Rape in prison?

"Evidence of regime brutality in prisons"

Clip shows two young men under some kind of medical treatment in what looks like a bare floor in a basement with many people moving about. Someone who looks like a paramedic is present:


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I am not diverting attention

by Abarmard on

I am sorry to have left a message that is not related to the topic. I was browsing around and forgot which page I was in, and surely I can not accept any kind of inhumane behavior. Sorry about my unrelated comment.


It could be anything

by seamorgh on

They could be Government supporters beaten up by the greens. He says "nabareed" because he fears that the greens are going to bury him alive if they see him again in the streets. The issue, though, is that the guy's genitals seems to have been injured. I wonder what he was doing with it. Perhaps he was engaged with a sex machine and the machine simply malfunctioned.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Let's pretend this is 100% authentic

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Imagine you show and random person and they say "I don't care." As Iranians, I think it's important to support other causes for freedom by the Chinese, Palestinian, and Kurdish. Sometimes I think that the Iranians who hate other Iranians for supporting the victims of Gaza (who live like it's Germany 1940) think they are sacrificing something. I remember last year when the Gaza Strike Operation Cast Lead happened, people here had heart attacks over professors signing a petition. LOL. I think the real issue was that the professors weren't monarchist.

If this video is real, we have to remember that if we want the world to care, we have to care about the world. Even if it's not, we know there is evidence of brutality in Iran. Why should anyone care when the Iranians don't want to rally (moral) support or lend it?

Fouzul Bashi

Ghormeh Sabzi - what does this relate to?

by Fouzul Bashi on

It is crucial that a video like this comes with more information.  If this was a rape scene, the cameraman/woman would then have a priceless piece of evidence to be presented to the IR by human rights organisations for questioning.  

As it stands, it has no value because it is not clear where, when, who and what it is about. 

Please provide some information.  


this looks like an aftermath

by azadi5 on

this looks like an aftermath of one of the clashes between the protesters and the government thugs. The two men are obviously injured badly. the place looks like a basement or perhaps a parking garage where other people brought them in. there are other clips like this on youtube where people are attending to the injured. very sad, but definitly doesn't look like a rape scene, or a prison or hospital for that matter. Nonetheless, I don't understand how some people can actually defend IRI while commenting on clips like this, or make fun of people or try to make light of the situtation. shame on you.


Ahyab and Abarmard

by jamshid on

Your attempts to divert attention from IRI's crimes to Pope and others' is at best futile. But the futility is not the issue here. Your own shameless and heartlessnes is. People like you are devoid of principle and conscisous.

And in the other corner, after seeing this video, Abarmard is concerned about Deev's new "songs", as though it's business as usual.

But what could one expect from those who were raised and fed in the sewers of the Islamic Republic's cultural guidance?


To: Abarmand: Where are your senses?

by shahabshahab on

The topic of this blog is about rape and torture. But you are asking Deev about his "new song"!!  How insenstive!

But then again, Iran is full of your kind, who care about no one but themsleves. Even by that standard,  you are still very cruel and insenstive.


I see

by Latina on

I see several bullet wounds on the bodies. More than likely people they know were trying to help them.

I did not see them move. I am assuming that they are dead from the gun shot wounds.


Not in Vatican

by capt_ayhab on

Otherwise Mr. Pope would have covered it up...........

You people  are hopeless, taking something that you are not perhaps sure about its authenticity[not that IR zalems have not committed these crimes] and trying to score a home run with it!?

Do you even care what Vatican has been covering up for decades?

RAPE of 1000's of DEAF CHILDREN under the supervision of bishops and cardinals .............

Your hypocrisy is astonishingly sad.


Were any of you freedom fighters ever going to bring this up? Or are you going to help to cover it up? Unless the KHAREJI deaf kids are not that important to you.............


Mardom Mazloom

بپا کردن پرچم ندا بجای پرچم ج.ا. در سفارت ایران در هلند

Mardom Mazloom

Fouzul Bashi

where was this filmed?

by Fouzul Bashi on

I suppose from the various angles of the camera, it would be easy enough for any perpetrators to identify the cameraman, so it makes every sense that the name of the place and the people involved is also released, so that the criminals may be pursued ... But no other information is given. Any ideas anyone?



by ramintork on

Shameful, bloody disgraceful. What more could be said?


Abarmard stick to the point, do not divert the discussion.

by پیام on

The very same people who you choose to defend so frequently have molested these people. One of the people fears security forces so much he begs not to be taken by the paramedics. When are you going to take notes of the huge volume of evidence, even though sometimes a bit circumstantial, and stop supporting the barbaric crimes committed by the i.r.?


Hi Deev

by Abarmard on

When are you going to have a new song? I used to run with one of your songs, very energetic.


It could be anything...

by seamorgh on

They could also be Basijis beaten up by the greens. He says "nabareed" because he fears that the greens are going to bury him alive if they see him again in the streets. The issue, though, is that the guy's genitals seem to have been injured. I wonder what he was doing with it. Perhaps he was engaged with a sex machine and the machine simply malfunctioned.


My guess

by choghok on

Is that these are some people beaten up by Mullah thugs and then were lucky enough to run away. Now they were treated in a basement somewhere.. Nabareed maybe meant that they did not want to risk to be sent to hospital and get into the hands of the basidjis.



by deev on

Maybe this incident is not in a prison but be rest assured the same islamic justice system that cuts heads and arms is not afraid of rape and it is indeed practiced in Iranian prisons by the islamic security forces.


Not a prison

by seamorgh on

This is definitely not a clip from prison, a police station, or anything like that for several reasons.

1) we hear women and me screaming. As most would know, like the rest of the world, detention centers in Iran are not coed.


2) we do not see anyone in uniforms


3) prisons and detention centers have onsite medical facilities. They do not call outside medics or ambulances


4) the injured person on the ground asks the medic NOT to take him (mano nabareed) and the medic asks why? (Chera)


5) People are looking for the key to the "building." People do not look for keys in prisons or police stations.


And so on…