Ahmadinejad Challenges Obama to Debate

"So the world can judge"

(CNN) -- Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is willing to hold one-on-one talks with U.S. President Barack Obama in September, he said Monday. Ahmadinejad expects to visit New York then for the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting, he said at a speech in Tehran. "I will be ready for talks, for one-on-one talks, with Mr. Obama in front of the media, of course," he said, posing the offer as a repeat of one he has been making to the U.S. president for years. The White House did not immediately comment on the speech, which was carried live on Iran's government-backed Press TV >>>


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Darius Kadivar

FYI/BREAKING NEWS:Ahmadinejad targeted - assassination attempt ?

by Darius Kadivar on


غلط ها ی زیادی


This low-life needs to take care of his personal hygiene and taking a shower first before opening his mouth




by asadabad on

Once again the US/UK propaganda outlets misrepresent what Ahmadinejad said.  He never threatened to wipe Israel off the map and he never "attacked paul the octopus".  He just criticised the concept of gambling.

I saw the interview he had with nbc.  That ugly whore Ann Curry kept trying to put words into his mouth throughout the whole damn interview.  Here the UK press is doing the same thing...

Hoshang Targol

Well,if our little AN( abbreviation of Ahmaghi Nejad)is so brave

by Hoshang Targol on

why doesn't he go to Austria, where there's an arrest warrent for him, for his participation in the assasination of Iranian Kurdish leaders there.

صد رحمت  به سنگ پای قزوین


يكى رو تو ده راه نميدادن




يكى رو تو ده راه نميدادن

سراغ ِ كد خدا رو ميگرفت

Darius Kadivar

Mahmoud Should First Apologize to Paul the Octopus ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Before even considering the possibility of a debate in the same league as President Obama:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacks Octopus Paul (telegraph)

Dakhaleh Adam ...



Subject of talk need to be about Iran - And, no Leisure Suits

by MM on



I.S.K, Ahmaghi becoming Attractive???

by Arthimis on

His face and looks is turning more and more like an "Apolo koon Peyma" .... Baa in Raees Jomhoretoon ... Khandeh yaa Geryeh???


Yek Kalaam : Gomaashteh

by Arthimis on

Yek Kalaam : Gomaashteh


THE "EGO" MAN !!!!

by Demo on

"Ego-ma" vs "Oba-ma"!!! 



AN starting to look "Attractive?" Finally-

by i_support_khamenie on

I think it's the white hair


indicative of Megalomania and Hojjatiyeh Belief

by i_support_khamenie on

Why wouldn't Mr Ahmadinejad or as Americans call him Mr "I'm-a-dinner-jacket"not permit his cabinet members to meet US admin officials.  Why wouldn;t he start with low level cases as has happened previous cases between two foes.


Because this guy actually thinks that somehow he is connected to the ONE.  THE MAHDI.  That his presidency is part of the plan for bringing about Mahdi.

So if any debate took place (NOT) Obama will ask about Iran;s role in Afghanistan and AN will reply with "The Mahdi will bring peace and justice....."  so only Obama will lose out for giving this hallucinator the time of the day..

 The best interview to see how paranoid and messed up AN is is the interview he did with Ann Curry.  Please google it and watch.


Everytime Ahmadinejad opens his mouth...

by Raelynn on

he makes it harder on the Iranian people!

Ali P.

The Supreme...

by Ali P. on