Ashura show trials

Accused of "waging war against God" by taking part in protests

Reuters: A 20-year old university student arrested for participating in anti-government street protests in Iran in December rejected charges of spreading moral corruption as the trial of 16 opposition supporters resumed on Wednesday. All of the accused were arrested after clashes between protesters and security forces on Ashura Day, the Shi'ite ritual mourning ceremony, on December 27. Eight people died in what was the most violent unrest since last year's disputed presidential election brought President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad back to power. Five of the defendants, including the university student, were charged on Saturday with the capital offence of "moharebeh" (waging war against God). The remainder were accused of public order and national security offences, a court website said >>>



I started to watch, but could not finish, and had to stop

by MM on

This is just pathetic,

These confessions are coerced and rehearsed under the worst conditions forced upon the prisoners.  Their body language and the tone of voice say it all.  We should call them as what they are exactly: SHOW TRIALS.


In Islamic regime's view,

by meryleu089 on

In Islamic regime's view, putting fire on garbage can is an unforgivable crime, but killing, raping and beating people to death is o.k. This is what I call Islamic justice, or eslame nabe Mohamadi!


ay khoda

by rtayebi1 on

Ay khoda agar woojood dari aalan mogashe. Show us UR justice NO MORE VIOLENCE


No Comment

by divaneh on


mostafa ghanbari

Animal Farm

by mostafa ghanbari on


This is an amazing farce!

Hey Mullahs time is over!



by bachenavvab on

Defense council, Nasiri, is unable to read “his own” notes!  It is obvious they were written by someone else.

Ironically, they will get what they are unable and unwilling to provide for our brothers, sisters and children, a real trial.


Mullah Murders

by SAVAK_1 on


They forgot how they came to power

by mahmoudg on

So all the Mullahs must be put on trial for putting garbage can on fire in 1978-9.  Oh well, we will do one better.  When the IRI falls we will put these Mullahs on trial in a Western style court of law.


It's a sad joke

by rtayebi1 on

They don't have to be IRI agents, any of us under pressure and torture would learn quickly how to make a real looking confession. It's a matter of life or death. Shame on them


Putting fire on Garbage bin!

by statira on

In Islamic regime's view, putting fire on garbage can is an unforgivable crime, but killing, raping and beating people to death is o.k. This is what I call islamic justice, or eslame nabe Mohamadi!


This trial show is a bit fishier than what I thought!!!

by Benyamin on

I remember the Russians during the communist era after idetntifying their double agents would declare in media that certain person has been exacuted but in fact they were alive and being tortured till they would get every information that they presented to the west.

But this trial is fishy in a way that these kids were shown on national tv and now they are ever so easily confessing to things that somehow don`t even make sense. This is the 120 Billlion Dollars question: is it possible that these people are in fact the agents of the secret services of the IRI? why would IRI show someone on their national TV shouting "marg bar asl e velayat e fagheeh" it looked staged! since the IRI does not show anything to that effect or even close to it on TV almost ever, and suddenly they are democratic in that moment in that place?

One of them said people were destroying anything to throw at the police it looked more like describing a group of people that were just released from a mental insttitution!!! I am beginning to believe that the real victims we will never hear from and they will never confess to anything since none of them has done anything wrong. I am beginning to believe those that confess are or at least some are the members of IRI`s own secret police.