From the Mother Tongue

A short film for 8989 project by where Siamak Fallah uses sour orange trees – a symbol of religious oppression of Bahais – from his birthplace Iran, combined with water, ochre and paper, to illustrate his dream… a dream he has not dreamt yet. The trees were originally from a sacred Bahai site, before they were uprooted and dragged through the streets:

From The Mother Tongue from Budaya Productions on Vimeo.


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by Souri on

I truly enjoyed the film and liked the idea behind of it: The illustration of his dream.

Wish him the best in reaching to his dream.


Nothing is sacred the Mother Tongue

by aziz on

"nothing is sacred "in so "The trees were originally from a sacred Bahai site " does not make sense here, I guess! 

Immortal Guard

Universal Religion!???

by Immortal Guard on

If their religion is so universal then how come their "Mahfel" is such a reclusive club?

And how come the Iranian Bahai's on average are more religious than Iranian Muslims?


Bahai's are crazy

by KingReza on

It's a crazy religion that makes as much sense as all other religions. We're all better off without any of them.