Selling Iran to Enemies

That's what protesters wanted to do, says judiciary chief


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Darius Kadivar

This Fellow's Brother in Charge of IRI Human Rights ?

by Darius Kadivar on


If you look at the urban

by Arthimis on

If you look at the urban dictionary for the word : "Douchebag", You will see Larijanis picture next to it! :D

On a serious note, I only pray to GOD, that in a very near future, Free Iran and Iranians arrest this Larijani along with all the other of his brothers (also douchebags) and entire Islamic Republic's officials and supporters who have committed crimes against Iran and Iranians and put them all on trial and sentence them according to the laws of new "Iranian Constitution" which corresponds with International Human Rights! (Yes, I hope Iranians will be human and not do what they did to Thousands of innocent Iranians who were executed and shot without any trial in their so called islamic revolutionary courts...) Like majority of Iranians, I would love to see their douchebag faces in their prison uniform and in front of the court and all Iranian people! I pray everyday for this day of justice!

Free Iran and Iranians.


Well Samsam!

by Q on

Settle down hotshot! Try to contain your excitement. Your "I never open my mouth" post had the wrong date, and FYI, my only "statement", that there was no cable from Baghdad on the 13th was already "proven" correct! LOL.

However the actual cable about temporary marriages per Comrade's find is quite amusing.


Will someone...

by comrade on

 ...Verify this one? Please.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Oh, that's real funny Samsam!

by Q on

You know me by now & know f  ing well enough to see that i never open my mouth without evidence to back it up.

Actually, I only know that you open your mouth, the second part is not well "known". :)

However, I'll let you explain why there was actually no Wikileaks cable released from Baghdad on December 13th.

Here's everything on that date:



Lida Hessaami

by tabriz_balasi on

I never agreed with any one more than you Lida.  it is crazy isn't it.  I don't know if you saw the clip on where the guy kept hitting his head with a sword and his friends were afraid that he's going to die.  my question, is this the Islam taught  by Muhammad.  I mean; muhammad was the prophet and a muslim should follow him only; if they are following anyone else that is not islam; and definitely i don't belong to their brand of Islam;  I follow Muhammad's message of "Action" with "love" and the positive feedback from that which allowes you to realize your full potential. it is a way of life based on character; not based calculation to maximize your benefits.  look, we iranians have big cultural problems that go beyong ISlam and beyond IR.  we have to wake up and make ourselves better every day;  every day that you improve yourself as an iranian person, you're improving Iran, and improving the world as a whole.  that is what Dabashi was trying to teach on on Parazit program;  He is our profressor, we should listen and learn from him.


"Khodees" & "No-Khodees"

by Tavana on

The "Green" has been a "Khodees" front from the first day & their so called leaders are also devoted "Khodees." Was not 8 years of experience with "Khodee" Khatemi & his so called "reform movement" good enough for the young to learn their lessons about trusting the "Khodees?" The protesters were used for the regime to ID the "No-Khoods" in the crowd & to imprison/torture/execute them as a "clean up" covert operation. 

Lida Hessaami

Tabriz: we are more retarded than anyone you could imagine,

by Lida Hessaami on

consider this: every single year Iranians mourn the Death of  Hussain.

Yet while this Mr. Hossain was alive he called all Iraninas "Ajami" ( that means mute in Arabic, and is the name given to us by invading arab muslims, becuase we refused to speak arabic).

Hussain also called for all Ajamis ( Iranians , us) to be enslaved and their women sold and...yet he's still a symbol of justice for us !!!!


Show me one other culture in the world as schizophrenic as this.


Cultural schizophrenia: Islamic societies confronting the West

By Darius Shayegan




The true sellout of Iran is

by Parthianshot91 on

This islamist shameless leach like regime and all their stupid followers. Your lies are going to be the death of you. 


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"



by Benyamin on

The people "in charge of Iran" must be very careful. Any action that would try to diminish the "green movement" will be crushed and this time there wont be just fists and empty hands involved but "guns and roses"

Guns for those soldeirs defecting to the Iranian people and Guns for those idiots staying with the IRI side.

Tell that to your friends.


Roo Ro Beram, Roo Nist Sangeh Paast!

by Khar on

This Hajagha Shi'ite is forgetting what happend to Ayatoolah Shaikh Fazleh Nouri, swinging like a lantern form a tree!!!!!!


camrade, nicely put !!

by tabriz_balasi on

-How do you know if a regime is sick?

-By measuring the political temperature of its judicial body.



by tabriz_balasi on

then we must be more retarded than the "soosmar khors" that we let them own us for 1400 years. you're really insulting iranians not arabs.  think before you talk.



by afshinazad on

This monkey Arab and his boss khamenie Iraqi are enemy of our people and destroying our culture and civilization, they have been selling Iranian interest from Iraq and Iran borders and Iranian oil filed been taken away by Iraqi broken army and Iranian couldn’t do shit about it and question is how is that possible that country like Iraq been destroyed and has no military power and could take over the oil fields? 35 oil and gas shared fields with Persian Gulf so called countries being abused by those Arabs and you could imagine if you have glass of water and share it with someone else and other side sucking hell out of that glass and you get nothing, even such a thing wouldn’t it be imaginable in shah time. Caspian Sea it has been taken away from us and we have no say in that and we have lost our right and we can’t even protect our fisherman’s, never the less others sucking all the oil and gas from our territories. What else is left from our natural resources been sold in discounted price or free to Turkish and other Countries? These thugs they have so much of our money in Foreign banks that they could dictate the terms and get away from anything they want to.


An Arab is the main enemy

by mahmoudg on

کشور ۱۴۰۰ سال است که به کثیفترین دشمن، یعنی عرب سوسمار خور فروخته شده



by SamSamIIII on


You know me by now & know f  ing well enough to see that i never open my mouth without evidence to back it up. dont try mochgirii with me since many have tried and all have failed. I read it first in Radio Farda but they dont have archives for me to locate it ..go look for its english version there


العربیه سندی را که روز سیزدهم دسامبر علنی شده است انتشار داد که متن آن از این قرار است:

یکى از اسناد افشا شده توسط ویکی لیکس که روز دوشنبه ۱۳-۱۲-۲۰۱۰ منتشرشد، حاکی است که دولت جمهوری اسلامی براى تاثیرگذارى و اعمال نفوذ بر شیوخ قبایل و عشایر عراقى، زنان را تحت عنوان صیغه در اختیار آنان قرار مى دهد.
بر اساس یک سند فاش شده از سفارت امریکا در بغداد، یکى از راههاى تقویت نفوذ رژیم تهران در عراق، استفاده از زنانى اعلام شد که تحت عنوان عقد موقت به شیوخى سپرده مى شدند که به هر دلیل یا بهانه اى به ایران سفر مى کنند.

در این سند ویکی لیکس که در آغاز سال جدید میلادى تهیه شده ولى اخیراً از سوى افشاکنندگان به بیرون راه یافته، از زبان یکى از شیوخ عراق نقل شده است که به یک کارمند سفارت امریکا در بغداد گفته است: «دولت ایران به خاطر تقویت نفوذش در عراق، در هر دیدار کوتاهى که از ایران داشته ایم، زنانى را تحت عنوان صیغه موقت به ما داده است».

این شیخ عشیره مى افزاید: «بعد از نخستین دیدارم از ایران دریافتم که همه شیوخى که از این کشور دیدن کرده اند، از ازدواج موقت بهره مند شده اند».
او توضیح مى دهد: «هر بار که به ایران مى رویم به بستگان خود مى گوییم که براى درمان عازم ایرانیم. لیکن راستش را بخواهید از فرصتهایى که مسئولان جمهوری اسلامی براى ما در بهره مندى از زنان صیغه اى فراهم مى کنند، استفاده مى کنیم و این موضوع به هدف اصلى ما تبدیل شده است».

تلویزیون الشرقیه در این باره گفت:

یک سند جدید منتشر شده توسط سایت ویکی لیکس فاش می کند که رژیم ایران به شیوخ عشایری که از ایران دیدن می کنند به هدف تقویت نفوذش در عراق زنانی را تحت عنوان ازدواج موقت به آنها تقدیم می کند. این سند که از سفارت آمریکا در عراق در اوایل سال جاری درز پیدا کرده می گوید که «یکی از شیوخ عراقی در دیدار با یک کارمند در سفارت آمریکا گفته است که رژیم ایران در راستای گسترش نفوذش در عراق به شیوخ عشایر عراقی که از ایران دیدن می کنند زنانی را به تحت عنوان ازدواج موقت با آنها در سفرهای کوتاهشان تقدیم می کند. این شیخ اضافه می کند بعد از اولین دیدار خود از ایران متوجه می شود که به تمامی شیوخی که از ایران دیدن کرده اند چنان زنانی داده شده است».



by Q on

which wikileaks doc was this? The one you made up?


Wikileaks: Iraqi Arab shaikhs & Iranian sigheh women freebees

by SamSamIIII on


Among wikileaks doc;

Tehran regime have used sex to bribe Arab tribal leaders on their invited visits to Tehran in order to win their loyalties in Iraq politics. Many shaikhs have recounted their "good times" in tehran with sigheh  Iranian women provided by regime. They say;, "We used to go there to talk trade and politics but later we just went there for good times.

Pimping is the new weapon, I guess, literally .


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Arab this, Persian that...

by comrade on

I don't know though as to why these Arabs went all the way up to sell the Caspian sea, while the Gulf was right there!!

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Maryam Hojjat

Iraqi Brothers of Larijani

by Maryam Hojjat on

And IRI thugs all are pro Arabs and Anti Iranians.  They have been selling Iran gradually as case of Caspian sea.


talking of selling iran....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 The swiss and london  bank accounts of larijani brothers, ahmadinezhad and his family, khamenei and his son to mention a few, would tell you who is selling Iran to who!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by comrade on

-How do you know if a regime is sick?

-By measuring the political temperature of its judicial body.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.