Ahmadinejad: Everything will be solved

Economic reforms will "solve housing, unemployment problems"


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by Arthimis on

Dariush Kabir

Hemate ma Hosaineh!!!!?!!

by Dariush Kabir on

Didn't Hosain got his ass kicked, and defeated and killed? is that what he has in mind for progress!!!?


So, what is his logic?

by azadi5 on

The cost of basic necessities and gas is going up at least 4 fold, how is this helping the economy if people won't be able to afford to buy as much as before. there will be less cash flow, and once the money flow stops the economy will fall flat. So, I don't get his logic for this approach to help the economy.


actually i am enjoying good skiing at Mammoth

by mahmoudg on

and at the same time, thinking; If that Child molesting Arab, Mohamad, had a chance to ski in his life, he would perhaps realize how short and enjoyable life could be and keep his "Mo junior" under his garment and not molest people's children.  Enjoy this piece while i am enjoying The Cornice.


دوستِ من ـ حسن


دوستِ من ـ حسن
حاکمی از برخي شهرها بازديد می كرد و هنگام ديدار از محله ما فرمود: شكايت‌هاتان را صادقانه و آشكارا بازگوييد و از هيچ كس نترسيد، كه زمانه هراس گذشته است!
دوست من ـ حسن ـ گفت: عالي جناب! گندم و شير چه شد؟ تامين مسكن چه شد؟ شغل فراوان چه شد؟ و چه شد آن كه داروي بينوايان را به رايگان مي بخشد؟ عالي جناب! از اين همه هرگز، هيچ نديدم!
حاکم اندوهگنانه گفت: خدا مرا بسوزاند؟ آيا همه اينها در سرزمين من بوده است؟ فرزندم! سپاسگزارم كه مرا صادقانه آگاه كردي، به زودي نتيجه نيكو خواهي ديد.
سالي گذشت، دوباره حاکم را ديديم، فرمود: شكايت‌هاتان را صادقانه و آشكارا بازگویيد و از هيچ كس نترسيد، كه زمانه ديگري است!
هيچ كس شكايتي نكرد، کسی برنخاست که بگوید: شير و گندم چه شد؟ تامين مسكن چه شد؟ شغل فراوان چه شد؟ چه شد آن كه داروي بينوايان را به رايگان مي‌بخشد؟
تنها صدائی ازمیان جمع  که پرسید: عالي جناب! دوستِ من ـ حسن ـ  چه شد؟


Arvaahe Babat Ba In Vaadeh-Hat!

by HHH on

Ofcourse if you charge 700 toman/litre of gas or $2.50/gallon you'll suck additional $100billion from the already suffering nation of Iran.

Should a country that is sitting on an ocean of oil charge it's own citizens 2500-toman for 1 gallon of fuel?

I remember around 1980 my friend bought a used Volkswagen for 5000 toman. Now that buys 2 gallons of gas!

At least your new suit looks respectable.

Hoshang Targol

زمان پرداخت یارانه های هدفمند

Hoshang Targol

روزی یکی از مریدان پریشان حال ،به نزد شیخ آمد و عرض کرد -
یا شیخ خوابی دیدم بس ناگوار! فرمود: بنال ببینم تعبیرش چه بُود ؟

گفت : خواب مردمانی دیدم که از تنشان گوشت همی کندند و گوشت را به دهانشان همی گذاردند

رنگ از رخسار شیخ پرید ، فرمود : به گمانم زمان پرداخت یارانه های هدفمند رسید


Alex you do not have to be rude!

by erooni on

Alex you do not have to be rude and disrespectful to 1.5 billion people's religious believe and their holy book in order to make your point.Normally this is done out of animosity toward someone religion or when the person runs out of logic.


Screw Allah and The Evil Acting People that Hide Behind him.

by AlexInFlorida on

In America, it's Democracy,

In the Middle East it's Islam.

In North Korea it's "the community"

Evil people have been using good to inject their poison since the start of time, that is why Free Speech and Expression are so important.  When we can't honestly look at the results produced by those in power who are following the Koran and we can't upon careful reflection realize how easily the koran can be misused and rendered useless we are in trouble.

As with Democracy, if you can't see that it is no protectionn against unlawful behavior, despotism, dictatorship and tyranny, you aren't looking at the USA very closely.  In Iraq almost half of all children today are without parents thanks to democracy, the number of orphans is a reflection of an unjust and unlawful war.  Bin Ladin must get a real Kick out of that, I'm sure he thinks it's just the funniest thing they killed Saddam for 9/11, since Saddam was against Al-Qaeda and other Religious Activists.

With that, I believe the koran would make great toilet tissue for cleaning shit.  All educated, impartial, honest people can agree with this sentiment.  So why not share it.. by definition I am not harming anyone and speaking this way does not harm and do the evil Islam does today.


Thats it

by rtayebi1 on

why do we have to say Jews this Jews that, Islam this Islam that, Roman Catholic this Roman Catholic that? We don't have to be against anything.  Do U know what I Mean? Life is so fucking short, ( for some of us way to, way to long) to disrespect others belief.  LONG LIVE VINE AND MRS. HAIDAEH (RIP)



by tabriz_balasi on

thanks for not insulting Islam for the first time, kinda... but you still had to use the word "namaz" in the wrong context.  i agree with almost everything you say except your insults to Islam and Muhammad; you don't have to do that; we get it; thank you in advance. hopefuly in the next secular government muslims get out of your way and won't bother you that much;


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


your days are numbered

by mahmoudg on

 خاک بر سره خودت و رهبره حوله بسرت بکنند ما را از یک دیکتاتوره فهمیده و دور اندیش به یک مشت گاو و گوساله نماز خونه بی خاصیت و بی  هنر تحویل دادید

Hoshang Targol

منشور محمود

Hoshang Targol

  • منشور محمود

  • منم محمود!

  • رئيس جمهور رئيس جمهور ها

  • رئيس جمهور بزرگ

  • رئيس جمهور دادگر

  • رئيس جمهور ايران!

  • رئيس جمهور غزه!

  • رئيس جمهور لبنان!

  • رئيس جمهور سوريه!

  • رئيس جمهور عراق!

  • افغانستان! فلسطين! کومور! برنه! توگو!
    نيکاراگوئا! ونزوئلا! نيجريه! آنگولا! برونئي! اوگاندا! بوليوي! گابون!
    مالي! هائيتي! اتيوپي! مالديو! گينه! پرو! شيلي! و همه جاها

  • رئيس جمهور چهار گوشه جهان

  • در بارگاه نمايندگان ايران بر تخت شهرياري نشسته ام

  • خداي بزرگ دل هاي پاک مردم متعهد ايران را متوجه من کرد زيرا من اورا ارجمند و گرامي داشتم

  • ارتش بزرگ من به آرامي وارد تهران شد

  • نگذاشتم رنج و آزاري به مردم اين شهر و سرزمين وارد آيد

  • ريشه بيکاري را کندم و به بدبختي هاي آنان پايان بخشيدم

  • من فرمان دادم که هيچکس اهالي شهر را از هستي ساقط نکند، مگر آنکه فتنه گر باشد!

  • وقتي که بنده با راي قاطع و ميليوني مردم
    خود بر تخت رياست جمهوري نشستم، دستور دادم تا يارانه ها را به مردم پرداخت
    کنند، و نظام ظالمانه سوبسيد را سرنگون کردم!

  • سايه ي ديو ارزاني را از سر مردم برداشتم!

  • فرمان دادم تمام نشرياتي را که بسته اند رفع توقيف کنند تا هرچه که مي خواهند بنويسند،

  • سپس چون ديدم قدر آزادي را نمي فهمند دستور دادم که آن ها را ببندند و صاحبانشان را دست گيري کردم!

  • براي تمام سرزمين ها نامه فرستادم

  • چند بار در تالار ملل سخنراني کردم و با حرفهايم دنيا را ترکوندم!

  • دل چند هسته را شکافتم اما آفتابي در آن ميان نديدم،

  • پس دستور دادم که همچنان هسته ها را تا نتيجه مطلوب بشکافند!

  • همراهم اسفنديار!! به من گفت سرزمين هاي منزوي باز هم قطع نامه صادر کرده اند

  • و من نيز قطع نامه دان هاي آنان را به پارگي بشارت دادم!

  • بر مردم سهام عدالت ارزاني داشتم

  • صندوق ذخيره ارزي را خالي کردم و کشور را از اين معضل ديرين رهانيدم!

  • ممه ها را از لولو باز ستاندم و در جايگاهشان باز گرداندم تا هرروز برايم زندگاني بلند را آرزو کنند

  • اسنادش هم موجود است!!

  • مردم فقير چين را از بدبختي رهانيدم

  • و برادران روسي خود را اطعام کردم

  • من به همه سنت ها و رسوم کشور هاي زير فرمانم احترام مي گزارم به شرطي که نخواهند آن را علني کنند

  • به آزادي بيان احترام گزاردم و محلي را به نام کهريزک براي اين کار اختصاص دادم که تا مي توانند فرياد بزنند!

  • من جلوي گشت ارشاد را گرفتم و نگذاشتم کسي را به خاطر موها و لباسش بازداشت کنند

  • آخر مگر مشکل کشور اينه؟

  • اينه؟!!

  • شهر به شهر سفر کردم و داد مردم را ستاندم

  • دستور دادم به طور مساوي سانديس و کيک به مشتاقان بدهند!

  • آزادي انديشه را ارج نهادم، گذاشتم هرکس هر فکري دارد بکند و من هم کار خودم را کردم و حرف خودم را زدم!

  • کارهاي بزرگ کردم و رايحه ي خوش آن را به سرتاسر سرزمين ها پراکندم!!

  • و خيلي کار هاي ديگر که نمي خواهم بگم!

  • بگم؟


Liar, Liar Pants on Fire, he is so funny....

by Khar on




by Demo on

Prudent observations!! "Hadith" is nothing more than a "hearsay" & as you know there are thousands & thousands of them around of which many many have been made up to serve a specific purpose!! We therefore all have to stick with Quran & be very careful with "hadith". Here is a supplement from Quran to your comment:

Such are the signs of Allah, which we rehearse to you in truth; then in what exposition ("Hadith") will they believe after (rejecting) Allah and his signs? Woe unto each sinful liar (Verse 6 & 7, Section 45 of Quran)

PS: Did you hear @ the end when AN was calling young Iranians as "Hosein" & "Alavis" decendents????


I am moving

by rtayebi1 on

back to Iran. Things R really moving forward. With a great, good looking, plain speaking intelligent guy like him,  hell the whole world should move to Iran. Hey Sargooz, don't look for a great barbari  in LA, U can live in Iran in about 4 to 5 years. Ridam to kalay amashoon  babakhsid



by tabriz_balasi on

these are some horrific versus;  it makes one look inward to see what one is made of; there is a part of this interview that Ahamdinejad swears to God that Iran will be amongst the top nations in technology and industry in 5, 6 years time !!!!! even people that insult Quran, there is a small part of them that thinks: if Quran is in fact the truth we are screwed... but this Ahamdinejad guy has no doubt that he doesn't believe anything about Islam or else he wouldn't lie like a dog.  how much lie is enough really? i mean, is there no limit to his lies?????  and I don't know if you know this or not, but the part that he talks about Iranian people going to Sorayya ( planet or star, don't know), this is from a hadith by Muhammad that says: even if Faith-in-God was in Sorayya, some people amongst persians, will go and find it. Basically Muhammad was saying that Iranians are truth seeking people; and look who's mouth this is coming out of, a famous lier, ironic.

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.



by Demo on

Perhaps the following could explain AN's tongue strange moves:

And tell them what happens to him to whom We vouchsafe Our messages and discards them: Satan catches up with him, and he strays, like so many others, into grievous error. Now had We so willed, We could indeed exalted him by means of those messages: but he always clung to the earth and followed but his own desires. Thus, his parable is that of an excited dog: if you approach him threateningly; and if you leave him alone, he will pant his tongue lolling. Such is the parable of those who are bent on giving lie to Our messages. Tell them, then, this story, so that they might take thought (Verses 175 & 176, Section 7 of Quran)


I was CENSORED earlier for

by Arthimis on

I was CENSORED earlier for responding a joke to Sargord!! OK, how about this for him and all the Ahmadi/ Hezbollahi lovers!! :


Please don't censor! Let us have some fun on cold Monday! :D))


AN: A Narcissist

by Demo on

You do not have be Psychiatrist to easily find out that AN is suffering from severe NPD. In general to be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, five or more of the following characteristics must be present:

1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance, with little actual achievements.

2. Fantasizes about unlimited power, success, intelligence, and beauty.

Believes that s/he is "special" and attempts to associate only with
those who the sufferer perceives are "like" them or will "appreciate"
their talent.

4. Needs excessive admiration.

5. Expects especially favorable treatment by others or automatic agreement by others.

6. Exploits other people for their own advancement.

7. Cannot empathize with others.

8. Is envious of others but also believes others are envious of them.

9. Exhibits arrogant behaviors.

How many of the above do find in AN?? How about in his master??


اگر بشه چی‌ میمشه


یارو  با یه  کاسه‌ ماست دم  دریا  داشت  ماست ر و  میزد توی آب - یکی بهش گفت چیکار می‌کنی‌ - گفت " دارم دوغ درست می‌کنم" - گفت اینکه نمیشه - یارو گفت "اگر بشه چی‌ میمشه"... 


have you noticed something?

by tabriz_balasi on

he licks his lips too much, it's kina digusting, does this have any psychological significance or he's just a disgusting lier. they raped young people in prison, don't ever forget that.


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.



by Doctor mohandes on

Mr. aghaye President daran Sohbat mikonan.

Befarmayd jenab...



by Tavana on

Does it really make any difference what this clown is saying when neither “accountability” nor “credibility” exists with the regime??? Whatever happened to his promises of 6 years ago??? Probably they all went up in the sky with the missiles he fired every once in while!!!


In ham yek joke vaaseh to ,

by Arthimis on

In ham yek joke vaaseh to , Seyed! :-)


متن کتاب اول دبستان ۸۹

الفبا از پ، و ،ل شروع میشه. بابا دیگه آب نمیده چون اداره آب و فاضلاب
آب رو قطع کرده. دهقان فداکار پیر شده و دنبال چندر غاز مستمری از این
اداره میره تو اون اداره. مرغا هورمون خوردن و خروس شدن ، خورسا مامانی شدن
برای مرغا عشوه میان و ناز میکنن، سن ازدواج مرغا بالا رفته دیگه تخم
نمیذارن . چوپان دروغگو عزیز شده و کلی طرفدار داره. شنگول و منگول بزرگ
شدن و گرگ شدن، مامانشونم دو سه روزی رفته تایلند گیساشو ببافه. دارا و
سارا رفتن فرانسه کبابی باز کردن. کوکب خانم رفته یه مایکروفر سامسونگ
خریده و دیگه حوصله مهمونداری رو نداره و جواب تلفن رو هم نمیده.کبری
موهاشو مش کرده و تصمیم گرفته دماغشو عمل کنه. روباه و کلاغ دستشون تو یه
کاسست. حسنک گوسفنداشو فروخته و پیکان خریده مسافر کشی میکنه. آرش کمانگیر
معتاد شده و دیگه سنگ هم نمیتونه پرت کنه. شیرین ، خسرو و فرهاد رو پیچونده
وبا دوست پسرش رفته اسکی. رستم و اسفندیار اسباشونو فروختن و موتور خریدن
میرن کیف قاپی. پتروس از بس با دوست دخترش چت کرده انگشت درد گرفته و دیگه
نمیتونه انگشتشو بکنه تو سوراخ سد. خانواده آقای هاشمی دیگه بنزین ندارن
برن مسافرت در ضمن دل خوشی هم از راه و سفر ندارن چون آخرین باری که تو راه
گوشت کبابی خریدن چوپان دروغگو گوشت خر بهشون داده



talk is cheap

by tabriz_balasi on

talk is very cheap;  why don't you talk about your results.  if this was a job you would've been along time ago.  what have you accomplished so far???


وای که از خنده


وای که از خنده مردم، این سید حرف نداره، صبح و شب چی‌ میزنه به ما هم بدین سر صبحی‌ تو رو به ابوالفضل...

چربش کنیم؟ چشم سید، چنان چربش کنیم که حال کنی‌...:-))

این همه اعتماد به نفس بند تمبونی؟؟ این بدبخت خیلی‌ خیلی‌ مریضه!!!! بیچاره مردم و کشور ایران دست چه مالیخولیا یی افتاده ۳۱ سال؟؟؟‌ای خدا، آزاد کن ایران و ایرانی‌ را ....


Charbesh konim?


Is that what he said?  LOL....good God!


He Has No Shame

by masoudA on

Zero - none.    Usualy people feel shame becasue of their concience, family, relatives, friends.......This guy has none of it - hence makes a great president for the IR.


Ahmadi is like salt on the wound! No peroblem! Don't worry!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred