Obama: Iran sacntions

U.S. president to 'ratchet up' Iran pressure over nuclear plans

BBC: US President Barack Obama has vowed to "ratchet up the pressure" on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme. Mr Obama told CBS television Iran was becoming increasingly isolated and the US wanted to enlist the help of "a unified international community". Amid talk of new sanctions, he earlier telephoned Chinese President Hu Jintao to seek China's co-operation. Their talks came as Iran's top nuclear official, Saeed Jalili, said in China that sanctions were "not effective" >>>



We're talking about a

by benross on

We're talking about a Defense Contract Industry worth BILLIONS+

No, you are.

In 'The economic times' an article called 'US arms cartel cranking up its presence in Indian weapons bazaar' starts like this:

"Come you masters of war 
You that build all the guns 
You that build the death planes 
You that build the big bombs 
You that hide behind walls 
You that hide behind desks 
I just want you to know 
I can see through your masks 

Some months before Bob Dylan wrote these lines about the US weapons industry in the song Masters of War, outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower coined the term ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ in his 1961 farewell address...."

And you dear, along your entire crew, are stuck in what was pumped in your head in 60's of LAST CENTURY.

The cold war is over. Capiche? The military industry, like any other industry is trying to diversify to survive. It is not surprising that the warmongers are still around. If people like you are still around, I'm sure that the residue of the cold war still subsists all around.

The point is that although there is a buzz word for post cold war era, namely 'globalization', but for the time being it only means we are left with our own elements, to survive. Industries, including military complex, is trying to innovate, find new markets and applications for the technology they possess, and keep its employees employed.

It is as dull as it is. No wonder you feel the urge to go back to Dylan era to add some stupid emotion to the mix!

Given all that, Obama is navigating superbly.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

What Obama is up against is terrifying

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

We're talking about a Defense Contract Industry worth BILLIONS+. An industry that sells Nuke Technology and invests in pushing the wars via stink tank donations to ramp up wars that will profit them even more. 

This world.....what have we made that we can be proud of? These Defense Contractors have destroyed our world along with religion.

He's also up against a banking industry that bets on these wars and invests in the companies as well. Sick world. Obama is one man. I get angry with him, but then I realize who I should really be angry with. 


Very intelligent man...

by Emil on

President Obama, a very intelligent man, and his presidency is the best thing that has happened to Americans. 

As usual there are bunch of retarded dumb republicans who do not deserve such a man...


Make Coca Cola Leave Iran...

by eroonman on

Barack-joon, you want sanctions? Let the Mollahs (and average Iranians) try and eat their CK without Coke for a week. They'll be begging...

Or you could simply ask your allies to stop selling Iran all that Nuke Technology in return for cheap oil and gas...

... I mean come on, isn't it obvious...

Oh wait! That's right, you think you're winning in Afghanistan... NEVERMIND!!!

Darius Kadivar

He is Not alone with Low Poles these days ...

by Darius Kadivar on

So is Sarkozy ...

Americans will one day see the light and realize what an important positive thing Obama has done for them and future generations in by passing this health care plan.

Let's Hope he will also be successful in Stopping Iran from walking the dangerous road !

Whatever the case He is a Great President and Good Man !