Necar Zadegan

Longest kissing scene in movie history in "Elena Undone"

AfterEllen: Filmmaker Nicole Conn (Claire of the Moon, Little Man) is doing her part to put lesbians in the record books, one extra-long kiss at a time. Her new project, Elena Undone, Conn wanted to capture the power and magic behind a monumental first kiss, and ended up shooting a 3:24 long kissing scene [between Necar Zadegan and Traci Dinwiddie] that breaks the record for longest kiss in cinema history, originally set back in 1941 by — naturally — a heterosexual couple >>>


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by yrag on

Hey, I have to say, I'm a guy of european extraction and I'm smitten with Necar Zadegan! I first saw her in the TV series '24', and I thought, who is this striking and poised woman? She was great in that.

As I write this she featured in the TV series 'The Event', and I'm a happy fan.

Here's hoping she has a long and successful career!


خدا بیامرزد خجالت را


نگار خانم بسه آبجی‌ گندشو در آوردی اینقد مک زدی. طرف روده هاش رسید به دهنش.


this is a new form of checking 4 tooth cavities w/o x-rays

by MM on



Hot babe

by Doctor X on

Any relation to the Lady in the AN fan video?:)


If I was the director

by divaneh on

I would go for another four minutes.

Now, come on Hamsade, "I closed my eyes and listened to the music". You think I believe that?


Her Pahlavi logo is on the way!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Hey! Hey There Gentlemen

by Doctor X on

Snap outta it.

we have got an upcoming war on our hands... Focus. Focus.

Siamack Baniameri


by Siamack Baniameri on

As a lesbian trapped in a man's body and avid lesbian home movie viewer, I can assure you that what you're witnessing here is purely fictional. Lesbians do not engage in passionate kissing.  Mrs. Conn's depiction of lesbian sensuality is guided at the wrong area.

Just like men, carpet munchers go immediately for jugular. It’s a universal trade. I would like this trend to stop immediately. I, like many of my fellow lesbian watchers, do not have time to wait around for hours for this kissing BS stuff. Get to the point for god's sake.

Immortal Guard

The Iranian men are falling behind!

by Immortal Guard on

Where is the male Iranian actor doing a kiss scene as part of a gay couple? It seems Iranian women are ahead of Iranian men!

By the way where does avant-garde finish and sleaze commence? Is there a line separating the two?

And which one is Necar?



by Raoul1955 on

DAMNABLE scene.  That is a compliment.  :-)
Very sexual and sensual.  Damn again.  :-)
Now, where is the link to the clip showing them naked?
The one and only 'RAOUL'


داره دندوناشو چک میکنه



نکار جون سرت که خلوت شد، بیزحمت این دندون عقل منو هم یک نگاهی بکن! بیمه خوب هم دارم! 

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

what a beautiful music. who sings it? i just closed my eyes and listened to it for the entire 4 minutes. 


Phyisiologically refreshing

by Doctor X on

Dammit JJ. Look what you have done now:))...