond...

by Arthimis on

I am bewildered by my fellow Iranians inside Iran and especially those outside Iran!!!

As many wise and aware comments before me (such as the ones by Mr. Darius Kadivar, Mahmoudg, MasoudA and other true Iranians here) we all know that Akhoods in Iran are simply Psycho-paths period. But what I can not understand is all the other Iranians who can not wake up from these Nightmares Akhoonds and Satanic Republic imposed on Iran and Iranians yet!!!! You can not change anyone, especially a psycho-path Akhoond...

With all due respect, as they say in Persian expression : "Khar ham keh bood taa haal Aflaatoon shodeh bood..."(Even a Donkey after 31 years and by now would have been graduated to Plato's level of understanding/knowledge...)

Baba, Iran and Islam (especially I.R.'s version) are two different things that have massive fundamental differences in every aspect of life period. Yes, Islam brought Arabic language and Alphabet into our Persian culture and after 1400 years we have almost become inseparable! Thank you very much, But in every other terms, aspects and levels these two (Iran and Islam) contradict one another beyond any other things in life, like Black and White, hence the serious confusion and identity crisis that ordinary Iranian inside or outside is suffering from to this day...

Ham-meehan, If you truly want salvation and Freedom for yourself, Iran and Iranians, and want to end your confusions and Serious Identity Crisis, then the only way is to choose!Once and for all! Can you do that for yourself at least?

Either you choose to be an Iranian who wants to follow Iran and live the Iranian way...


You choose to be a Muslim and live your life the other way... (I.R.'s way) which in that unfortunate case, you might as well remove the name "IRAN" from your/our country and change it to "Islamic Republic Of Shia-estan" for good...

Note: I was a Muslim before 1979's invasion and occupation of Iran because I was very young and unaware, plus I was unfortunate to born one not by choice, but by force... Just because I was born in a country in the Middle East that was conquered by Arab/Muslims!

Wake up people, It's way past due...

Awarness, Consciousness, Good Intention/Thoughts, Words and Deeds...

Free Iran. 



Devil himself could learn a few lessons

by Mehrban on

from this man.  


He is right. If the objective is to destroy a culture & heritage

by Hovakhshatare on

To replace it with Erteja' and everything that is anti-human & anti-decent, then they are on track given what they started with; Unless Iranian people wipe them off Iran and erase them forever.

The best description of them is the one they use: Asfal ol safelin (the lowest of the low).


gitdoun ver.2.0

so true masoud

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i 100% agree " I think one of the best talents akhoonds have is to believe a lie!!!  "    The seinfeld comment was pretty good too


He looks so lost

by masoudA on

It reminds me of a line from George in Seinfeld;  It is not a lie if you believe it.    I think one of the best talents akhoonds have is to believe a lie!!!  of-course with a little help from opium....


in denial

by mahmoudg on

the moron is in denial, and has to be.  he has no recourse for the crimes he has committed.  confessing to anything but, would be self incriminating.  He has to claim that all is well until the last moment, when he would board his (the people's) plane and run off to Russia.  Until then the struggle towards removing Islam from the Iranian equation shall continue.

Darius Kadivar

It Sure is ...

by Darius Kadivar on