Abdolmalek Rigi

Jundullah leader arrested

BBC: Iranian authorities have arrested the leader of the Sunni Muslim militant group Jundullah, according to reports on state television. The Arabic language channel al-Alam said Abdolmalek Rigi had been held in eastern Iran, but gave no more details. He is said to be behind a series of deadly bombings and killings in Sistan-Baluchistan province. Last October 42 people, including six Revolutionary Guard commanders, were killed in a suicide bombing in Zahedan. The semi-official Fars news agency, quoting the Iranian intelligence ministry, said the arrest took place of the "Jundullah leader along with two of his group members" >>>

AFP report:

His interview last October:


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That is exactly the

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

The point is the leader of a terrorist group who was beheading Iranian
soldiers and blowing up places of worship is arrested and in custody.
This is a good news for all the sane people of the world. What's all the
fuss about?

That I  exactly the problem with these self claimed patriots. They are pissed because such a charactor can no longer continue his terrorism in Iran. They see these "means" to their "ends" eroding! 

I am not an iota surprised of what some of these anti IRAN packs write here!



Farah Rusta

One man's terrorist ...

by Farah Rusta on

is the other's freedom fighter!! I would like to see how many of those who labeled Rigi as a terrorist would extend the same lablel to the likes of Khosrow Golesorkhi, Bijan Jazani, Ashraf Dehghan, Hamid Ashraf, Masoud Rajavi, Bahman Ghashghaii and many others from the bygone era.


ps - Darius jaan, you are right on the money. Thanks for the comment.

Darius Kadivar

I agree with You Farah Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

I suspect a dealing between at least the Pakistanis ( allies to the US) and the Iranians in exchange for help on Afghanistan's campaign to fight the Talibans.

As a matter of fact the Iranians couldn't have known about the fellow who was travelling under a false identity in a plane that was flying over Iran and forced to land. So the Iranian authorities knew about it. Who helped them. Certainly not their own contacts ? ... It sounds too easy.

Farah Rusta

American betrayal

by Farah Rusta on

This is a classic and very sad example of the tried and tested policy of expediency as shown by a succession of American administrations. Abolmalek Rigi (the name comes from a well known tribe in Baluchistan) was traded as a bargaining chip in under the table dealings between the currrent US adminstration and the Islamic regime. Morale of the story: never trust an American promise. Congratualtions Mr Obama!



Rigi is Rigged!

by Iran_e_Azad on

What does Rigi means? Look-up the word Rigged. Abdomalek Rigi is a rigged personality!!



by yolanda on

IRI will make a movie out of Rigi's arrest. I am not sure it will be a fiction, non-fiction, or realistic fiction:


Wikipedia said that Rigi killed his brother's wife while she was sleeping...

His brother is jailed in Iran.

Sargord Pirouz

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force got Rigi!

by Sargord Pirouz on

Rigi's passenger plane (likely B-737, Kyrgyzstan Airlines QH 454, operated by Eastok Avia), enroute from Dubai (DXB / OMDB) to Bishkek/Manas, Kyrgyzstan (FRU / UAFM), was forced to land at Bandar Abbas TFB.9 (BND / OIKB) by two intercepting Iran Air Force F-4E Phantom IIs. (If the scrambled F-4E Phantom IIs came from TFB.9, perhaps elements of 91 TFS.)

Mola Nasredeen

Who cares for Analysis?

by Mola Nasredeen on

The point is the leader of a terrorist group who was beheading Iranian soldiers and blowing up places of worship is arrested and in custody. This is a good news for all the sane people of the world. What's all the fuss about?

Did you prefer if this guy was free and planning more bombings and beheadings?

Ari Siletz

Espionage contractor point of view

by Ari Siletz on

This video link from Stratfor Intelligence says Pakistan helped with the arrest because she needs Iran's help in Afghanistan. Stratfor Intelligence is a private US spy company.  


It was all a lie

by Onlyiran on



by Iran_e_Azad on

This is totally dubious and pure fabrication! Don’t believe anything u hear u read u see coming from IRI! If IRI says yogurt is white double check it before believing it is white. The IRI regime, from Khamenei to the smallest guy (as in their position) will sell their mother to stay in power even if its for one more day!

 So, this whole thing about Rigi is totally a creation of  IRIs' bosses (GB & U.S.) and is played out by IRI. The whole thing is a foul play, bogus and is completely a big lie!

IRI always has these plans to get out of crisis and also to manipulate naïve people! The same people that unconsciously helped these CHARLATANS to come to power 30 years ago!! To say it in a simple phrase THERE IS NO ABDOLMALEK RIGI!!!!


Its simple

by seamorgh on

They are wearing masks to conceal their identity as ALL smart intelligence agents do all over the world. That's why CIA honors its dead not by their names or pictures but by an anonymous star. You are not a spy if everyone can identify you as one, right? By the way, I was in Cha Bahar over the summer and it has a beautiful beach and a very warm people. It is a very good tourist destination (better than Kish I must say) with routine flights from Tehran. I would recommend it to anyone who would be interested and now that Rigi has been captured, you do not need to fear going there if you are not a Sunni Baluch. Here are some pictures from the city: //www.omrancfz.com/persian/about-photo-cfz.asp




by yolanda on

I just finished reading LA Times. IRI can't get their story straight on how this guy was captured, so I don't know what to believe....The IRNA said he was captured in Sistan-Baluchistan province...Najjar said he was arrested in Pakistan...Press TV said his plane was grounded in Bandar Abbas....Al Jazeera said Pakistan handed over Rigi to IRI a week ago.....Jundallah said its leader was captured by US, Pakistani, and Afghan intelligence and handed over to IRI as part of backroom deal......Wow! It is just mind-boggling!!

Nader Vanaki

جوجه بن لادن

Nader Vanaki

حالش شدیدلی گرفته خواهد شد.


can some

by MRX1 on

one tell me how come these brave soldiers of Islam are wearing ski masks? aren't they proud of what they have done catching this supposedly evil guy?

Unfortunatley sistan and baloochestan is probably poorest province in Iran and years of neglect by IRR has added more to the missery of people in there. We may despise his methods but what is the alternative? How does it feel to be among the poorerst of poor with no hope seeing your government spending millions in gaza, lebonon, sysria, and god knows where else. IRR is so bold and obnoxious that advertises right and left about what they built and how much they built in lebonon. well when will they spread to wealth in Iran.....



by Abarmard on

What you are saying in essenence is true but simplified. I agree that not taking care of your people properly has consequences. The captured Rigi is from a region that knows anger and violence. Their cultural attitude is harsh when surface is against them. but you, I assume, are an educated person and should realize better. The way to reach a solution that lasts is not by this path.

Here is my old article about this issue and suggestions:




by Cost-of-Progress on

The regime does not care about Iran, only Islam.

All of the ethnic groups in iran will need to be united. You are ALL Persians, whether you like it or not. Cessation, or the desire for it, is a dangerous destablizing force that Iran cannot afford.  I agree with you that the regime has made it impossible to feel a part of the irniana fabric, but these cockroaches will not, cannot, remain in power much longer. The future government, hopefully a nationalistic one, will have to mend those relationships.

Hang in there buddy.





Abarmard, why???

by tabriz_balasi on

Rigi in his vidoes says that he is iranian and he is fighting for his civil rights.  yes there are some extreme elements within their movement that want separation, but that is only natural. put yourself in their shoes, oil money doesn't come to your people, you're being oppressed, cleaned of your identity, can't practice your relgion...why would you want to stay with Iran? why???  atleast if they separate they can keep their identity.  If iran wants to stay together as a nation with many ethnic minority groups, they have to sit down and come up with a fair plan to give minorities their rights and establish an economic system that all iranians can participate, or else different ethnic groups in iran are better off going their own way.and what other way do u suggest baloochi people to have their voices heard???  did you hear our cries in tabriz when we were asking for our rights??? NO, you persians only see your problems.  I would support Azari people to take up arms and fight for their rights and if they can't get their rights within Iran, they should separate.  kurds too, baloochi's too.  beh cheshmo abrooye shoma farsa ashegh nistim keh, it is a mutual participation, if it is not fair, we want out.


You are not supporting anything positive

by Abarmard on

You are not supporting Baluchis, by praising a killer you are supporting violence, murders, and separations. You need to think of ways to make the situation better. In most cases, even if such actions "blossom" to the goals, the result is even worse situation than current. These guys are directly hired by the British and American politicians for a quick gains. They will never succeed as it is not in the best interest of their money lords.

If you don't know about Jundallah, I would recommend you to read more about them. They do want a separate country.

The issue of minorities in Iran must be dealt based on civil right movements. Any ways, you may hold your ideas and claim the Jundallah as your ways and Hero, which is sad but you are free to choose. In my opinion most people won't accept your way of thinking.


I don't see anyone supporting our Baloochi hamvatans ...

by tabriz_balasi on

Hey you persians, you better come to your senses before it's too late, or maybe it is too late already.  Rigi was not a separatist, he was defending his God given rights as an Iranian.  watch his youtube videos, listen to his words.  it is so interesting, when it comes to oppressing minorities in iran (turk, kurd, balouch) all you persians speak with one voice, even unite with Islamic Republic.  If you had any questions regarding why people in Tabriz didn't give a shit about your green movement, now you got your answer.  because you persians didn't stand up with them when they were being killed on the streets for asking for their rights.  You lost Azarbaijan's heart, but we still have a chance to save Balouchestan by supporting their movement.  they are not asking for becoming a separate country, they are only asking for their rights as Iranians.  they are all poor, they can't pray in a sunni mosque, they are looked down upon and forgotten by other iranians.  Rigi was their answer to years of oppression and dismissive policies.  wake up persians, acknowledge our rights as minorities or else it will be too late very soon and you will be left with two deserts to your name, with Azarbaijan and Kurdestan and Khorramshahr Gone.


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.



by Abarmard on

Really? You need more people like that, don't speak on behalf of Iran.


we need more brave people like Rigi...

by tabriz_balasi on

Rigi killed so many sepah thugs, we should appreciate his service to our country, iran, rather than call him a terrorist. IR doesn't even let sunni people have their own Mosques, IR doesn't let Azari's learn their language in school, IR prosecutes Kurds, what are we to do?? sit back and relax?.  Rigi showed us the path, we should learn from him.  Long live Rigi's path... Khomeini burn in hell, Khamenie your time is near...

Islam is life, Allah is the truth.

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.



by XerXes. on

Dude, US? Intelligence? get real.

Here is a clue for you to figure if this guy was supported by Israel and the west: They call him "rebel" and not terrorist. Get it?



by XerXes. on

This is amazing. I guess US should ask Iran to get them Osama. Iranians are generally great in figuring things out. If it was the US, they would attack a country, kill thousands to catch one person, and end up empty handed.


I wouldn't be surprised if the US helped catch him

by amgw4 on



Rigi's method of arrest

by bomannyali on

this pest was fooled by iranian intelligence into thinking that a group in an asian caucas  country was planning to coordinate attacks on iran and provide him with funds. 

the "group" aka iranian intelligence asked him to shave and provided him with an original fake iranian passport with a fake name.  Obviously, iranian intelligence made a real iranian passport for him with fake name.  Rigi was fooled into thinking this group is extremely well connected and well funded plus all the tips they provided him to avoid deception convinced him that it can't be the government.

the group was "located" in a country with very few incoming flights but mainly from Dubai.

The Asian Caucus country was one that requires no visas for iranians.  hence, there was no need for Rigi to present himslef to that country's embassy in person and ask for visa.

On board a flight from Dubai to the Asian Caucus country, the airliner was asked to land by iranian air traffic control operators.  Upon landing, Rigi was arrested by members of 113- Etelaat.

Nice trap- good job. 

Sargord Pirouz

The STRATFOR analysis is

by Sargord Pirouz on

The STRATFOR analysis is claiming that it's likely Pakistani and/or Afghan intelligence assisted in this. Personally, I doubt the US would allow it. Rigi represents a gold mine of intelligence, providing proof of US and Western involvement with terrorism directed against the Iranian people. Also, the fact that he was captured with false documentation, together with pics allegedly from a US military base just 24 hrs. before, this is all highly incriminating.

Expect this to play out big time over the next days, weeks and even months.

Hat's off: VEVAK got their man.



by yolanda on

This guy's brother is still alive! IRI has postponed the execution.....


Iraneh Azad

Dear Fair- I agree with you

by Iraneh Azad on

He will never get a fair trial and there will be no justice. However, as far as I know, he did kill civilians in his adventures. And in my book that makes him a terrorist.

My reply below was to the person who said Rigi was not a terrorist. I can't agree based on the facts known about him.


Another proof of I.R. & CIA

by Arthimis on

Another proof of I.R. & CIA dirty cooperation...

Mr. Rigi, is an Iranian with good intention for his people and always wanted to be an Iranian and part of Iran, irrespective of his religion. Moreover, he has been the Enemy of our Main Enemy (The Satanic I.R.) with his brave underdog armed uprising and thus he and his people are our Friends of Iran...

He fought like a man and with his heart against EVIL occupying our Motherland for 31 years! Other Iranians all over Iran must do the same... To Free ourselves and our beloved Iran...

May God help him and friends of Iran like him...

To Free Iran and Iranians, Islamic Republic Evil occupires and their Arab mercenaries must be destroyed in Iran to the last man ! That is the only way...

Free Iran.