Nozar Azadi

Popular actor re-emerges as artist

Are you one of the millions of Iranians who wondered, at least once, where Nozar Azadi went? Nozar Azadi, also known as Agha-ye Ghatebeh, is without a doubt one of Iran's most beloved actors of all times. He is the man who performed some of the most memorable theatrical pieces in the Iranian television history. His famous one-liners have been living a life of their own in the Iranian contemporary lingo for at least three decades now. Who could forget this man? Some of us have looked high and low for him, looking for news about his whereabouts, his health, and his activities. Well, wonder no more! Nozar Azadi has spent the past 20 years painting! The lucky Iranians of Southern California are going to be treated to an exhibition of Mr. Azadi's works, Rainbows, at the Seyhoun Gallery in Los Angeles between August 28th and September 9th, 2010 >>>


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Thank you for posting this

by Arthimis on

Thank you for posting this here and informing us...

Mr. Nozar Azadi (Ghatebeh) is a True Iranian Legend... and he is doing a fantastic job as a painter here too ... his paintings are amazingly meaningful...Zendeh Baad ...



by oktaby on

3:31 to 3:42 is how he has aged.

Not too many people made us laugh // and held a mirror to our flaws like he did. I hope his exhibit comes to my neighborhood. 




by divaneh on

Ghaatebeh is an excellent painter. 

Jahanshah Javid

Creative and meaningful

by Jahanshah Javid on

Honestly I wasn't expecting great work. But I watched and really liked Azari's rainbows. Creative and meaningful.