Mohsen Rashidkhan

Opera singer

Practices a Paliacco opera in Germany with the Remscheid Bergische Symphonie:


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Dear Red Wine

by Mehrban on

My comment was meant as a positive one.   hope it was not too convoluted to be understood :-).


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

حمد الله منتقد فراوان است،کس چه میداند و شاید یک اپرا خوان دیگر از بین شما دوستان سر در آورد .

مایه خوشبختیست و اما چه جا خوردیم ما ! :)



An Iranian voice, loud and unfettered

by Mehrban on

makes me feel lighter.  


Love to see him sing Mozart's Don giovanni

by kazem0574 on

He has a new fan.


He is really great, love it. I hope he will have CDs out.

by Bavafa on



Great voice and professional

by Arthimis on

Great voice and professional performance... Best of luck to him...


He sounds like Pavarotti and looks like Bocelli...

by Khar on

Very good operatic voice!

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

Just made me smile that he's picked up some German pronunciations of Italian. (Other than that, 'can't really judge fairly - I don't know enough about baritones, especially in rehearsal.)

"What's three times worse than war?" "Three wars?"

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Such a talented Iranian! He should be the Iranian of the week! This video made my day! Thank you for posting it!

Pagliacci is one of my all time favorites...Its most famous aria has always made me cry:


Jahanshah Javid

Great voice

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very impressive!

Red Wine

خواننده محترم اپرا،استاد رشیدخان

Red Wine

بسیار دل‌ انگیز ،پر حرارت و پر هیجان،به امید خدا به زودی شاهد برگزاری کنسرت ایشان خواهیم بود.