Mercedes Benz leaves Iran

Daimler cuts links with Iran over political situation

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BBC: Daimler is to divest its 30% stake in an engine company in Iran as part of a wider review of links to the country.

The German carmaker's chief executive, Dieter Zetsche, said Tehran's political policies were behind the move.

"In view of the current political situation we have... extensively reassessed this business relationship," Mr Zetsche said.

Companies in Europe and America have faced pressure to review their Iran links because of its nuclear plans.

Mr Zetsche made no mention of Iran's nuclear development programme in his speech at Daimler's annual shareholder meeting.

But he said: "The policies of the current Iranian leadership have compelled us to put our business relationship with that country on a new footing. None of these measures are directed against the Iranian people." >>>

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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

This is so funny

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

So a luxury car company is leaving Iran in protest? That's hilarious. Just too funny. Over politics? I don't believe it. Suddenly Mercedes Benz is involved in politics? Maybe they know a war is coming. Israelis are generally anti-Benz, thinking that a boycott of Germany is still necessary. lol lol lol.

I wonder when Dick Cheney's Halliburton and subsidiaries will decide to pack up and leave? I guess they should just stay to make their billions after the invasion of Iran. Woo hoo!!


For 30 Years Benz has been violating sanctions on Iran...

by eroonman on

Khob, no wonder...

Are there any other German companies that have sold to Iran? Maybe something remotely related to possibly, say, nuclear enrichment?

Nah! That's impossible.


oh my....

by shushtari on

now the poor akhoonds have to drive bullet proof peykans!!! LOL

I challenge ali ye dast to drive in a normal peykan....and see if he lives for 20 min.. LOL 


this is great news.....one by one, the big companies are leaving the akhoonds.....better late than never....pretty soon the changoolees have to leave iran too LOL 

Sargord Pirouz

I'll bet they were

by Sargord Pirouz on

I'll bet they were politically pressured, and I'll bet privately they're not happy about it.

Just more Iranian money for Chinese and Iranian automotive products. 


Who's next?

by Free on


Yeah, right. Perverse European mercantalism at its absolute worst, that's Nokia-Siemens for you, Siemens being German as well.


Who is going to buy their

by prsch on

Who is going to buy their stake? For what price?  Good luck to them...  Sepah might buy their 30% for pennies on the dollar, making them stronger. 


Damn to all Zionist entities

by Mashty on

Let them rot in hell. they need money more than iran because that's all they live for. they are businesses and if they want to act like zionist agents, then let them go to hell. fvck them. suites zionits well to have a symbol of nazis support them.


why do the mollahs need mecedes? isn't it unislamic?

by obama on

and the game goes on to overthrow the regime. too little.


About freaking time!

by Arthimis on

For all these European business Giants to put their money where their mouth is!!! Companies like them have already made billions off of Iran... It's time to join the imprisoned Iranians and the concerned world to put pressure on all aspects of S.R.O.I's already damaged economy and bring them down to their filthy knees!!!