Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!

Written and performed by Blurred Vision, directed by Babak Payami


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by Imanutjob on

This song ROCK!


I can play it ALL DAY LONG!!!


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by carrentalvictoria (not verified) on

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Awesome and great as the original

by Khar on




by rtayebi1 on

this song has always been special to me and now wow


Bad cover...

by ThePope on

Man, it's awful.
Yeah, their intention and the "Hey Ayatollah" thingy was a good idea
and everything, but overall they butchered a beautiful classic song.

It's pretty ballsy of them to attempt this song! If a [real]
band/artist(s) covers any of Pink Floyd's song, they better damn
deliver something good... But this Pink Floyd "cover" was horrible.

In the late 80s, a Canadian underground band, Voivod, did a Pink
Floyd cover (with changed lyrics) and it was an instant hit. It was
done professionally. It was well crafted...


ps  i'm not a pink floyd fan.


Good Stuff

by divaneh on

Nothing will ever be as good as original. But this is good music and excellent Video.


Good Idea, but...

by Arthimis on

Yes, Ayatollah part on this clip is great, but I would have still played the real song and edited/changed "Hey Teacher" with "Ayatollah"instead along with the video clip...

Don't mean to be like "Simon" (Pop & American Idol) here but...We are talking PINK FLOYD song here for love of GOD! Perhaps The Greatest Rock band of all times and for Iranians especially... :-)

I mean David Gilmour would have a heart attack (God Forbid) listening to this guitar performance (or lack of it...) and butchering this legendary song and album to this level!

Sorry, I'm a little sensitive here...:-) Pink Floyd and David Gilmour have always been my all time musical heros since the age of 6 for me... Don't mess with them and their songs... >:-(






by IIAF on

Enjoyed it, thanks for posting this.  Nice work by the band.



by statira on

We need more artists like this group. It seems like Iranian's art is flourishing once again.



by Abarmard on

More videos and demands like this from youth to the system would do us all good.


Interesting take!

by Benyamin on

It was nice but I still think the original song is still more suited.


Looks like...

by Rendd on

A bad imitation of a great song, mismatched Iranian attires, the altar of gothic church to resemble a mosque, and…points to this audio-visual hodgepodge that been assembled in rush to jump on the revolution band wagon!
I know an Iranian art when I see it and this ain't one of-em!


Blurred Vision

by ahvazi on

Great Video. Thank you for making it.

Ghormeh Sabzi thank you for posting it.  


Ahmed from Bahrain

A Great Song by a Great Band

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

it is not right to say that this song was 'written' by Blurred Vision since it is a Pink Floyd original. Here is a live version with singer Roger Waters:


As for 'performed' as in the above clip by Blurred Vision, they have certainly done a great job with the ayatollah take on this timeless song.

Couldn't resist thinking of them as "just another prick with a hole"! oops, sorry for being rude.

Keep up the good work guys.

Ahmed from Bahrain