Parazit: Shahin Najafi

Interview with singer, songwriter &...

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Shahin is a great artist

by statira on

but he really needs a hair cut. We wanna see his eyes.

Hoshang Targol

King Reza, perhaps

by Hoshang Targol on

your confusing him with your dada, ayeah?


I hear him talk but all I can think of is

by KingReza on

I hear him talk but all I can think of is goosfand


Mohammad Khani

by Simorgh5555 on

Mohammad Khanni's name will go down in cesspit of history. Every Iranian should shun him and condemn this man for the rest of his life. He actually looks likes a common Hebollahi thug. He probably is. He really is the most ugliest character ever to appear on the show. He deserves nothing but total derision. I wish I could use some profanity to describe him on the website. No matter, I'll savour the moment when he will be at someone else's mercy and begging like Shahla for his life to be spared.  I hope that day comes sooner rather than later. If it happens, I know there is a God.


Hey, is Shaheen copying

by Simorgh5555 on

Hey, is Shaheen copying Joaquin Phoenix go round pretending to be a rapper with long hair and a wearing a beard?

Nader Vanaki

چاکر آقا جیم موریسون

Nader Vanaki

خیلی باحالی و کامبیز حسینی هم این دفعه غلافش کرد.


awesome hair

by muscle-defender on

very cool 


Rey, He's a Pahlavi-chi not a Laheej

by afyoun on

He is a national asset and by far the best Iranian rapper.

Is it me or there is actually a resemblance here   !?

Ma Mard Nistim

Harf-e Zan


Shahin Najafi's Profile on IC



آووو آقای دوکتور موهندس جان



چی‌ فرقی‌ بوووسته؟ پس فقط اسم من گردن شکسته بد در رفته، که
تجزیه طلب و فدرالیست و کوفت و زهر  مار بهم میگن. ماهی‌ ماهیه دیگه تی

بعد التحریر: از تذکر و تصحیح متشکرم.




Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by Doctor mohandes on

Tee jaane goorban Berar

Shahin male Laheejaneh, laheejanm male Gilan zemine  Not Mazandaran (ma va zan dar aaan)

Give NM a good beating at the end, Loved it. He deserves even more. Takes a real cold hearted bastard to say Takleefam maloom shod!!!



Best one yet thanks guys!

by Khar on



ملا خری بود در این ولایت // که اسمش صدیقی، از حماقت بی حکایت


Sadighi is the reverse of a good wine, the more he takes age the more he says sour imbecilities

Otherwise, I found the emission excellent, you rock boys

At the end, why Saman didn't say a single 'khalass'? I use to find them funny and a good transition tool between subjects. For example, a good end for molla sadighi, would have been

 کامبیز: یکی نیست به این آقای صدیقی بگه، آخه جان من، برادر من، مثل اینکه هنوز نرفتی زیر تیغ جراحی؟!. آقای صدیقی، بهت قول میدیم که وقتی مردم حکومت ولی فقیتو سرنگون کردن. ما برای بازجویی میایم، بدون هیچ داروی بیهوشی، سیخ میکنیم تو چشمت، تو هم آیه بخون، ببینیم میتونی تحمل کنی یا نه!
سامان: خلاص!



by aziz on

I love the dynamic of their journalism similar to that of Countdown with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC


Break all the conventions and taboos

by Azada on

I love Parazit. Can not wait to watch it Friday nights at Iranian. Great work Kambiz. You are expressing millions of us. Only that you have the means and the art to do it. Bravo!

Shahin reminds me of Jim Morison (Doors). An artist & poet who out of necessity and however reluctantly has to shift his art political. He is tossing his tokens for great Greens of Iran. Shahin Jan, you are heard. Many bless. You look very COOL with your hair! As a nation, we are desperate for heroes who would break all the conventions and taboos. Thank you.   

Hoshang Targol

پیش خودمون

Hoshang Targol

پیش خودمون بمونه ، تا قبل از شنیدن این مصاحبه

آوازهای شاهین چندان چنگی به دل  نمیزد، اما یه مصاحبه کوتاه اینو عوض کرد.
پیامش به بینندگان ، بهترین پیامی بود که تا باحال هر کس در پارازیت داشت.
موهاشم با حال بود ، به این میگن هنرمند معترض، کم درآمد. مثلا پول اصلاح نداره !


اینهم طنزی در باره شخصیت های زشت این هفته شما


ای آقای رهبری
بگو به من ببینم
هیچ کنترلی داری
و یا اینکه هر از گاهی
بدون هیچ اراده
بدون هیچ کنترل
میکنی عر وعری



I dare to regret...

by comrade on

...For I had not heard of Shahin Najafi before. I will watch this true "Tiger of Mazandaran" grow. He has an outstanding personality. Bravo. 

Thanks for yet another clever episode of witty humor.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I mean... Shahin Najafi's hair was really distracting. I wanted to brush it to the side or something... But ultimately nobody really cares about appearances, as long as he continues to make great music.

Thanks for picking Mohammad-Khani for the week's ugly character. He's absolutely despicable...


Masters of unclever comedy

by oz on

These guys are masters of humorless TV. There's not a single witty comment.