Iran to execute nine protesters 'soon'

Dissidents to be hanged ahead of 22 Bahman

>>> Please ask Iranian officials to STOP EXECUTIONS! See sample letter

AFP: Iran will "soon execute" nine people arrested during anti-government protests for seeking to topple the Islamic regime, Fars news agency on Tuesday quoted a senior judiciary official as saying. "The two people executed and another nine who will soon be executed were definitely arrested in recent riots and each was linked with counter-revolutionary movements," deputy judiciary head Ebrahim Raisi told a meeting in the holy city of Qom late Monday. "They had participated in riots with the aim of creating disunity and toppling the system," he added. Iran executed Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani, 37, and Arash Rahmani Pour, 20, last Thursday on charges of seeking to topple the regime >>>


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obama, savak-1 has called for mass demos in NY

by MM on

Savak has called for mass domonstrations in front of the house of the Iranian envoy to the UN on 2/11/2010.  I think it is a good idea, but savak-1 has not answered me on the organizers and permits.  I think someone needs to get a blog going that lists all the email campaigns and demonstrations around the world.  You hear JJ?

stay tuned.  Here is savak's call for demos:



NYC Mass Protest @ 2/11/10

by SAVAK_1 on

Mass Protest @ NYC - Residence of Iranian UN Ambassador 2/11/10


Feb 11 Mass Protest @ NYC

Official Residence of Iranian UN Ambassador

1033 Fifth Avenue (b/w  84 / 85ht St.) 

New York, NY 10022

This is the $10+ Million Fifth Avenue neo-classical 1912 Townhouse purchased by the Shah in 1966, and served as the un-official NYC Iranian Consulate in 1970s.

It now serves as the official residence of the IRI Iranian UN Ambassador.

What in a milionaire mansion while thousands are in poverty.....great redistribution of wealth.

It is in the  Embassy Row  area of NYC with Consulates from all major EU countries and the Met Museum and NYC Elite millionaires. 

This peaceful protest will serve as a very visible and embarassing display of IRI crimes, when they try and celebrate this fraud-holiday with their thugs.   This is not some French suburb...its the capital of Western Media & Elite.

Wear surgical masks and dont sign any petition handed out by attractive Revolutionary Guard/Spy-Diplomats agents are in NYC and will be filming and taking names. 

End Iran Aprartheid 



What can we do? Act like radical Republicans! No more nice guys!

by obama on

No turning cheeks here. They don't understand it! As it is in islam, hit them back with the same force that they hit you! Don't be Mr. Gandi! Be Hussein! Forget about the Noble price! //



by yolanda on

Thank you, MM, for all the links. I e-mailed to item #1, #2, and #4 in your post.



4 more ways to sign petitions to shine spotlights on murders

by MM on

Here are 4 more ways to exert pressure to shame the shameless IRI.  The more ways we put pressure, the more the international pressure to prevent these murders.

You can contact the UN General secretary in three ways. Plus ask the Amnesty International to exert pressure as well (#4).

1. Contact UN at //

this message cannot be more than 200 characters, so make it very short and to the point.

2. form-letter in progress by the Iranian American Lawyers Association (IALA) on the protection of the demonstrators on the streets of Iran


3. you can write a letter to the General Secretary at the following address:. The contents of the email/letter can be as short as the following (copy or make your own modification too):

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay
UN Headquarters

First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017, USA

Dear General Secretary,

I am writing you to please keep a vigil on the treatment of the demonstrators on the streets of Iran. In the past, peaceful demonstrations have been quelled by rough treatment / shootings on the streets as well as horrible conditions of the demonstrators that were taken as prisoners. Many demonstrators have lost their lives/injured with countless relatives living in fear and anxiety.

In addition, show trials of demonstrators are proceeding with forced confessions,  without due process and death sentences are common-place for mere demonstrations.  News from Iran indicates that the death sentences are being expedited to make an example for the upcoming demonstrations in February 2010.  Thank you.

4. Click on the link below to contact the Amnesty International in your area and write a similar email



by jamshid on

Where are our Iranian lawyers? This petition can be greatly complemented by legal actions taken by lawyers.

I think we need to band togehter and create a fund, then hire a reputable attorney to take the case of our helpless people to the international tribunal and beyond.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

sign the petition

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Done;' signed.

If we really want to stop it we should get Hillary Clinton to mention their names. I am not joking. NIAC and PAIAA should be working on this right now. 

I know a lot of people oppose NIAC. But lets put aside our differences. If NIAC's lobby can stop these executions we should all ask them to help.




by Paykar on

you Areyo. We all know how urgent the situation is; lives of many might be saved due to publicity this action is sure to create. Please sign it.

Add this link to any site that might let you do it.


We are countless, let's prove it.



by yolanda on

I signed the petition already...Thanks for the petition link!


thank you!

areyo barzan

sign the petition

by areyo barzan on

Dear Veiled prophet of Korasan

and all others who want to do take action against this genoside..

Please sign this perition and ask for international arrest warant to be issued for Khamenie and Ahmadi Nejad

If the number of signatires reach 2 million then the world would be obliged to take notice.


Send this link to your friend and ask them to also sign it . I would also ask JJ to provide a permanent link to this petition on this site and urge the site's visitors to sign this petition as well 

If you want the world to take notice, then this is your chance

Payande Iran


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The french police action

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Was just the start. The  they can get away with it. One of them found out the opposite the hard way in France. These criminals should know we are watching everything they do. The IRR thugs will be held accountable for every single person murdered; raped or beaten. They will be made to compensate for the last penny they have stolen from people. 

If they stop and switch sides, we will go easier on them. I bet a lot of them will switch. Get the IRR leadership to switch and the fight is over.


The opposite it not true for the Greens. Because they have a legitimate cause. No matter how many  are hanged people's aspirations will create new leaders. All the murders did not save the Soviet Union and won't save the IRR.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

What can we do

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We should get a legal organization and bring criminal charges against IRR thugs. These guys are responsive to pressure. They also know that their days are numbered. Getting international arrest warrants against the IRR thugs is a good way to pressure them. They are already plannig their exile and should know that they need to behave.

We should also go after their assets outside of Iran. The assets of these thugs all of them including Rafsanjani should be taken using class action suites. The assets should be put aside to compensate their victims as well as the families of their victims. 

A combination of criminal and civil suits in the West can put a lot of pressure on IRR. They will back down.



by Paykar on

is the price our brave brothers and sisters knew they might pay,
still they stood up and said no to the coup government. These are
Salamanders scurrying into the fire so the rest of us might have chance
to live with dignity. The brutality
of Islamic Republic might  increase  in the next few days, attempting to
suppress the voice of a nation on the 22nd united around one minimum demand, namely, AN has
to go. But you know dear hamvatans, we are countless and the Message is
traveling in our social synapses at the speed of light; we are truly
becoming one for all and all for one.

Those who are bugged down in the past and are unable to see this
monumental transformation in the psyche of a nation, may discourage us,
with seemingly rational arguments about the imminent demise
or lack of viability of this movement, but our heroes are unstoppable.
" Not be afraid, we are all together," was the spontaneous slogan
echoing all over the freedom Square in that fateful day. An slogan that
has sent shivers down the spine of Rahabr Kesafat and all his

Families of those detained
have been gathering at Evin for the past two nights and their action
resulted in release of 60 of our loved ones-this will continue...

all should demand that the civilized world take a harsh stand against
the IRR by pulling their ambassodrs out in protest to this
announcement (Start in France).

" Every little candle lights corner of the dark."



متاسفانه در حال حاضر کاری جز اطلاع رسانی از دست ما بر نمیاد.


در آینده نه چندان دور زندان بانان هم به ما  خواهند پیوست و
اون موقع این برادران و خواهران در بندمون رو هم آزاد خواهیم کرد و جلادان
رو به سزای اعمالشون خواهیم رسوند.


I hear you hamvatans

by B-Naam on

It's not like they haven't killed before, but these days it's too much to handle.  The sense of helplessness is devouring us.



by yolanda on

I agree with rtayebi1........what can we do to stop the carnage? At this momemt, the 9 people are still can we keep them alive? How? These are the chilling words from a cold-blooded mullah, Janati,

"May God not have mercy on those who are lenient with the corrupt on earth. There is no room for clemency but it is time for severity,"


May God not have mercy on Janati!!!!!!! This short dude does not deserve it!!



by rtayebi1 on

I like to know what  can I do? There has to be something I can do. I have never ever, felt so outraged and helpless. These injustices VA BEESHERMIHA consumes  every second of my life.