Parsi: Iran sanctions

Trita Parsi interview on VOA

Part 1:

Part 2:


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by capt_ayhab on

Even if you do not agree with Trita Parsi and his organization, in all fairness you can not but admire his eloquence and knowledge of the international politics

All Iranians abroad can use more people like him to represent us.





by Ferfereh on

Some one don't like the word Tazi, well, you and your leader act like a Tazi and think like a Tazi, you should be a Tazi then. You call Tazi a slurs word but raping boys and girls in Kahrizak is worshiping for you. No comment when it was about Neda and Taraneh Mosavi, but you get mad when someone talks about Tazi's hair. I know why your kind is so worry - because Your time is up.

Louie Louie

That's right stay classy like Marge

by Louie Louie on

For example call someone a dildo for reproduction, that's waaaay classy. People should learn from her, our dokhtar shayesteh!


Moosirvapiaz and Marge

by jamshid on

Moosirvapiaz: Thanks for the link. I read it and left a few comments in there as well.

Marge: I knew one of you regime enablers would complain about the "hair line" comment. That was its purpose in the first place because you and your buddies have left similar non-relevant comments on Jebehey Melli, Reza Pahlavi (chubby), and any other anti-IRI organization of any kind.

Oh, but god forbid someone talk about somebody's hairline when you happend to like that somebody. This is pathetic!




I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

dear iran zameen

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

They are not competing. These are separate individuals with ideas. We need them both. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Are you kidding me? CIVIL?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

after you discuss the guy's hairline. These comments are just too entertaining. And below that one someone is using slurs like Tazi. Keep it class guys! Great work. 



by jamshid on

First on the lighter side of things, Mr. Parsi, how much money and time have you spent in "advancing" your hair line? Great job by the way!

But on a more serous note, is there someone at NIAC who could respond to Mr. Daei's claims in the videos posted by Ferefereh?

I would love to hear a CIVIL response by a NIAC official in this forum. I think it could be a positive thing and could go a long way in eliminating suspicions in the minds of many Iranian Americans here in the US, and do so in a health way.

A CIVIL response will be much appreciated.


Trita Tazi

by Ferfereh on

You have deleted my last post here, why ? because of dots (...) or because you want to show me this is what you want that people to buy.

For those who seek truth :

Iranian regimes lobby in US - Part 1  //

Iranian regimes lobby in US - Part 2 //


get rid of trita parsi, and bring in reza aslan

by iran_zameen on

i remember his first interview on VOA. He was quite loud and would talk non stop in ENglish when given the opportunity.

obviously, the guy doesn't understand that the whole reason he is on VOA is for listeners to understand him, not whether the host allows him or not.

Reza alsan is far better i think


Mr. Parsi got it right in

by benross on

Mr. Parsi got it right in the first video. The White House has not given up on negotiation with IRI. Increased measured pressure is what was expected to come after IRI backed off from the deal.

He is also right that the right wing in Israel preferred Ahmadinejad in power, rather than Moosavi. The extremists feed from each-other. Same is true for Ahmadinejad that prefers the current government in Israel than a more moderate one.

Where Mr. Parsi completely stumbles (and the interviewer completely missed) is when he describes the alternative to the current government in IRI as 'democracy'.

Democracy as freedom of expression, freedom of association, and -the democracy part- freedom of choosing the representatives based on those associations.

Is this really what Mr. Parsi sees as a potential in IRI regime?

The potential is there, for Iranian people. It is not going to be IRI. 


A reasonable man

by mohajaf on

We have to be thankful for having a organization like NIAC and a man like Trita Parsi in DC. We need more like him.