GhassemAbadi Dance

Popular in northern Iran


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What is this I don't even...

by alaaf on

What is this I don't even...

Jahanshah Javid

GhassemAbadi: women

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Bano Atefeh. Here are two examples of women dancing GhassemAbadi:

Then the guys in this video are making fun?

Bano Atefeh

Men are dancing Ghassem Abadi??

by Bano Atefeh on

That is new!! This dance belongs to ladies to celebrate end of the rice season and it is a very lively and very beautiful.



Reminds me of Borat in one

by Arthimis on

Reminds me of Borat in one part of his movie after wrestling two gay guys in his hotel at night! The next day he was shocked in his interview saying: "You mean the two guys who had their fist up my a$$ were gays???" very surprisingly and upset.... LOL :D This shot can be feautered in Borat movies... :D))


Good assumption Arthimis

by divaneh on

It looks like each person is raping himself (.... khodesho pareh mikoneh)


Islamic Sexxy Tiimez!!! :D

by Arthimis on

Baba sad rahmat be "Javad va Javad Abadi"! This is "Basij Abadi"!! Thank God they didn't show the rest, surely someone got raped at the end!! LOL :D)) (Sorry had to write it, forgive me...)


He he Javad-abadi

by divaneh on

Very funny comment Ali_aaa, and the most appropriate name for this so called dance.


You wonder

by ali_aaa on

Then you wonder why there no women dancing here - hmmmm


Also instead of Ghasem-Abadi they should call it JAVAD-abadi



by yolanda on

Wow! They had so much energy! They were dancing, jumping, and bumping each other at the same time...the music was going too fast......the clip is too short!


U just made

by rtayebi1 on

my morning. I just loved it thank U