Ali Tabrizi

"I have treated more than 3 kinds of cancer with Divine providence"

"Professor Hakim Ali Tabrizi used to attend Ayatollah Araki's classes for 16 years. He passed the higher course (KHAREJ) for 12 years in Sheikh Javad Tabrizi's classes. He says that 'First, Ayatollah Araki encouraged me to develop traditional medicine in the world and through it make the Islam known worldwide. Some illiterate and under served doctors treat the disease without finding the symptons. I have treated secrectly till 10 years ago, and I have succeeded a lot since 2000-2001. Two hundred kinds of cancer has been announced in the world. I have treated more than 3 kinds of cancer with Divine providence. For instance, there was a woman with breast cancer.She was pregnant, too. I could not prescribe her oral medicine. So, I prescribed topical medicine which rooted her cancer out. I am a remover in Asthma case'." >>>



تقصیر مردم ماست


اگر مردم این رمال بازیها را پذیرا نباشند، کاسه کوزه شون جمع میشه. ولی حیف...


عضو جنبش سبز هم هست


Yadam Beh-Khair

Mulla ye Heez

by Yadam Beh-Khair on

I bet he himself applied the topical medicine.


I am surprised he is not a vetenarian

by mahmoudg on

The Akhoonds need some curing too!


student of Emam Jaffar Sadegh MD.

by jasonrobardas on

     I truly believe in this in this man because he studied under Dr.Imam jeffry sadegh .

    Dr. emam jaffar sadegh has done extensive research on all diseases . He wrote a book called ( TEBBOL SADEGH) . This book is currently the official text book at the medical scholols of Harvard , yale and princeton . Dr. Emam jeffry Sadegh was the chairman of the most prestigious medical colleges in the desert of Arabia .

     It is said that Dr. Emam Jaffar sadegh discovered DNA too .


My grandma

by Ferfereh on

My grandma suffers of hemorrhiods and says maybe you can help her. she says the only cure is someone like you that can make miracles have to kiss the hemorrhiods and it'll disappear. If you cure her , she has many friends who need same help. Thanks