Glorifying Khamenei

Cleric's accolades for Supreme Leader


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آقا مار هفت خطة




In martikeh laat o besaro

by Arthimis on

In martikeh laat o besaro paa, dasteh "Reza Maarmoolak" ham az posht basteh baa in khaali bandiaash!!!! Yek Amaameh Siah gozaashteh roo saresh va az shedat kha.... maali hatman hamin roozaah Vaziri chizi misheh... Khak Aalam bar sareh harchi Aadam Madar felaani mesl in seyed!!!

Free Iran and Iranians from these douchebags!!! They are the lowest scums on the face of earth.


I want to know who that child was

by mahmoudg on

who peed on the peygambar.  I want to kiss him for doing what every sane, intelligent human being should do to Islam and its child molesting founder, The Mo.

Jonny Dollar

Ay Ghiz Adin dey ginan shokolaat verim yeginan!

by Jonny Dollar on

his garbage is much less meaningless. How these people are trying hard to keep our people backward so they can rule them. All they know is one philosophy book who are misinterpreting it and don't practice it.

"God is love!"

Nader Vanaki

کلمات من قدرت عظیمی در بر دارند

Nader Vanaki

به لطف دوستان ناباب و ذغال خوب.  چه چیز هم سود آورتر از هیئت لات و لوت های تهران،  لاس وگاس حزب اله؟


Shame on him

by Benyamin on

Someone needs to tell him the time of "gholov-gooee" is over. The time of chaaploosi belonged to the Ancient muslim shahs and that is why we revolted against "BOTSAAZI".

Anyone believeing his stories is as stupid and  a traitor to Iranian cause.



Does Khamenei do anything

by divaneh on

but watching Hollywood trash from unknown directors.

Jahanshah Javid

Hameh in chiza beh kenaar

by Jahanshah Javid on

bachehee keh roo daamane peyghambar khodesho kharaab kardo bechasb :D


pachekhori championship!

by choghok on

I think JJ should gather all pachekhori videos under one cathegory and we should vote for Iranian championship of pachekhari. I think IRI could be proud of the achievement to have the best pachekhars in the world.


number what they are and their meaning

by tabriz_balasi on

numbers are objects that represent themselves; for example the symbol 3 refers to nothing other the symbol 3; in other words numbers are meaningless, even though we can give them meanings, an example being the number-line . Via operations (+ - x /) any two number can refer (mean) to other numbers.

~be an act of the knowing love~