"Obscenity" in Iranian films

Experts discuss whether there have been any "obscene" films after 1979


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by hazratee on

your comment is completely irrelevant and out of place. They are talking about movies. Try to learn how to control your hatred.


I hear you, ELS

by comrade on

Barking up the wrong tree is the admin's game. I got the first version and am still laughing....

We should really cry, nonetheless.


Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Dear Comrade, if I may call you that!?

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

My post got edited by the IC profanity police! In the title of my comment, I had ex-Kababi, ex-Keeseh-kesh (body-washers in the public bath),NOT ko**-kesh...


I think the IC profanity police needs to take some Persian Language 101!


What's ex-Kabai?

by comrade on

As you stay where you are, and I remain where I am. I wish you could hear my laughter, so loud and so long for the title and the first couple of sentences of your comment...So true, so effing true....

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

A bunch of ex-kabai, ex-Jeegary,and ex-Moghani

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

have become movie producers, movie directors, and movie critics! The problem is not only the mullahs or the Basijis or their so-called educational system. It is far deeper and more serious than it appears to be.  That's why the entire Islamic Republic has to be dismantled, dislodged, and thrown in the garbage can. Where would one find a big enough a garbage can to fit all that? The Qom lake, maybe!? That's why I advocate a massive bombing campaign against these clowns! 


Now I know

by MRX1 on

why no one is watching the T.V over there! who the hell wants to watch them talking about bunch of nonsense in a studio which is poorly decorated and films that no body would watch if they had other choices in life.


some one tell these guys Islam is mostahjan

by mahmoudg on



Can somewon give us more info please?

by Souri on

I find this discussion very interesting.

But I wish I'd know who is who and what movies they are talking about. I don't even know the guys here and what is the subject in question?

The guy who has the monologue, has some valid points, but he seems to be trying to bully and threat the critic (Mr Farasati?) and this seems too odd !

If anybody has the complete discussion in video, please do add it here. Thank you. 

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!