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arzeshe chahrshanbe souri bishtar mishe

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" What do you think that in Iran eideh norooz is some magic day we do not deal with IRI and we should jump over the fire..  protestors  they pick these days because the volume of people in the street is high on charshanbe souri, also if you don't know its not easy to just organize something in Iran on a whim they can cut Internet and cell phone access and also they are listening to all of this.. and people can not communicate but we all know Park Mellat Meydane Azadi will be very full with people and this is how people organize with exact set holidays..if it its unspoken on a whim I do not think it will work.  What one person is going to go in the street and start screaming trust me if you lived in Iran even if people agree with them all of them will stand there and just stare at them Natasrin nalarzin ma hame ba ham astim adam mitune einaro bege zamani ke 1000 nafar dige ast dore saret motmayeni.. taqe tanha mikhoranet ... these specific days all of them are just for organized time where people can mass in the streets.. if you saw the response from head of Irans police you would see they are scared and want people to stay right in front of their home on chahrshanbe souri because of the nature of that day people will be gathering in large parks and areas... Hala man umadam america nemitunam ziad nazar bedam vali norouze ke norouze...mardom har rooz tu iran misuzan bezar har forsati bashe estefade konan... Be nazare man etefeghan arzeshe Chahrshanbe souri bishtar mishe.. 5 years ago remember in Parke Mellat they filled a boys head with bullets after they put him in the Truck he threw a naranjak at the pasdars feet and the pasdar said because he was scared he emptied his gun in his head right in the truck right on the street in front of parke mellat.. so don't worry about Chahrshanbe souri.. I remember he was like maybe 17 18 year old child


Obama...great point...

by Emil on

I think you got a great point here...I'm with u....Iranian should celebrate it but not politicizing it...otherwise it would damage such sacred heritage...

Leave the protests for those crappy mourning Arab holidays...


I disagree to protest on any Persian celebration!They're sacred!

by obama on

The islamic days I have no problem is since we are paying a big price for that.

First of al,l if recent history has taught us a lesson, is that we are not going to do too much in one day. After a day, everything goes back to normal. What kind of a protest is that, that we only do it on certain occasion and then we go to sleep? This is not how you are going to win! protests should be continuous, not on a whim!

second, char shanbeh souri and norooz are the true persian celebration that we cherish and the mollahs despise and want it to be stoped. So why do we want to give them an excuse and why should we damage these days?

We should respect and honor the true value of these days. We cannot just politicize everything sacred. I could go along, if I knew we had 20% chance of achieving something significat, but i know, it won't happen!

The danger is politicizing our persian heritage can have the uninteded consequences, as shah abbas politicized shia ruinging the principle of shia (whether you agree or not). The price we are paying is what shah abbas started. Most of us lost our religion and we are left with our persian culture, and I don't want lose this one. We need one to hang on to! (I'll be hearing about this one!)


Abarmard MER30

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" Ahsan be shoma baba dastet dard nakone man eingadar misuzam.. man Iran budam az America tabestuna ke miamadan hey migoftan shoma zana chera hamatun yehk rooze  roosariatuno dar nemiarin ? ahke haqetune eingadar badbakhtin badan savare havapeymashun mishodano mirfatan har Mordad am ke miumadan nazar midadan.. Alanam ke America umadam hey migan shoma sabza bele ele.. hey nazar midan..    Irania astan haq daran vali adam bayad ba ensaf bashe


The climax...

by Emil on

Actually Charshanbeh Soori is getting better and better and noisier and noisier year by year...if one arrives in Tehran on the nite of Charshanbeh would think there is a civil war going on in the city...

I heard this year the Charshanbeh Soori's climax would be  the burning of Khamenie, Rafsanjani and Ahmadi Nejad live in the fire...

Sorkhy to az man...sabzey man az


One issue

by Abarmard on

I would like people to come out and do what they see fit. However, I am very disturbed about people in LA and some other big cities, who would never allow their own kids to come out or do anything to be harmed, are asking their neighbor's sons and daughters to risk their lives.

I have no problem with people fighting for their rights, but asking people to come out, you have to first answer this question: would you ask your son and daughter to come out if you were in Iran? If yes then you have a right to ask others.

I hope I am not causing miscommunication here. I am concerned about the young people and worry a lot, as I would for my own. That's what I am saying.