Child Foundation Food Distribution

Part of an Iranian-American charity's activities in Iran


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30 Billion dollars Iranian government income form oil 2009

by sam jade on

Iranian government spend 4 BILLION dollars in Lebonan and GHAZZA ON Re-construction of Lebonan , more money goes to Paletine ,Cash donation to Afhanistan , also millions paid to some small Africant nations to buy their vote in U.N. (which none of them did)..

It is a Shame that our people are looking for FOOD DONATIONS !!!



Such humanitarian moves Really Matter!

by Monda on

...Because they are not mobilized through any governmental agencies.

Many times I have heard about the marginality of such efforts in the present condition of Iran. Each time I argue/ believe these efforts are very much needed and hopefully a start in the right direction. Child Foundation definitely serves as a nice model.

Thanks GS for posting this clip.