Khamenei Praises 9th of Day

Supreme Leader praises pro-regime rallies on December 30th, 2009, warns of future plots



our situation is a strange one...

by tabriz_balasi on

Jonny Dollar you said"

"Unfortunately, there are many copy cats who know one way."

i know  you meant what you said.  this is very important.  you talked about "extremism" and then right after that you talked about being a "copy cat".  this was brilliant. because i believe extremism comes from being a "copy cat".  think about it, when you don't fully understand that which you represent then you resort to becoming a copy-cat that results in extremism.  extremism and being a copy are actualy one and the same.  confidant and truthfuly people are rarely extremists; from both sides; religeous and secular; as a nation we  have to move towards that.  as you mentioned we have two groups of extremists now:1. IR supporters 2. zionist supporters.  Before the last election i wouldn't call IR supporters extremists because there was some what a democracy in Iran.  but that as all changed.  IR got rid of its reformists and that was a mistake; a mistake that cost IR its legitimacy;  now IR is hopeless;  the game really is over for them, from now on they have to resort to harshness/torture/murder/rape to insure their rule.  so any one that actualy supports IR i consider extremists; but i still have to be careful about that; because it is not easy to accuse people of things; on the other hand people that are blind to criminal acts of us/israel around the world are extremists too.  IR/us/Israel are all bad for iran.  we are in a very strange situation here;  us/israel don't want to see a strong iran no matter who's in charge.  iran is a big country with talented people.  even with the brain drain iranians can play with technology and make impressive stuff;  iranians have good mathematical/engineering minds and what ever their ideology they can always insert themselves in the world.  so the goal of us/israel is to only have was strong nation in the region, namely israel, to control the region and thereby insure us imperialism in the region.  so, us/israel know only one way to deal with iran and that is to work to divide up iran into smaller countries and thereby make it weak or irrelevent OR have a friendly government (democratic or not) that does not interfere with us policies.  but the second option is very unlikely. if iran is strong it's going to be in conflict with the us (democratic or not).  us/israel don't care about the form of gov. the just don't want a strong iran.  in fact they don't want any strong country specialy in the world's most vital region.  i think our responsibility as iranians is to prioritize our objectives.  i am proposing the following prioritization. 1. iran that is in one peice (even if it means a dictatorship) 2. stablility (we never had civil wars and we never should) 3. representative government  4. freedom.  so what ever decision we make it has to be based on our priorities. to transit from IR to a represenative governement we have to insure that the priority number 1 and 2 are not compromised; then i'm all for the destruction of IR.  Reform in Iran was our best shot at bringing a more representataive gov in iran but their defeat by the Ahmadinejad/Rahbar thugs put iran at a big risk.  because we find it imposible to live under these SOB's but at the same time we have no other non-violent way of getting rid of them.  violent methods are something that many people with experience warn against because revolution is like an explosion, no one knows what can happen or how iran's enemies would take advantage of this situation.  the method that i believe it will work is "self-reformation".  now that we can't reform our system of government, then let us reform ourselves and then people next to us.  make ourselves more educated, more tolerant, less fearful, more successful in our strugle against our ego.  in other words, let's start a revoltion at grass-roots level starting from our own selves.  IR is sitting on the thrones of a bizzare ideology based on ignorance and violence. khomenie/ahmadinejad thugs are lying uncivilized SOB's.  i don't know how else to describe them, honestly. we can not root-out this poisonous plant unless we make ourselves better first.  if we are wiser, smarter, and compassionate, then the natural force of all things will help us to get rid of IR without losing Iran.  and this is when faith comes to play a big role.  believing in the power of acting from the place of knowing and love.  if we act on the little certainties in life that we have with compassion then such pure acts will lead to more certainties and firmer steps in life and this cycle will continue till we find a power that we did not know it existed before; because in the process we have positioned ourselves with the true nature of things, and nature will make things fall into their rightful place.  i don't believe in game-theory; nature of man can not be expressed in terms of mathematics;  mabye it can be expressed by mathematics but not with the science that we currently have; we have no way to success other than aligning ourselves with the nature of things.  and this means acting upon our knowledge even if certainties are small; but as a result of this action we will get more certain knowledge and act based on that, and this cycle goes on and on untill we are aligned with nature; and then NO one can stop us;  we will become a force of nature to be reckoned with by all nations; we will reclaim our old glory and become great again. "zarreh zarreh jaam gardad, vangaahi daryaa shavad".


~be an act of the knowing love~

Jonny Dollar

Life is about balance! Too much religion, indecency,...No good!

by Jonny Dollar on

I agree that western FAHSHA (mini joop) spread in iran by likes of  the movie of the 70s on top of it this page, played a huge role in having the revolution. Any of us who has some GHEIRAT here gets attacked left and right by certain people. This is the problem, some are very liberal westernized and they cannot respect or tolerate the conservative ones.

Are all Americans liberal? America is more conservative than you think Don't get uptight when some of us are conservatives. True Persian/Irani culture is conservative and I like it to stay that way.

Unfortunately, there are many copy cats who know one way. This country is a democracy (supposed to be) and we don't need zionists like 555, fred etc. constantly harrassing us.

BTW I was unable to see the video. He can go to hell. We got rid of the west, and now want to come back? Bring us technology, not sex, trashy movies, rap junky music and corrupting our culture.

"God is love!"



by tabriz_balasi on

I am a muslim. I mean, I am an iranian so there is good chance that i would be a muslim, right?


~be an act of the knowing love~



by Simorgh5555 on

thank you for your clarification but the green and the halo led me to think it was an Islamic prophet. No offence but I hope you're not a Muzzie.



by tabriz_balasi on

it's just a cartoon;  imaginary person all in green; my favorite color since childhood.  nothing to do with green mov either.


~be an act of the knowing love~



by Simorgh5555 on

Who on earth is that rag head in your Avatar???????


i know you're all going to hate me, if you don't hate me already

by tabriz_balasi on

have no doubt that IR is SOB rapists that don't represent iranians.  let's get that out of the way.  But the main question for me is is what circumstances lead to the birth and livelihood of IR.  my answer is, and i might be very wrong, but any ways, my answer to this question is that IR is a reaction to imperialism and cultrual invasion of west that shook the believes and values of a nation called Iran.  I am not saying our values are good and their values are bad.  No, I am not judge of that.  But all i'm saying is it's natural to show reaction, just like our body shows reaction to foreign elements.  so, IR is kind of a desease or allergy in response to western imperialism and cultural invasion.  based on this i really can not hate IR more than the cause of this desease. we should wait out this sickness by making ourselves better and wiser and moral people.  i don't believe in direct confrontation with IR;  Iran has too many enemies that are waiting to eat us alive as soon as IR is gone; transiting to another system of government via revolution is a risk that i won't be a part of and i warn against.


~be an act of the knowing love~


he should start cutting back on opium....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

At his old age. 

Really does he have a clue how much he is and his islamist regime are hated by Iranian people? I doubt if he does....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Mr Khamenei - The important question

by Simorgh5555 on how do you wash your rear end now that you have lost the nerves in your right arm? Is it not haram to eat with your Left hand which you use to clean your posterior? 

Would any one like to shake Ayatoilet Khamenei's right hand? 

I must admit the attack on Khamenei in 1981 was a stroke of genius by the MKO; it's just a shame they did not make him lose both his arms...or his head. 


مثل سگ ترسیده


مثل سگ ترسیده و هر روز با دار کشیدن جوانان ایران فکر مکند ملت را ترسانده ولی هرروز فقط حزیان میگه و این دشمن ایران بداند که وقت تو ضحاک رسیده و حالا همش فتنه و فتنه به خرد ساندیس خورانت بده.


You are so screwed Mr K

by AlexInFlorida on

It's only a matter of time, before you and all those long eared followers of yours wearing the head bands are brought to justice.

Ask anyone.  Your future is very bleak, you don't provide a free and open political process, which is why we had a green movement lead by other blood sucking leeches like Khatami, Rafsanjani and Mousavi. 

Alas you will all have to face the music sooner or later.  And what an agonizing dance it will be for you. To see Reza pahlavi restore a fair and free election process in Iran as your cousins lose their financial priveledges for good.  You will wish you could be raped you low life, lying, thiefing murderer, you and your fans have shown us what your islam is.



Sandis Day

by divaneh on

The great day of 9th of Dey should be recognised as the national Sandis day in remembrance of the day that Sandis helped the raising nation (melat bepaa khaasteh).


The Most Fearful of the Fearfuls

by Demo on

Only & only a "wrongdoer" repeats over & over again of the past for the "fear" of the repraisals of what his/her criminal actions have implanted in his/her heart (if any)!!!!

PS. This "Supreme" of the "Most Supremes Ever" has become so indulged with his "religiousity" that has lost his complete sight to the "truth." 



by Benyamin on



Mr. Khamenei, You are a

by Arthimis on

Mr. Khamenei,

You are a dictator and you are responsible for beating, imprisoning, torturing and killing of millions of Iranians!!!

Call it whatever you want, but the sane Iranians and the entire world has been proven over and over again that you are a cold blooded criminal and murderer.

I hope you will be alive when you are arrested and be put on trail for all your crimes against humanity in front of the world!!!! I pray for that day.

Free Iran and Iranians