Mohammad-Javad Larijani

Green "coup plotters and traitors" don't deserve human rights



where are ahmaghinejad worshippers and asskissers?

by choghok on

where is tahgerd and no beer to hear their beloved leaders talking about human rights? human rights is for everybody, not just for people who bribe you and your family to power.

what do you expect from an appointed "human rights" defender who calls a president of a country for nigger because of a dispute. 

Tahgerd an No beer, your silence is amn answer in itself. 

Big Boy

Got it!

by Big Boy on

So if you object to the regime, they will beat, torture, and rape you.  And if you object to being beaten, tortured and raped, then you are not eligible for "human rights" and they are now "legally" going to beat, torture, and rape you...and your lawyer...and what the heck your wife/husband, parents, and children as well.

Thanks for the clarification.


The problem is these "clips" are not seen by outsiders as much.

by Anonymouse on

These are for internal consumption.  When you're in Iran you don't pay attention to them much.  They are not so much viewed as "ridicule" like we see them here.  Bits and pieces in between movies and TV shows and such. 

They're more viewed as "fear" in Iran that the ruling clergy has no shame using as much violence as they want.   

Everything is sacred


How do you say STFU in their language

by Bavafa on


Jahanshah Javid

Khosham miyad...

by Jahanshah Javid on

They jail, torture, kill, silence, censor, blackmail any one who raises a voice AND they gloat about it too. Power and pride does drive people crazy. Roo ro beram... It's a joke. Everything that comes out of their mouth is unbelievably insane. Every clip is more ridicule they pile upon themselves! Please don't stop talking, preaching... it's fascinating!