Gary Sick: Revolution & Opposition

Interviewed by Christiane Amanpour


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Must Read By Mohammad

by vildemose on

Must Read
By Mohammad Sahimi


short, this was not a victory, but a defeat for the hardliners. Eight months after the rigged presidential election of June 12, the Green Movement is alive and well. Indeed, the hardliners were sufficiently terrified of the Movement that they deployed anti-riot forces to surround the headquarters of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (there were even reports that he and his family had been spirited away to a secret location); the broadcast centers for national television and radio, the Voice and Visage of the Islamic Republic; and many other government institutions. Mousavi was forcefully prevented from participating in the demonstrations and his wife, Dr. Zahra Rahnavard, was assaulted, as were Mehdi Karroubi and former president Mohammad Khatami...much more... 


When Green takes control,

by benross on

When Green takes control, probably it would want to kick out anyone who is religious!

Part of the problem is lack of clarity. My understanding of green winning is that religious stays! If we define a clear roadmap where we want to go, everybody will find its place in it and even the IRI supporters will have a place to go to and not being stuck with IRI for lack of alternative. 



by Humility on

What our beloved Iran needs is a Secular Democracy - a system where Government and Politics are totally and completely separate from Religion!

I believe that once that's in place, all Political views should be allowed to be discussed, expressed,  and debated - without any type of censorship whatsoever!

The mixture of Religion and Politics is very much like water and oil  .. A Deadly Mix Indeed .. It never successfully takes place! The Europeans tried it several hundred years ago, and ultimately gave it up - Unfortunately, we are experimenting with it now :) !! 




Sick contradicting himself...

by Khar on

On one hand he says combining the nuclear issue and the democracy issue is not going to work and on the other hand he says sanctions are not going to work!? So what is you solution to deal with Iran Mr. Sick?

Mr. Sick Iranians want pressure on IRI on issues of Democracy foremost. U.S. and the west did push for democracy in Eastern Europe during the cold war, why can’t the west do the samething now if the democracy and human rights for Iran are their intentions!



We need a change of attitute first!

by obama on

With all the talk about the change, I am afraid we are not going to go too far in bringing a real democracy as long as we have the kind of attitute that we have (I am stereotyping here).

We criticize the regime for lack of democracy and freedom of speech, when frankly we don't have much when deal with each other. We have democracy as long as they agree with us. However, as soon as you disagree  you get shut out and become an outsider!

Not unless we change our attitute in respsecting opposing views, even though we disagree, nothing fundamentally is going to change. When Green takes control, probably it would want to kick out anyone who is religious! So, what's the change? They are doing to you, what you would do to them, if you have the power! Regime does it because it can! Unfortunately it is very sad!

If Green wins, we are going to have many other problems. Everyone wants its party to rule, because they are the only who are right! We need real unity and respect for different views as we are taught by our culture. Remember johood beh dineh khodesh, to bedineh khodet?

We need to be inclusive, not exclusive, all the time, if we want a true AZADI!


The Opposition

by Humility on

needs to re-group, and find alternate means of communication when the cell phone, internet, and other means are deliberately sabotaged by this regime!





by yolanda on

Amanpour asked great questions!