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by shashu on

If she's worked with "dolshe gavana" and "gushi", then I'm black.


ناتور دشت

Bar pedar ãxundã la'nat

by ناتور دشت on

Teflaki, ãdam deleš misuze!


This is nothing. You should

by benross on

This is nothing. You should see the English accent of that guy in a vilage near Bam. Awful awful.

I remember an American hitchhiker sitting on a bench in a sidewalk in Montpellier France, seemingly lost, shouting and slurring around, saying "they don't understand a word. What the friggin' language is this?"

Have a good day!


She has a Turkish accent

by Arthimis on

She has a Turkish accent (from Turkey)... If she is Iranian, she must have been grown up in Turkey, before going to Canada and other places... And the Turkish song in the back ground...

Forgive me to ask, but what is exactly the intention of this post? Just her accent?!


And her Accent!

by HHH on

She espeeks az eef Mamdali-Ghassab's ferst ingilish kors got kanselled and now hee iz diskribing goosht in ingilisi.


LOL Bambi

by HollyUSA on

You took the words right out of my mind! In my experience Iranian makeup artists are the worst. They seem to think more is better.


For someone who is a make up

by bambi on

For someone who is a make up artist, her skin looks badly discolored.   And her hair looks too processed, lacks shine and bounce.