Menashe Amir

Voice of Israel's Persian radio service retires

Wikipedia: Menashe Amir (Hebrew: מנשה אמיר‎, b. 1940) is a long time Persian language broadcaster on the Israel Radio International, a channel of Kol Yisrael (lit. "Voice of Israel"). He is a former head of the Israel Broadcasting Authority's Persian language division. He is also a leading Iranian expert in Israel and a chief editor of the Foreign Ministry's Persian web-site >>>


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christ mark


by christ mark on

IOn Iran new ladies about this site,News is Lady Raam who is beloved by many, is not that far away from Mr.
Amir’s abilities and is in fact his perfect match in love for Iran and
Iranians.Its very best post for all.

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He is good

by MRX1 on

Mr. Amir is an inteligent, articulate and professional person. I have listened to him many times in the past and he has provided the news with no bias.



by Bavafa on

I hope so, since I don't listen to it I don't know. But it would be a shame if it is used as a propaganda tool like PressTV or VOA. At least they have the freedom to speak what they want and it would be a shame if they don't.

It would be good to know who funds it? That would probably reveal much.


Sheila K

benross: very true!

by Sheila K on

My father used to say the same. He said that Israel news was the most accurate one.


Before internet time -and

by benross on

Before internet time -and ofcourse for another generation back in Iran- many relied on accurate news that radio Israel was providing, more trusted than VOA or BBC.


In Jerusalem?

by comrade on

It seems ironic to broadcast disputable thoughts from a disputed land.  

“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”


Sheila K

Bavafa: they are free to speak

by Sheila K on

One of Israel's most prominent writers, Amos Oz, speaks and writes freely about the 2 state solutions. I don't believe everyone in Israel is a right wing, neocon, like Bibi. At the same time, I don't believe Palestinians are pro 2 state solution either. Most of them don't even recognize the state of Israel. Btw, they are NOT so pro Persians either. Many Palestinians and Lebanese and other Arabs believe they are superior to Persians/Iranians. It's best for Iranians NOT to take sides.

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

viva all iranian minorities ( jews, bahais, zorastrians, christians etc)

Death to IRI and it's supporters!


Love Iranian Jews

by pas-e-pardeh on

Imagine having lived with this savage Islam as a minority, having suffered from vast discrimination, for centuries, and still loving Iran as much as they do.

They are a big asset to our country and I'm proud to be their hamvatan. 

13th Legion

No...Thank you...

by 13th Legion on

With today’s  vast variety of news resources I personally don’t  see a need to get my news from such one sided programs such as voice of Israel, if the intention was to broadcast news and programming for “all” of the Iranian people it would not be called “ voice of Israel”!!  50% of the language in the video is in Hebrew, witch to the average Iranian sounds to alien and pure jebrish, it’s like if you want to get U.S news you would tune into radio Mexico!  This may be a good source of news for those who have an allegiance to Israel and prefer to hear want they want to hear.


We all know their views on

by Bavafa on

We all know their views on IRI which is in line with vast majority of Iranians, but I wonder what are the views of this gentleman and lady on iZraeli crimes and genocide of Palestinians. Furthermore, are they allowed and free to speak the truth about those crimes or Radio-iZrael is just as a propaganda machine as PressTV.



day by day you show your true colors fred


In your neocon ways anyone who is against hawkish warmongering policies is an anti-semite. Keep defending your radio israel masters for they are nothing short of mouth piece and appologists for the current leadership in israel.


You are as misinformed about Iran and Iranians as this character. The guy still lives in the pre-revolutionary era of Iran. everyone should check out that article. it makes for a good laugh.

"This is why I say that the Iranian people would view a U.S. — or other — attack on the nuclear facilities as a green light to revolt against the regime."...

But if action is taken by the U.S., and it is “clean” — i.e., with not too much collateral damage, both in terms of lives and in terms of Iran’s overall infrastructure — it would encourage the people to revolt and topple the regime.

God that was rich.


change my mind

by rtayebi1 on

changed my mind


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer, are you trying to be cute in your Islamist way?

These are publicly available information. But of course an ardent supporter of the Anti-Iranian, Anti-Semite Islamist Rapists does not have time for available info and truth; you would rather make it up as need be, go good luck with that.




Are you finally opening up? Do you work at Radio Israel? you seem to know a lot about them.


Thank you

by Fred on

Mr. Amir will always be remembered as a true Iranian whose love of Iran and Iranians is unsurpassed.

His command of Persian language is so refined one is at a loss to find anyone in the media to compare him with.

The good news is he is not going anywhere giving Iran and Iranians the hope that he will give up retirement soon and get back to what he loves and is best at.

The other good News is Lady Raam who is beloved by many, is not that far away from Mr. Amir’s abilities and is in fact his perfect match in love for Iran and Iranians.

Thank you Mr. Amir, hope you enjoy the vacation/retirement thing and come back on air soon.

And thank you to Lady Raam for your dedication and knowledge and thank you all the dedicated hardworking support staff, not that many, at Radio Israel.

Finally, thank you Israel for being Iran’s true and only friend in the entire region.


I love his voice.

by پیام on

Used to listen to his program back in the day long before internet.