Hooman's Son

"Daady, I like boobies..." (we all do, son)


Ari Siletz

Babak K. passe thinking

by Ari Siletz on

'...silence or indifference of the female memebrs of this board'

These days I meet many women (in the West) who feel free to recognize the fun aspect of sexuality in their own lives. Yes, this humor used to be harmful, but only because women didn't yet feel free to occasionally think of men in the same context of entertainment and humor without being socially stygmatized. Nowadays  both genders can be equally entertained by sexually toned humor--directed at female or male.


You may take offense at this variety of humor for reasons having to do with your private or religous sense of morality, but you can no longer credibly frame your judgment in modern feminist terms. In fact your invitation to women to take offense at this video works towards re-establishing some of the harmful stygmas that progressive women have worked to eliminate.     

Babak K.

Cheshmha More disturbing

by Babak K. on


More disturbing is the comments by some viewer and the fact that none of them finds this video disturbing. Also, where are the others who are  disgusted by this video.  Even mor upsetting is the silence or indifference of the female memebrs of this board.  Unfortunately, our country is full of Hoomans. He learned this kind of mentality from his parents and let's hope that his off-springs will be different. Is Hooman better than a bassijee or a mulla or Ahmadinajad or Khamenei?

Babak K.



by cheshmha on

This is a new low in my opinion. I find this post neither funny nor cute. Space is limited on the first page of Iranian.com and it can be used for more important posts or at least something that could bring a smile to the face of the reader - if not a good laugh. Exposing an innocent little boy like this is not funny. Babak's comment is excellent and right to the point.

Babak K.

Hooman Agha Consider this

by Babak K. on

Hooman Agha

Consider this senario:  You have a daughter very cute and pretty, and the same age as your son, and she says that she likes dodools, or bananas or anything like that, then would you have shown a recorded video of your daughter to the world, she saying that  "Daddy, I like dodools"?

Babak K.

Ari Siletz

beautiful father-son relationship

by Ari Siletz on

Later on I'm sure father will explain that the little mermaid has boobies but the prince really doesn't . Suggest this image for the lesson.



by Doctor X on

I think daddy here should not be telling the young man what words or terms to choose to refer to them lovlies... girls...

Boobies are boobies. What should he call them then? Titis? breasts? this boy will be a Romantic aaanimmaaal whenhe grows up:))

woof! woof!


Your son is adorable

by AMIR1973 on

Hooman, your son is adorable. I think he has a very bright future ahead of him, both professionally and romantically. Regards.