22 Bahman protests abroad

Demonstrations in London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Toronto, Washington, Stockholm, Amsterdam...

4,000 protesters in London. Some arrested, injured:

In Berlin (Feb 9) Part 1:

In Berlin (Feb 9) Part 2:

In front of Iranian consulate in Frankfurt:

Paris (Feb 7) Part 1:

Paris (Feb 7) Part 2:

In front of Iranian Interests Section, Washington, DC, Part 1:

Washington, DC, Part 2:

Stockholm, Sweden:

Toronton, Canada:

In Amsterdam, clash with police:

Copenhagen, Denmark:


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Who said Iranians abroad

by benross on

Who said Iranians abroad can't do a thing? This is just the beginning.


i support police officers for maintaining order

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

funny how protestors got beaten, yet again feeling humiliated not only in Iran but in their new promise lands,,,it just is so funny


Yeah that Behesht restaurant

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

Yeah I think the managment at Behesht restaurant would rather deal with people with money willling to spend, not people out of money trying to collect ..i.e ramin tork

and btw we need an update regarding the 500 on execution row you are trying to help out.  what have you done so far. or was all that nothing more than a brainstorming session on a manic day in the life of a person with bipolar disorder


I was there for London

by ramintork on

It was a great turnout, and people were in good spirit. I would say it was the best one organized. The police incident was an isolated event. There was some silliness in people setting posters on fire and being hazardous in a crowd but the wardens handled it well and the fire was put out quickly.

There was a lot of anger from people with a local restaurant called Behesht that supplied food to the celebrating Embassy people. I think the crowd managed to spoil their pathetic celebration which was one of our objectives, and they were peeking at us from the Embassy window, perhaps realizing their days are numbered.

I can't see the Behesht restaurant getting much business from people in the green movement after this!

I'm very pleased that people were more united this time, and the a lot more planning had gone into this. The girl who was our chant leader was superb, she had a voice that could reach half of London and so much energy. I don't know who she was but she is certainly my Iranian of the day.

I put some pictures and video on our new web site www.iicfocus.com 


SF City Hall Today 2/12 @Noon

by Monda on

Join us for our gathering.  Thanks Oktaby and Anahid for confirming it.