Enrichment Upgrade; Bushehr Lanuch Soon

IAEA says Iran violating resolution; nuclear power plant launch set for next month

(BBC) -- The International Atomic Energy Agency has said Iran has activated more equipment to enrich uranium more efficiently, violating UN resolutions. The UN watchdog said a second set, or "cascade", of centrifuges was operating at the Natanz pilot fuel enrichment plant when inspectors visited in July. The move to enrich uranium to 20% purity means Iran could quickly advance to making weapons-grade material >>> / (RT) -- The Russian-built Bushehr power plant in Iran is almost ready to go live. Officials have announced it will receive its first shipment of nuclear material within weeks >>>

Foreign Ministry spokesman says Bushehr nuclear plant will start operation in September, "enshallah":



What's funny is that the IRI claims to hate the U.S. so much

by Onlyiran on

but designs its press conference rooms and sets exactly as a carbon copy of the U.S. State Department...down to the blue curtains, the seating arrangements, the podium and even the foreign ministry emblem behind the speaker... :-))

Oghdeh eenha ro koshteh.   



by Agha_Irani on

Third time: 

 1. Provide evidence that Iran was sold over priced weapons

2. Provide evidence that there are 25000 nuclear warheads on the whole planet let alone the US

Question 3. post your "IC sources" 

Yet again I will state it Ahmaghi quoted khomeini saying that Israel should be "بايد از صفحه روزگار محو شود" - translate it how you like but it is obvious what it means.

But go ahead just carry on with your islamist propaganda.  



by Javadagha on


You cannot read.  I said sources posted on IC.  Articles were posted to translate AN's speech word by word.  Yes, I have problem with sources such as Wiki (that anybody can change) and AP.

No, I do not listen to PressTV because I have better sources to get my information.  Read what Midwesty and others have written.  They make more sense than you.




by Agha_Irani on

One last point:

I don't seek the destruction of Iran - the people who have destroyed Iran are the islamist regime which have taken the country backwards for the sake of their islamist ideologies at the expense of the Iranian nation.

They and only they are responsible for the calamity that has befallen on Iran over the past 31 years. 



by Agha_Irani on

Yet again you failed to answer the questions.

1. Provide evidence that Iran was sold over priced weapons

2. Provide evidence that there are 25000 nuclear warheads on the whole planet let alone the US

I didn't ask questions about alleged art thefts, but since you fail to provide evidence I wouldn't believe your comments on this subject either.  Typical of your islamist propagandist style you mention this without providing any evidence yet you fail to answer the questions you were asked.

I googled Ahmaghi's speech and thats what came up - you have a problem with AP and Wikipedia? I'm sure there are thousands more sources that will verify the FACTS - but I assume you would like to ignore these and rely instead on Kayhan and Press TV - no wonder the Iranian people sing dorough-goo at Ahmaghi and his backward Sepah cronies.   

 BTW your colleague Sargord P is on IC today saying IC is a zionist website - yet you cite it as a source for your claims????


Aghab oftadeh!

by Milan on

برو تو قیافه. این بابا تو خونه ش آینه نداره؟


What's the rush?

by MRX1 on

The longer it takes for this junky soviet era reactor to start operating, the safer every one will be, that includes the people who live accross gulf with no name. Furthermore the longer it takes, the more money Russians can make out of this deal and since russians are anti imperalist or some thing that's a good news apparently.


Very frustrating to communicate with the like of you and Fred.

by Javadagha on


Very frustrating to communicate with the like of you and Fred. Your sources are Wikipedia and AP?  I tried to listen carefully to AN speech, but intentionally AP reporter did not let me.  There is your answer.  This ploy has been used to milk the USA and blame Iran by neo-cons.   Are you going to join Fred and Co. in spewing lies and seeking destruction of Iran? 

The evidences that you are looking for are posted on IC and other places many times.  If you are in the USA, take a trip to NY Metropolitan or LA Museum to find out how Iranian stolen artifacts ended up there.  Also, you will see the poor Iraqi’s stolen artifacts.

Way to go America! 




by Agha_Irani on

Re your questions:

1. wiped off the map - 



2. leave npt? I didn't say that - look at your original post - you asked the questions - I answered them. As I am again now.

I mentioned the shah only with regards to the nuclear program.

Perhaps now that you are claiming that Iran was sold overpriced weapons you would like to back it up with some evidence.

Also please provide evidence that there are 25000 nuclear warheads in the whole world let alone the USA - again I suspect more propaganda.

Your final comment re 'our misery' - as far as I can see the misery has been inflicted on Iran by the islamist regime for advancing its backward islamist ideology at the expense of the Iranian people.



Agha_Irani, you sound like an Agha_Israeli.

by Javadagha on

Agha_Irani, you sound like an Agha_Israeli.  Can you show me a document or speech that IRI said to wipe another country off a map?  We have discussed this issue to death, you are new here, so I forgive you.        Are you advocating that Iran should leave NPT?  Nice.      Shah let Americans shit all over Iran and charge us arm-and-leg for their military gear, not to mention taking our heritage out to be displayed in New York Metropolitan Museum.  Is that what you want?  Foreigners stealing our resources? 

As Iranians talk the way you and Fred are talking and/or writing, we will not get out of our misery.  Damn.



by Agha_Irani on

Israel is not a signatory to the NPT - that is why it is not inspected.  It also doesn't threaten to wipe other nations off the map.

The five recognized nuclear powers that you mention may well be inspected but they are not involved in proliferation activities. 

The islamist regime in Tehran has confronted the west for its entire existence as part of its redundant ideology.  Are you then surprised that the west is now confronting the islamist regime?  Note that when the Shah had a nuclear program it was left to its own devices without western confrontation - why? cos the Shah didn't go around confronting half the world and sponsoring various nefarious terrorist outfits.  

Sargord Pirouz

"enshallah" is right. I'll

by Sargord Pirouz on

"enshallah" is right. I'll believe it when I see it.


Lol, it is NOT nuclear issue, STUPIDS!!!

by Javadagha on

LOL, you guys prove my point that it is not about nuclear issue.  Good. Please let Fred, Amir, and few others to know about this fact.   

  I worked in China,  if you think Iran is dictatorial and treats its decedents like shit, then try China.  Living in Asia, I get to see horror pictures of what Israel is doing to its people (non-Jews) and its neighbors.  So don’t give us shit here that they don't need inspection.  

If a reporter had questioned the USA spokesperson like in this video, he will be tossed out.  Yes, the USA has free speech (hint Helen Smith) :

Iran has problems, but Iranians must solve them. 


The only way forward

by Bavafa on

The only way forward regarding Iran's nuclear technology is a just and fair solution that satisfies both side.

The West can not use unlawful, hostile and bias view towards Iran's nuclear technology and Iran can not keep pushing the limit and try to outfox them.

A nuclear free ME must be the overall goal and aim for all sides and all sides need to cooperate in that aim. In addition the security of each of the countries in ME must be safe guarded and guaranteed against any nuclear power, what has already been done in EU.



Savages Need to be inspected

by seannewyork on

you IRI supporters are so dumb.  It is your savage leaders that are the reason for the all the problems.  your savage leaders who kill their own people in the streets of our country.

now imagine what the would do with an A bomb with another country.

when Iran is free and a democracy these will be non issues.

tehran e Azad

No need to for IAEA to check

by tehran e Azad on

IAEA Does NOT have to visit  china, russia, france , germany, israel, india etc  because they are not ruled by wild animals like Khamenei, ahmadi, jannati, ahmad khatami, Larijani , sepah and basij that kill their own people let alone people from other countries.

Hoshang Targol

Why do we need to add "Chernobyl on the Persian Gulf"

by Hoshang Targol on


"Western " powers have been, are, and for the foreseeable future will remain to be a bunch of hypocrites. And obviuosly it's not just the "West,"  we could also add to the list, China, Japan, India and many other non-Western nations. So, none of us has any illusions about who we're dealing with in the international arenas, a bunch of hypocrites. 

At the same time nuclear power as such is by no means a national priority of any type for Iran. Unless you're an increasingly desperate, isolated and weakened ruling elite ( in the case of Islamic Republic of Hell, a religous caste)using it as a card to win concessions from great powers.

As a simple example in alternative energy production, Algeria has been/is exporting electricity ( produced by solar technology) to Europe and US. If Algeria could do this, can't Iran do it ten times better? I don't mean to be a nationalist, but Iran has a much more advanced economy, natural and human resources compared to Algeria.

Nuclear power as such is an outdated 20th century technology, with a lot more damage, and long term problems than initially meets the eye. With the incredibly vast and varied landscape of Iran, we could and should be able to produce as much energy as needed through solar, wind and other eviornmentally safe technologies.

The problem in Iran is not a lack of resources, or a lack of alternative technologies.

The problem is political: a most corrupt, brutal, theocratic regime on Earth. As long as we have Islamic Republic of Hell in Iran we are bound to have substantial internal and external problems.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran. 


P.S. If you trust those Russains (or for that matter anyone) with your nuclear power plants, you really got something coming to you. The current fires burning out of control in western Russia, are also burning in and around the area they had the Chernobyl incident. After 20 years now the uncontroled wild fires are putting back all that radioactive waste back into the air and all surrounding lands. They really know how to produce energy don't they?



Thank you

by Javadagha on

Thank you Arthimis;  you proved my point that ALL the barkings have nothing to do with nuclear issue.  Would you get this into head of Fred, Amir, and few others?

Bacheh Akhoonds or MKOs, Shaholahi's are not tafteh joda bafeteh.  So do not expect Uncle Sam, or USrael to solve our problems. 



All the mentioned countries

by Arthimis on

All the mentioned countries have nothing to worry about with Iran and Iranians, but much to worry with LOW LIVES such as this Bache Akhoond representing Iran unfortunately...

Free Iran from these bastards...


Has IAEA visited any of the ...

by Javadagha on

Has IAEA visited any of the following countries' sites:









Why all the barking at Iraq, N. Korea and Iran?

Is there any law that says UK, Russia, China, Israel, France, Pakistan, and India can have nuclear weapons, but Iran cannot?

Knowing that Israel + the US (= USrael ) have more than 25,000 nuclear war heads, what is there to worry about?