Jafar Panahi

Sentenced to six years in jail and 20-year ban on making films

Reuters: An Iranian court has sentenced acclaimed film director Jafar Panahi to six years in prison and banned him from making movies or traveling abroad for 20 years, his lawyer was quoted as saying on Monday. Panahi, winner of many international awards and a supporter of opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi in last year's disputed presidential election, was arrested in early March. He was kept in detention for 88 days, during which he went on a hunger strike. "Mr. Panahi has been sentenced to six years in jail for acting and propaganda against the system," Isna news agency quoted his lawyer Farideh Gheyrat as saying. "He has also been banned from making films, writing any kind of scripts, traveling abroad and talking to local and foreign media for 20 years," she added, according to Isna's report. Gheyrat said "the heavy verdict" had been handed to her on Saturday and that she had 20 days to make an appeal >>>


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This is how they dig their own graves

by Rea on

Imprisoning country's intelligentsia has cost many governments and regimes dearly. IRI is not an exception, hopefully.

@DK, you're right about Rasulov. Btw, his last name sounds so Russian.

Darius Kadivar

Let's Not Forget the Other FIlmmaker Mohammad Rasulov Either ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Another Iranian film-maker, Mohammad Rasulov, also received a six-year sentence on similar charges.  (See Related BBC News Here ) 

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Divaneh jaan: an unintentional mistake

by Bavafa on

IRI has already put the whole nation in prison, only not in Evin just yet.  But nashashideh shab derazeh.  Give'em time and chance, they might just do that,

 Hell with IRI and the enemies of Iran 



Right said Bavafa

by divaneh on

If the intention of doing something against the tyranny of IRI was a crime then they had to place the whole nation in Evin. Desperate actions are taken by desperate people.



by rtayebi1 on

BF once again I couldn't agree with U more



by tabriz_balasi on

Yes sir, sure... do you need coffee with that?




No international outcry

by statira on

Now that there is a case that the western media should pay more attention,  they dont say anything. It's funny there is more international uproar for the release of criminals than people like Panahi or Derakhshan.


Divaneh: "His crime was that he intended to take some action"

by Bavafa on

The “preemptive strike” was been the most stupid/criminal doctrine when GWB employed it and it remains the most stupid and criminal doctrine by the IRI.  No wonder many believe these two (GWB and IRI) only belong to the same "doroshke"

Hell with IRI and the enemies of Iran 


Darius Kadivar

France's Culture Minister Denounces Sentence

by Darius Kadivar on

Panahi: Mitterand dénonce la condamnation‎ -

Le ministre de la Culture Frédéric Mitterrand "s'élève vigoureusement"contre la condamnation à six ans de prison du cinéaste iranien Jafar Panahi, indique lundi un communiqué. Le ministre dénonce une "atteinte inacceptable à la liberté de pensée et de création artistique et demande à ce qu'il y soit mis fin, pour que le grand cinéaste iranien soit libre de ses mouvements et puisse à nouveau continuer à réaliser des films".


See Related Blog of Mitterand's Support to Panahi at the Cannes Film Fesitval:

CANNES SOLIDARITY:Frédéric Mitterrand reads Jafar Panahi's letter in Cannes 


This is a clear indication and proof of weakness of IRI

by Benyamin on

Mr. Jafar Panahi is renowned International film maker. I firmly believe by sentencing him like this the IRI is bending before pressure and very soon will collapse. The reasoning for his arrest and later on his harsh treatment and sentencing is a sign of weakness and inability of logical action on the part of IRI. Mr. Panahi has never killed anyone, nor taken warm amunition or cold for that matter to topple anyone or any government. He is guilty because those in charge of Iran are fear logic and this clearly proves they are indeed illigitimate government of Iran.

Mr. Panahi is not a threat to national security(amniyat e melli) nor has he done anything against it. He is simply making it more secure and "amn" by speaking out against injustice.

I am sorry to hear this and I want to express my deepest concern to his family and my fellow iranians every where. His lawyer must leak the judge`s name(or Jallaad) for everyone to know.

god bless Iran and Iranians everywhere



by Fair on

The inhuman anti Iranian mullahs must free Jafar Panahi and all political prisoners at once, and should step down for their crimes against humanity and Iranian people. They must then stand trial and answer for their crimes.

I hope all the Islamists here are happy now for the system they supported and helped create, and will have enough decency at least to take responsibility for the damage they have done to Iran.  Of course one cannot expect such fairness and decency from such an arrogant crowd.  It is always someone else's fault.

No mullah, nor religion should ever have power in government in Iran again, and mullahs and religious figures should have no more rights than any Iranian citizen.  Until we achieve this state, we will have many more Panahis and brilliant Iranians like either waste away in  a prison, or working in other countries, while the worst bottom of the barrel of Iranian society rule the country by force.


i dedicate this Azari song to Panahi, since he's an Azari

by tabriz_balasi on


I hope you get freed soon Jafar Khan.

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.

hamsade ghadimi

that's right maziar.  i was

by hamsade ghadimi on

that's right maziar.  i was at a screening of one of his films and he was supposed to show up but he was refused entry to the u.s. because he refused to have his fingerprints taken.  it was quite ironic...

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Was he the same ( selected to recieve an awards in New york) few years ago and was mistreateted at JFK for finger printing and refused to come here ?

Shame on IRR to treat Iranians like that.         

P.S they still think of bougus allegations of... against him and Ms. Roxana Saberi and Bahai's and.....       



This is a joke

by divaneh on

His crime was that he intended to take some action. It is a joke but not a funny one. What I see is all artists, writers and thinkers on the people side and all brainless thugs on the government side. A true sign of weakness.


where is no beer here?

by choghok on

i guess he is thinking really hard to come with an excuse that this is really against ahmaghinejads wishes really. But we are used to those excuses. Yet another human treated as a mullah or basiji should be treated.


World/We Need to Protest this Islamic Republic Injustice!!!!!!

by Khar on

Damn the Satanic Islamic Republic.


The greatest living film director in Iran

by Simorgh5555 on

I have abeen a long admirer of Jafar Panahi ever since the White Baloon.

I have watched all his films inluding The Circle, the Mirror, White Balloon, the brilliant Off-Sie and the Crimson Gold.

He was the only credible director from the hell-hole known as the IR who can truly represent every day life in Iran's society without compromising his integiry. Most of the narrative takes place quite literally on the streets of Tehran - Panhi refused to film women indoors as he would have to show them wearing a hijab which he knew this would be a total lie. This truthfulness and quality distinguished him from other directors such as Kiarostami and Makhmalbaf who are a little suspect. 

Without Panahi there would be no 'No one knows about Persian Cats'. 

A sad waste of talent but true to character the Islamic Republic is keen on destroying the best of Iran and the young talen of our country. 

Jafar Panahi's imprionment alone is a good enough reason for regime change. 

Panahi we support you. You wil be freed hamvatan! Stay calm! 

Death to the Islamic Republic. 



by Khar on

Touf !!!!


Now I am really confuse

by عموجان on

We got read of Shah because he jailed too many of us or not enough? I am sure IRI supporter are enjoing this.

This is sick very sick to jail some body in his thoughts……….

Islam is a sick religion.



by afshinazad on

In this regime no one has the right to speak or make a film or even think that could question their ideology. Economist cannot make a point because of telling the fact and truth, they don't want the public educated or be informed with facts and this regimes goal is keep people in dark and stupid people like A.N could lecture all the bullshits to public, this is our peoples future. Unless there is a millions people come out and attack and kill any one is with this regime and thousands of people will get killed to get rid out these monsters, otherwise there is no other way around.

Anahid Hojjati

Anonymouse jan, you are right.

by Anahid Hojjati on

It is not going to get better in Iran before it gets worse.


Anahid jaan Ahmadi wants ALL the "Economists" arrested!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

Anahid Hojjati

Lawyers, film makers , economists all can be imprisoned

by Anahid Hojjati on

It is not just the political activists who are imprisoned by IRI. These days lawyers, film makers, and journalists can be and are imprisoned. Latest case is the following:

فریبرز رئیس دانا، اقتصاددان و پژوهشگر اقتصادی در تهران، نیمه شب شنبه، توسط چند مامور امنیتی در منزل خود بازداشت شد.


what a shame for such a talent

by mahmoudg on

but keep on fighting until we can rid Iran and the world of the infestation of the Islamic resurgence.  The cult of Islam must be eradicated starting with our beloved Pesia.  We can then concentrate on the cespool in the Arabian penisula.  Iranians will be much easier to re-indoctrinate into civilized society, only because we have thousands it not millions of talented souls like Mr. Panahi.  I cannot say the same about the bedoins of the Sahara.


Really shameful. Badge of honor4 Panahi & regime's fear of truth

by Anonymouse on

This shameful regime is saying that Panahi can't use his skills to make a living anymore.  They want people and artists to shut up and see no evil and hear no evil.  Well regime's fate has one more nail in its coffin with this judgement.

Everything is sacred