IAEA: Iran may be working on nuclear warhead

Khamenei denies nuclear report claims

BBC: Iran's supreme leader has denied it is developing nuclear weapons, after a new report from the UN atomic watchdog, the IAEA, sparked an international outcry. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the outcry was "baseless" as Iranians' beliefs "bar us from using such weapons". The blunt report raised concerns Iran was working on nuclear weapons. But Ayatollah Khamenei countered: "We do not believe in atomic weapons and are not seeking that." >>>




by onlyinamrica on

Your statement is prejudice, racist and out of touch with reality. You are a mad and emotional old man. People are all the same. BTW, you can't remove a religion from a culture. get a hold of yourself.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Baseless or not

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am telling you guys the US is turning the screws. You can say what you want but it is being done.

I don't know if US is ready to attack yet I think not. But they are getting ready. The IRI with its big mouth is making the task much simpler for the US. 

Maybe they are hoping there is war to solidify their position. But that is a bad gamble. The US may well decide to go all the way and remove them from power. Plus I am not so sure the people would support IRI. They may just decide it is their chance to kick out the Mullahs.

There are many examples of regime change following a defeat in war.

payam s


by payam s on

The reporter from Londo: "I think we have to be clear. It doesn't cite a specific bid of evidence showing that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. . . But it does cite a whole load of o o of of of things that it says basically, um, raise concerns that it is developing some kind of of of MISSILE technology." Huh????? I thought it was Nuclear weapons.

Now what the hell does that have to do with nuclear weapons? 

mahmoudg, it seems like you've been drinking again. Stop being a racist?


El Baradei!

by mahmoudg on

Goes to show you that A-rab El Baradei was in cohots with the his A-rab masters in Iran to hide their true intentions.  We can't rely on anyone in that or from that part of the world.  We must take unilateral actions if necessary and remove this evil regime from power by force.  Once Islam is sidelined or removed from Iran efforts should be exerted to cleanse the A-rabs of the A-rabian peninsula from this infestation.  If they can ever be cleansed that is.


Supreme Leader Khameneii Is Such a Joker

by AlexInFlorida on

He says Religion forbids us to have such weapons.


Khameneii, Allah the Merciful and Compassionate doesn't exactly agree with you killing, executing, torturing, raping and coercing an entire nation either, but it doesn't seem to be stopping you from doing all these things.