Fateh 110 Missile Test

Iran test fires surface-to-surface missile

AFP -- Iran has test fired its home-built surface-to-surface Fateh 110 missile, state television reported on Wednesday, less than a week after a similar test was carried out on another missile... Iran's English-language Press TV said the Fateh 110 (Conqueror) missile is nine metres (29 feet) long and weighs 3,500 kilograms (7,700 pounds). The channel's website quoted Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi as saying that the third generation Fateh 110 was a "single stage solid propellant" missile with a longer range. He did not specify the range of the missile but Iran has previously paraded a version of Fateh 110 which it said could travel between 150 and 200 kilometres (90 to 125 miles) >>>




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ای بابا


داریم به صدر اسلام نزدیک میشیم

Sargord Pirouz

Iraneh, it's a defense

by Sargord Pirouz on

Iraneh, it's a defense policy based on deterrence, which warrants these regular, periodic announcements.

And it seems to work, even during the height of Bush/Cheney beligerency.

Keep in ind, also, that these projects all provide a cumulative factor to the advancement of Iran's industrial base. For example, the latest HSPB production launch provided details of their metal/fiberglass construction facilities, which have noticeably improved since even just five years ago.

Anyway, there are claims of industrial stagnation in certain sectors of the economy, but it is nowhere near universal, as these many technological advancements clearly illustrate.

BTW: Simorgh SLV/Rasad 1 satellite launch has now been scheduled for 2011. 

Iraneh Azad

These IRI jerks are asking for it

by Iraneh Azad on

All this stupid propaganda about homemade weaponry which is no match for US technology possessed by IRI's neighbors will lead to nowhere and scare no one if they want to attack the IRI. Saddam did the same thing and he got his ass kicked because of it as it was used as an excuse to attack Iraq.

All these fake IRI advancements will be used against it as an excuse for an attack if that day comes khoda nakoneh. This is the wrong way/tactic to stand up to the West if that is their intention.

I am convinced more than ever that the IRI wants an armed confrontation with the West because it has calculated that it is the only way it can stay in power.

Sargord Pirouz

Quite a week, what with

by Sargord Pirouz on

Quite a week, what with Busher, the Qiam-1 SSM, the new UCAV, the new HSPBs and now this.

The Fateh-110 solid propellant SSM was already the most accurate in Iran's deterrent arsenal. That it has been further improved is noteworthy.

On a Lebanese forum hosted by a grad student, there was a recent debate on the controversy surrounding allegations that Iran/Syria had supplied Hezbollah/Lebanon with Scud missiles. A credible argument was made that, if the missile transfer story had really been true, it would have made a lot more sense to import the superior Fateh type SSM. Hence, we were skeptical the story was true.

Bafava: that's your home-built plane in the Avatar? That's neat! For many years, I built a variety of project motorcycles and electric vehicles, professionally. Flying a home-built airplane cross-country- that's something! You should write a blog post on the subject. Is it a kit plane?


While I agree with AO that

by Bavafa on

While I agree with AO that they need to put some if not most of their energy in civilian infrastructure and technology to improve the life of ordinary people, any leap forward in any technology be it military application should also be met with cheers and support. Most of those engineers are Iranians and not IRI.

I hear so many comments that mocks their half success and constantly comparing it with US or Russia technology. Well, those nations did not make their technology in one day either, nor they were always successful at first try.

I built a plane in my garage and my dad was very unhappy about the undertaking of such project, I guess he never believed that one can build a plane in a garage. Well, it has been flying for over a year now and we have flown it cross country, west coast to East coast. Even my dad took a ride in it. So, we ought to have trust & faith in ourselves.



Firing Oil $$$$ Money To Sky

by Demo on

If Iran has become so advanced in building missiles then why paying one billion dollars in cash to Russia in 2007 for (the yet to deliver) S-300 missiles?? Why is it the same people who were blameing Shah for his conservative military spending are wasting all the country wealth in military?? Why is it that the regime is always showing us a warehouse & the firing of the missiles but never a video of those missiles in making (Are they all imported from Russia & North Korea??)? Too many why's will make us as "Whiners (Moharebs)."     

Mardom Mazloom

فاتح یا فاتحه؟

Mardom Mazloom

اگر آ سید علی با اون دست چلاقش این موشکها رو هم غسل داده باشه که این پاسدارها باید قبل از هر پرتابی برن فاتحشونو بخونن، چون بعلت عنایت الهی که بعد از این مالش کسب شده، امکان اینکه این موشکا یکسر برگردن تو سر خودشون خیلی زیاده !

Hoshang Targol

انبساط خاطر که چه عرض کنم !

Hoshang Targol

As long as our focus is on all this "armament" none-sense,  IR will keep on with  their executions (in hiding, inside the prisons), arrests, passing of draconian laws,....

And isn't this EXACTLY what they want. What better distraction from internal crisis to hyping the "war threat."

As long as we are distracted form the real struggles ( labor, women, students) taking place inside the country, and we stay " off tracks," we're the ones giving them something to celebrate, for them to be "monbaset," if you will

Anonymous Observer

"Despite the Sanctions" too

by Anonymous Observer on

so why not build spare parts for your civilian aircraft when you have this kind of technology? 



حالا کجاشو دیدی


هفته دیگه قراره فیل هوا کنن!

من که از برادران بسیجی و پاسدار بسیار تشکر میکنم که هر روز یک سوژه جدید ارائه میدن و مایه انبساط خاطر ما میشن!    


More propaganda chattering

by vildemose on

More propaganda chattering of a nervous IRGC...lol



by spatima on

Does this guy even know where that term is originated from

are they this bad at remembering our own freaking history

in any proper country this fool would have lost his job

az mast ke bar mast



In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran



by Majid on


یکبار یکنفر چماقی رو دور سرش میچرخوند و داد و هوار میکرد و هر از گاهی بادی هم ازش خارج میشد! گفتند:

- چه خبره؟

- دارم میرم شکار گرگ!

-چرا داد میزنی؟

- برای اینکه گرگ رو بترسونم!

- پس گو*یدنت مال چیه؟

- آخه خودم بیشتر میترسم!





by Reality-Bites on

Waste of money

by MRX1 on

what is obsession with some people in here constantly posting clips about some rockets and armament?


Good question. I guess recycling/copying second rate Chinese or North Korean military designs is somehow supposed to be a demonstration of technological progress and advancement. IRI can never be accused of coming up short when it comes to "gondeh goozi", can it?

In the mean time, despite being one of the world's wealthiest countries in terms of natural resources, Iran has a lower per capita GDP than economic power houses like Surinam, Azabaijan, Namibia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Belarus, Khazakstan, Gabon etc, etc.

But that's ok, because IRI has another toy missile to show off to the world and show everyone how tough it is.........(I wonder if we'll get any more photoshopped launch pictures to prove the point)!


There must a Costco in Iran selling whole sale missile

by عموجان on

they are coming out with missile very night. 


Future Shahids

by masoudA on

No sane Iranian would be proud of this news - even if we had truely developed the technology.   All this is for the consumption of teenage boyz inside Iran being brainwashed for future shahadat in yet another war which will drain Iran's resources for another 2-3 decades...


More propaganda chatterings

by vildemose on

More propaganda chatterings of nervous Islamic thugs...

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

How ironic...I guess history repeats itself.  Another foreign ideology imposed n the Iranian people.  The first time around it was with swords.  This time it's with missiles.  


smoke and mirror

by mahmoudg on

Islamic Rapist Republic knows the drums of war are real and it will be destroyed so naturally has to come up with propaganda like these all the time to think that it will instill fear by junk like this.  But the West is smarter than to fall for bogus clips like this



by Benyamin on

More than half of Iranian population live in "total" poverty and yet Khameneie has no problem spending Iranians money and wealthy for "fire works of some sort".

Irrispossiblity has no horizon in IRI.


Waste of money

by MRX1 on

what is obsession with some people in here constantly posting clips about some rockets and armament? who are we intending to have a war with next? Sadam is gone, rest of neighbors have no beef with us, we are no match against russia & U.S, Isreal (aka zionists as you like to call them) don't share a border with Iran and if mullah's stop threatening them right and left they have no reason to be at odd with us.

At least if you tell me these kind of things are for export and gaining foreign currency, they will be some justification for it, otherwise it's simply waste of money.


جنگ نهاوند


پرسش این است که آیا آقا رهبر تجاوزگران جنسی اسلامیست ها  این فشفشۀ "فتح الفتوح "  را هم مانند بمب پرندۀ  "سفیر مرگ" با "دستشان لمس " کرده اند؟

و آیا " فتح الفتوح " این فشفشه به میمنت شکست ایرانیان در جنگ نهاوند است؟