1979 Executions

Bodies of executed generals, Naji, Khosrowdad, Nasiri, Rahimi...


کلاه مخملی

ضعف شاه .. ‍!

کلاه مخملی

نتیجه در رفتنش از ایران .. السلام والسلام .. !





by Goosfand on

Shah was a retard.  Period


The real Islam

by Ferfereh on

This is the real Islam - Khomeini like his prophet when he didn't have any power, talked about how peaceful and merciful Islam is, but when he got the power, he did what his prophet had done before him. All those who were patriots and would never ever accepted these Mullahs (Mullah same as rapist, murderer, thief, pedophile ....) had a name in a list that traitor Ebrahim Yazdi brought with himself. This regime, as they have said themselves, think about Iran and Iranian as a country they have conquered over and all Iranian are their slaves. Do whatever you can to fight these ....(you can fill the blank), it doesn't matter if you do a little thing as long as you do something.



by Rosie. on

i'm very sorry such a terrible thing happened to your uncle. So, he was a general. I understand you a little better now.



by Rosie. on



Brutal Indeed

by Iraniandudee3 on

The islamists should be executed and their families exiled and children taken away. 

These men did not deserve such faiths, but all the mullahs, basijis and the other islamist filth have it coming.


Not a Canada thing, a Youtube thing.

by yousef on

As distressing this Video was to most of us, It did serve a purpose in showing the savagery of Islamists in our country and what certain fate is awaiting these savages when the day of reckoning arrives.......



Can you actually see the

by benross on

Can you actually see the video? I can't. I get the message I mentioned below. Maybe it's just a Canada thing.


Painful and disturbing

by Benyamin on

This is not my culture, in fact this is how they kill my culture. the concept of killing with no sense of justice is a foreign concept. 



by benross on

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

تیمسار رحیمی را برای چه کشتند ؟ ایشان که هیچ کاره بود و دست به خون نداشت !!! خدا از سرشان نخواهد گذشت .


به زودی دست آخوند‌‌ها و تمام افرادی که از آخوندها طرفداری کردند و به مانند ایشان خون ایرانی را ریختند را در همچنین سرد خانه یی مشاهده خواهیم کرد !

مگر میشود بی‌ خون انقلاب را به پیروزی نهایی رسانید ؟ مگر میشود بی‌ جواب گذاشت سوالات آن مادرانی که فرزندان خودشان را به وسیله جمهوری اسلامی از دست داده اند ؟

دل خوشی به موسوی و دیگر دلقکان آفتاب گریز بی‌ فایده است،آنچنان انتقام بگیریم،آنچنان بر پا خیزیم که دیگر دست اجنبی اسلامیون به مملکت ما.. ایران نرسد .

ایران را ایرانستان خواهیم کرد،ایران بار دیگر گلستان خواهیم کرد و از خرافات و رادیکال‌های اسلامیه پاک خواهیم کرد و ما ایران را بار دیگر آباد خواهیم کرد.

زنده باد ایران و مرگ بر دشمنان ایران باد.


Darius Kadivar

Agha Targol's History Lesson To Sargord Pirouz aka SPink ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Les inconnus - La révolution :




damet garm Sean

by Simorgh555 on

Imagine a nice almsot tropical warm sumemr dayin Tehran. Ahmadinejad has just woken up, drank his warm milk, performed his ablutions before prayer. Then he walks into his car before kissing his ugly chadori waife goodbye and as soon  His body guard turns on the ignition and BANG......................One of the worst terrorists of the modern world goes up in a ball of flame. 



Hoshang Targol

Closed cycle of History

by Hoshang Targol on

Shah's generals and all that had a part in that disfunctional, most brutal, corrupt  dictatorship were criminals. Did they deserve to die? Did they deserve to spend many years in jail? A proper court of law, with them having the right to defend themselves would have been the ultimate, proper  solution.

In order to avoid the mistakes of the past we must make sure, such procedures are followed through, for who ever is brought up to meet people's justice!

It's incredibly curious not to mention disingenious when monarchists cry thier hearts out for Nasiri ( head of SAVAK), Naji,... and don't say a word about Khosro Gol Sorkhi, Karamat Daneshian, Morteza Kayvan,... and hundreds and thousands of others who had done nothing but simply opposed monarchy, but paid the ultimate price for it.

Remember  Morteza Kayvan , I am talking about your uncles.


Tragedy of nation

by afshinazad on

Those people who never understood what was the freedom and they were preparing themselves to get Screwed by clerics for decades to come and their sons and daughters of the nation to be killed and raped in the name of ALAH.

These men were Iranian and never committed the crime and their crime was they were part of stupid nation. 


Shame on all of us

by statira on

We are the people who were capable of doing such gruesome crimes from day one. All our hardships to this day is just wrath of god.


IRI came with blood we have to kick the mout with blood

by seannewyork on

it will come full circle when you will see khamemei, ahmadi, rafi all dead paraded around tehran.

Hoshang Targol

Yosef jan, any thing I say outside of the country , sounds like

by Hoshang Targol on


and to a large extent that's the  truth of the matter. The ultimate fate of the ruling murderers of IR will be decide by the people who'll overthrow them, not any of us residing abroad.

Revolutions have a mind, dynamism, and laws all their own. If any one, or group thinks they could control a revolution: good luck!

The unspeakable crimes IR has committed makes it nearly impossible for us to even think of cold logic, social norms or  a civilized approach when it comes to dealing with them. Yet, historical facts are stubborn things.

The UNLAWFULL executions of Shah's generals ( and I know  now all our monarchists are going to rejoice, as if admitting to mistakes in dealing justice to monarchy is a validation of that very  brutal, disfunctional, corrupt rule) paved the way for the later executions to occure.

At some point in our national culture we have to stop this vicious, futile cylcle of violence, once and for all. Easier said than done.





IRI's legacy of murder from day one

by Onlyiran on

and continuing through the present time.


It's truly heartbreaking.....

by shushtari on

to see this video....

these generals were exceptional military men.....gen khosrodad was an ace fighter/helicopter pilot...



the evidence is overwhelming- cinema rex burned by the mullahs and blamed on SAVAK!

meydoon jaleh 'massacre'- palestinian terrorists shooting at soldiers from within the crowd


gen badrei, mazloumian, etc assassinated while rotten traitors like fardoust and gharebaghi got spared.......

the most dangerous and patriotic military officers were targeted and eliminated before they could do anything....


I agree with R2, the shah should have sent farah and his family away, and he should have stayed and ordered the army to UNLEASH HELL on these freaks- 10K or more mullahs, felestini terrorists, talabehs, yasser arafat, etc, would have been sent to hell and iran would have been saved, pure and simple.


too bad, you need cojones when there is a crisis, and the shah certainly left iran to the vultures! 


Hooshang, I respectfully disagree with you.

by yousef on

There are tens of thousands of mothers in Iran who do not even know where their beloved bright, young children murdered by the islamist regime are burried. Majority of these mothers would also disagree with you. I personally know of teen age friends who were taken away for reading the wrong book or listening to wrong music and never seen again.....

I think that these Islamist criminals should be tried in a proper court of law, with defence lawyers - what they denied to their own victims- and if proven guilty of crimes of rape, terrorsim and mass murder against the Iranian nation, should be dealt with without mercy, the way they understand best as a lesson to any wanabe fascist who might want to do the same in future.... 

Iran will neither forget nor forgive the islamist murderers..


The Shah's Leaving Iran ...

by R2-D2 on

in 1979 essentially showed one thing: That indeed, he was not his own man ..... By and large, an impotent King

Many of us remember his interviews back in the 1970's with Mike Wallace, Oriana Fallaci, Barbara Walters, etc., and his continued and unceasing assertions of being the King of Kings, and an heir to the throne of Cyrus (Kouroush-e Kabir)

Where did all of that go - He should have stayed in Iran, and fought together with his Generals to obliterate this Islmaic and Arab-inspired Mullah onslaught ....

Instead, he chose to flee - Shah's father, Reza Shah, knew and understood the true nature of these Mullahs, and dealt with them effectively - Unfortunately, Mohammad Reza Shah, neither truly understood, nor he ever really knew how to deal effectively with the devious nature of these Mullahs -

Consequently, We All Paid A Heavy Price - And, Have Been Paying It For The Past Thirty (30) Years .....

Pure And Simple :) - !



Hoshang Targol

If the current heads of IR and their generals get

by Hoshang Targol on

executed like Shah's men, that would mean we have not understood a damn thing in the past 32 years.

When we call for stopping all executions in Iran, that means ALL.

This applies not only to our friends, and loved ones but also to our opponents and the ones we despise.

In a future Iran death sentence shall not exist. Life sentence as the maximum punishment, like all other civilized cultures.


Down with Islamic Republic.

Stop all excutions in Iran.

Free all political prisoners in Iran


well, if there's going to be another bloodbath,

by Rosie. on

may as well be here.

as usual.


Can the Islamist brothers on this blog post these fine pics to..

by yousef on

their paymasters, Ahmadinezhad and khamenei as a reminder to their certain fate?



by Simorgh555 on

You look like it, talk like it and smell like it...No not a shallot (although that too)...but the quintessential coward of the first degree. Have a shower and rent a spine.



by Maziari on

History repeats itself until we learn or disappear - Amoo jan said it nicley.

But, what is the lesson of these videos? These generals made the biggest mistake of them all. They signed the declaration to surrender the armed forces to Khomeini while Dr. Bkhtiar was still in office. 

That declaration was signedby by 22 generals, 20 of whom were summarily executed by the regime that they surrendered to. The other 2, Fardoost & Gharebaghi were let go because they had brokered the deal. The missing peace: They all trusted a 'foreign' general who promised them important positions in the new regime. 

Bottom line TRUSTING the ENEMY is BAD





And you prove my point and are a good spokesman for the war mongers and the fossilized fraction of the generation of the pre-79 era Iran (royalists and regime supporters alike).

I do have solutions, I have already provided them in my earlier posts. It's just that to a self interested opportunist such as yourself, they wont do. Because they take a while to come to fruition and you war mongers dont really have the patience. Either because you are in exile and cant wait to ride the American bombs back to Iran, at the cost of iranians dying, or you are really that misinformed and naive.

As for the Pal issue, it is only relevant to war mongers like you, because it gives you the only opportunity to pretend that you care about Iran first (superficially i might add). Fooling Iranians akhund style and telling them military action against their hostage takers is for their own good.

hamsade ghadimi

i second dc shirzan's

by hamsade ghadimi on

i second dc shirzan's request.  i.com should just stick to the soft porn features to increase hits on their site and not prominently feature these morbid videos. 



by Simorgh555 on

The self elected hip spokesman for generation X of Iran. You prove my point.

You still dodge the issue and cannot come up with any sensible solutions to how to best deal with the Mullahs. Name calling, chitter chater, moft knori , chaploosi are key characterstics of the retarted Green movement.

No solutions. No guts. No cojones or tokhm. Just a no good had been of n irresponsible spineless Iranian generation that shies away from responsibility. BORING. 

The Palestinian issueis very relevant. There is a obvious trend between defenders and apologists of the regime and those supporting the Palestinian cause whether it is George Galloway or the other misguided Mousavi posters on the net.

Off you go to Palestine.